Relocation Services in Abu Dhabi

If you are thinking of expanding your company to the UAE, you may want to relocate and settle your employees in Abu Dhabi. But this is not an easy task. Since it is necessary to carry out many immigration procedures. Many businesses often hire companies that provide relocation services in order to facilitate the process.

In this article, we are going to show a complete guide on employee relocation in Abu Dhabi.

  1. What is the relocation of an employee?
  2. The process to relocate an employee to Abu Dhabi
  3. Employee accommodation in Abu Dhabi
  4. Why hire a company that provides relocation services?
  5. How can we help you relocate your employees to Abu Dhabi?

1. What is the relocation of an employee?

Firstly, the relocation of an employee is a migration process carried out by a company with the aim of transferring a worker to another workplace, in this case, Abu Dhabi. Normally, companies do this when they intend to expand internationally and decide to transfer certain employees to support the installation of the company in this new location.

In this sense, we know that the UAE is an attractive destination for those entrepreneurs who want to expand their business to other markets. However, due to certain benefits, they can choose Abu Dhabi as a specific destination for their employees. In this sense, the process will vary depending on the purpose for which the employee is to be relocated.

For its part, immigration is a complex issue dealing with the relocation of employees in Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, all international employers must ensure that their employees obtain the immigration documents required by law in order to work in Abu Dhabi.

2. The process to relocate an employee to Abu Dhabi

As in any country in the world, if you are a foreigner and wish to settle in this country, you must comply with a series of formalities that will depend on the immigration legislation of each country. But taking care of immigration processes is not an easy task. Therefore, the best option is to resort to a company that provides relocation services, in this case, for a company’s employees.

For its part, the labor and immigration laws of the UAE stipulate certain requirements for a person to be able to work legally in the country. In addition, some general conditions for all workers, such as obtaining a legal work permit.

2.1 How to get a work permit in the UAE?

The main requirement to be able to work legally in the UAE is to obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). When a work permit is issued, MOHRE also conducts mandatory training for workers, educating them about their rights and responsibilities at Taw-jeeh centers in the UAE.

To obtain a work or residence permit, foreign nationals must be free of all forms of communicable diseases, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and tuberculosis (TB). In addition, depending on the job to which it is applied, it must be negative for other pathologies, such as syphilis and hepatitis B.

Foreigners planning to work in the UAE must be sponsored by a company in the UAE on a work visa or have a residence visa sponsored by a family member. Working without first obtaining the proper visa status is illegal and can result in jail time, fines, and/or deportation. Sanctions apply to both the employer and the employee.

Regardless of your educational degree, you can work in UAE. Furthermore, MOHRE has job skill levels in the UAE on a five-point basis. Jobs that need a skill level 1 are for highly skilled workers and those that need a skill level 5 are the least skilled jobs. If you are looking for a job below levels 1, 2, or 3, you will need to submit your academic documentation to obtain a work visa in the UAE. Professions that require skill levels 4 and 5 do not require certification.

Foreigners get a job before arriving in the UAE. However, this is the easiest way to obtain a residence visa and a work permit. In general, UAE companies will complete all foreign visa requirements. In most cases, these companies will also sponsor visas for an employee’s immediate family.

2.2 UAE work visa requirements

To obtain a work permit, you must first obtain a work visa, an identification card, and a residence visa. The work visa will be inserted into your residence visa. To facilitate everything, it is important that the employee has an employment contract or at least a job offer from a UAE company.

Similarly, you also need to provide the following documents:

  • Application form; Emirates ID card; Multiple passport photos; Original passport plus a photocopy; Copy of valid company card; Valid commercial license of the company; Medical check-up and health certificate; Entry permit.

Also, all documents must be written in Arabic. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) and the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in the state of the emirate where you work are the competent government bodies that grant the work visa. However, the delivery of this visa lasts about ten days. Normally, it lasts for two years.

2.3 UAE work visa cost

The cost of a UAE work visa varies depending on the level of the company and the qualification level of the employee.

These are the levels for foreign workers in the UAE:

Level 1: They are those who have a university degree or bachelor’s degree, such as:

  • Manager; Doctor; Accountant; Accounts Clerk; Marketing Specialist; Engineer; Advertising Designer; Executive Secretary; Pharmacist; Administration Officer; Reservation Officer; Safety Officer; Quantity Surveyor; Teacher; Public Relations Officer; Computer Operator.

Level 2: They are those who have a diploma in any area. Normally, they are people who perform mechanical or technical work.

