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For anyone planning to visit Saudi Arabia, a valid visa is a must-have travel document. Travelers must ensure that they do not overstay their welcome as specified by their Muqeem visa validity.In this article, we will be

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Labor contract UAE: All you need to know All companies worldwide hire employees using the labour contract. This document is used to implement all the rights and obligations that workers have. And not only for the workforce

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ICA Smart Service UAE 2023 How to Check Your Visa Status Currently, all people who wish to carry out visa procedures, application tracking, or any other procedure related to the entry and exit of businessmen to Dubai;

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VAT registration UAE: All you need to know All companies in the UAE need to have their VAT registration UAE. As this is what the government uses to recognize companies as goods and services providers. In addition,

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TRN Verification Dubai: All you need to know One of the most important legal identities for any company doing business in the UAE is the TRN (Tax Registration Number). You should know that the government in this

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How to get a medical fitness certificate? In case you need a medical certificate in UAE or sick leave; both documents must be duly certified by the entity in charge of supervising these matters. This procedure is a

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Everything you need to know about establishment card UAE If you are interested in investing in a company abroad; It is important that you know everything you must do following the regulations of the country in which

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Employment Contract Non-Renewal Letter From the Worker to the Manager In the UAE there are two types of contracts, limited and unlimited. Limited contracts have an expiration date and workers generally know it. When this date is

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When you decide to migrate to another country, it is important that you take into account the current regulations of the nation you are going to. For instance, when you want to go to work in an