Things You Need To Know About Medical Test For Visa UAE

To work or reside, foreigners must take a medical test for visa UAE at one of the authorized centers. In this case, immigration and health authorities have established a large number of centers where they can go. Moreover, they have established the documents, requirements, and conditions to be able to enter the country without any difficulty.

In this article, we will show you the necessary steps to take the exam established by the authorities for foreigners. Also, you will be able to see what the cost is and how you can check the status of your exam in the UAE.

What are the required documents to obtain the medical test?

medical test for visa UAE

All expats must pass a medical test for visa UAE if they wish to have this document for residence or work. Thus, they can medically certify that they are free of contagious diseases and physically fit to remain in the country. In this case, mandatory examinations must be carried out at health centers authorized by the government.

Otherwise, you will not receive approval to receive the visa or renew the one you already have. Furthermore, one of the essential requirements to be able to take this exam is that the applicant must be at least 18 years old. However, those who are applying for or renewing visit or tourist visas do not need these exams.

Documents required for UAE medical test for visa

To receive the medical test for UAE visa, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Copy of residence permit or visa
  • Copy of the first and second pages of the passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Emirates ID application form if you only need to renew your residence visa

What kind of medical tests will be done?

The medical test for visa UAE consists of a series of standard tests including the following:

  • Blood test
  • chest x-ray
  • Tuberculosis
  • Leprosy

Likewise, there are other additional tests that people who are going to do specific jobs must take. These tests are those that we will detail below:

  • Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. In this case, it is for babysitters, daycare and kindergarten employees, domestic workers, gym, restaurants, or barbershop workers.
  • This medical test required for UAE Visa is for domestic workers, nannies, daycare workers, barbershops, cafes, and gyms. Likewise, it applies to workers in food supply centers, restaurants, and other food establishments.
  • Pregnancy test. In this case, this mandatory test that must be negative is for domestic workers, nannies, and drivers. However, if the test is positive, the employer must declare that it is aware of the pregnancy before granting a visa.

On the other hand, those who suffer from tuberculosis, leprosy, or HIV/AIDS will not be able to receive a visa and the authorities will deport them. Therefore, do a pre-check in your home country before starting the visa application process in the UAE. Additionally, expatriates who wish to renew their residence visa must take a test to rule out tuberculosis.

The result of this test may show that you have active tuberculosis, or scars, or that the disease resists medications. In any of these cases, you will receive a certificate of conditional fitness, as well as a residence visa for one year. After that, you must receive treatment for the said disease in the UAE.

what is the price of a medical test in UAE cost?

The cost of the medical test for visa UAE is variable due to the different categories that exist in the country. Therefore, we will show you what the prices are according to each of them:

  • For Category A. This category includes employees, companies, and workers and costs AED 260.
  • Category B. In this case, it includes men who work in hairdressers and beauty salons, gyms, or health centers and costs AED 310.
  • Category C. The next category includes nannies, domestic workers, and the like, daycare and kindergarten supervisors. It also covers workers in hairdressers and beauty salons, gyms, and healthcare facilities and costs AED 360.

Similarly, the cost of the UAE medical test for employment visa changes depending on the place where you take it. Next, you will be able to see the price that must be covered in the different authorized health centers:

  • At the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) Preventive Medicine Departments the exam costs AED 105.
  • At the Abu Dhabi Health Department (HAAD) you can take your visa test for AED 250. Additionally, you can receive a hepatitis B vaccine result certificate for just AED 50.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) typing centers

To take the medical test for visa UAE at the DHA, you will have to cover the expenses that vary depending on certain conditions. Next, we will detail the costs of the exam according to the different criteria:

  • With a result in just 24 hours, AED 270.
  • For a result in 24 hours, AED 320.
  • VIP service. For a result in 6 hours, AED 700.
  • VIP house maids service. The result in 6 hours, AED 750.
  • For VIP service. For a result in just 2 hours, AED 1020.


Also, you can take the UAE medical test for visa at malls in the country for AED 110.

How long does UAE medical test result take?