Level 3: This level refers to those people who have only completed high school. These people could obtain a work visa in the UAE for any of the following jobs.

  • Sales Executive; Sales Representative; Store Keeper; Administration Clerk; Correspondence Clerk; Tourist Guide; Customs Clearing Clerk; Ticketing Clerk; Cash Desk Clerk; Receptionist; Site Supervisor; Cashier.

These are the different costs:

Company Category Expert: (Professional Degree Certificate Required) not qualified (Secondary and profession below level):

First level: 1-A: (300 dirham) (81 dollars) (300 dirham) (81 dollars).

Second level: 2-A: (500 dirham) (136 dollars) 1200 dirham (326 dollars) – 2B: (1000 dirham) (272 dollars) (2200 dirham) (600 dollars) – 2-C (1500 dirham) (408 dollars) (2700 dirham) (735 dollars) – 2-D (2000 dirham) (544 dollars) (3553 dirham) (967 dollars).

Third level: 3: (5000 dirham) (1361 dollars) (5000 dirham) (1361 dollars).

Now, this is just an outline of the work visa costs. Likewise, it should be mentioned that these are administrative expenses and do not take into account the additional expenses for medical tests, Arabic translation services, any type of professional fees, and any other service that is necessary to cover to process the work visa.

3. Employee accommodation in Abu Dhabi

Once all the legal requirements have been met for the employee to be able to work in Abu Dhabi, the employer must provide his employee with a house that it has all the necessary services to live with dignity.

Now, it is very important to get a house, and a school, in case the employee has children. Also, to make sure that they adapt as quickly as possible to their place of work in a new country. In this way, the employee will give his best effort in favor of his company.

3.1 A house

Likewise, as mentioned, an important factor for the adaptation of the worker in his relocation process to Abu Dhabi is that the employee feels comfortable with the place provided by the employer to live. Otherwise, the worker’s performance at work will not be at its maximum since the process of adapting to a new culture, and in general, to a new country is slower and therefore will not be able to go at the same speed as the rest of the workers. of the company.

However, a company that provides relocation services will offer you the following assistance:

  • You will find either a house or an apartment for the worker.
  • Advice on contracts related to housing, whether it is a sale for the company, a lease for the worker, or any other modality.

3.2 Transportation

This service is optional if you wish to offer it to your workers in the process of relocation. However, if you want to facilitate transportation until your employee already knows how to move around the city, this would help him in his adaptation.

3.3 School

Likewise, the employer must also consider the employee’s family. That is, if not only the employee will be relocated, but also his family will move with him. If this is the case, you must arrange a school for the employee’s children. However, a relocation service provider has a list of good schools depending on the physical location of both the company and the place of residence of the employee.

4. Why hire a company that provides relocation services?

Instead of your company doing this work directly, you can request that a company that specializes in these services do it for you. In this way, you will save yourself a lot of work and time, which you can dedicate to other productive business activities.

For its part, as an entrepreneur, you should consider taking the first steps in the international market is not an easy task. New countries, new laws, new customs and in general everything is new. Without a doubt, a company that provides employee relocation services, such as an Employer of Record, is something that will facilitate your entry into the UAE market.

Having a quality company that provides relocation services as an ally is essential for the development of your company in the UAE. Likewise, this type of alliance will bring you the following benefits:

  • You will be able to concentrate on the productive activities of the company.
  • The company providing the service will inform you of each step of the process of relocating your employees.
  • This will facilitate the transition and adaptation of your employees.
  • Saving time, work, and money.

5. How can we help you relocate your employees in Abu Dhabi?

If you want to hire a company that provides employee relocation services, you should trust EOR Middle East. We are the leading company in relocation services in UAE. Take a load off your shoulders and leave the relocation of your employees in our hands, so that their adaptation process is as short and pleasant as possible.

We are the main provider of Professional Employment Organization services in the UAE. Then, do not think about it anymore. In this sense, we guarantee a quality service, due to the years of experience we have in this market.

Just as we have the relocation services in Abu Dhabi, we also have the best contractor hire and relocation services in Dubai. Simply put, we have the best relocation services in the Middle East market.

We provide everything your employee needs to make their stay in the UAE very comfortable. Therefore, we locate a good house for your employee to live in that is close to their place of work. In short, we offer everything necessary for your employee’s stay to help him in his adaptation process to this new and great country.

Likewise, you can also contact us at: [email protected] or +971 43 316 688. However, in case of doubts about our services, our organization, or any other requirement you may have, our staff will assist you and quickly resolve any doubts or requirements you may have.

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