The report and results of the exams can normally be obtained in between 1 and 2 days from the completion of the exam. However, the main test only takes about 30 minutes.

Process of the medical test

The process to take the medical test for visa UAE includes a series of steps that we will detail below:

  1. First, start by registering for digital services, and creating a username and password if you have not done so before. Then, you will need to log in with those same details.
  2. You will then need to print and complete the form at an authorized printing center or electronic services for individuals or registered businesses.
  3. Pay the fee through the electronic system or at the printing center.
  4. At this point, you will need to print the medical Test for UAE Visa.
  5. Then, you must go to the preventive medicine center or residency examination center with the documents detailed above.
  6. The next step is to go to the radiology department to complete this exam.
  7. Go to the corresponding laboratory to take the blood test.
  8. After all, you will receive the results via email and SMS. Then, you must go to the General Directorate of Residency and Immigration (GDRFA) of the Federal Identity and Nationality Authority.

After the process, you will be able to print your results through the electronic link of the health services. Moreover, you will receive the original exam certificate through Empost courier services.

How can I check my visa medical result in Dubai, UAE?

medical test for visa UAE

Checking the results of your medical test for visa UAE is very simple if you follow the steps that we will detail below:

  1. Download the DHA (Dubai Health Authority) app
  2. When you open the application you will need to create an account or use the UAE Pass account.
  3. After logging in with your data, you must go to the OTHER SERVICES section located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Next, you must select CHECK MEDICAL FITNESS TEST STATUS.
  5. In the next step, you must enter the following information:
    • Number of the application you received via SMS after your medical test.
    • Birthdate
    • Passport number
  1. Then you must click on CHECK STATUS

By carefully completing each of the steps, you will be able to see the result of your UAE medical test for visa. In this case, you will be able to see if your results are IN PROCESS or COMPLETED. Although you can get your results within 24 hours, you can check using this method in case of any unexpected delays.

You can also call the number 800 342, which is the DHA call center. Thus, you will only have to provide the reference number to know the status of your exam.

Check your exam status in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi residents can check the results of their UAE medical test for employment visa on the TAMM website. This is the official platform for government services in the capital of the UAE. In this case, you must go to the Visa Evaluation Result section on the official website of said authority.

Additionally, unlike DHA, you do not need to create an account to check your test results. Therefore, you should only use the application number that you received on your phone after completing the mandatory exam. Next, you will need to enter the UID unified identification number located on the residence page of your passport.

To continue, you will need to complete the captcha correctly and click SUBMIT to view the status of your exam. In the emirate of Abu Dhabi, you will normally receive the results of the medical Test for UAE Visa within 1 to 2 days. Hence, if you do not receive the results within this time, you can contact one of the following health centers by telephone:

  • Abu Dhabi Healthcare Company (SEHA) at 80050
  • Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DOH) at 02 4493333.

Where can I do medical tests in UAE?

You can take the medical test for visa UAE at any of the health centers authorized by government entities. Below, we will show you a list of these centers so that you can go to the one that best suits you:

Dubai Health Centers
  • Baraha Smart Center
  • Khubaisi Medical Center
  • Nahda Center
  • Dragon Center Tuesday 2
  • Ibn Center Battuta
  • Salah El Deen Center
  • Tecom Center
Dubai Health Authority (DHA) medical centers
  • Garhoud Center
  • Al Center Karama
  • Muhaisnah Center
  • Rashidiya Center
  • Yalayis Center
  • Bur Center Dubai
  • Quoz Shopping Center
  • Jebel Health Center Ali
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
  • Dubai International Financial Center
  • Zabeel Center
  • AXS Center
  • Al Lusaily Center
  • Emirates Medical Fitness Center
  • Dubai Land Department Medical Fitness Center
  • Smart Salem by Al Wasl (City Walk)
  • The Smart Salem by DIFC (index Tower)
  • Smart Salem by Tecom (Dubai Knowledge Park)
Sharjah Health Centers
  • Ibdaa Center
  • Khibra Center and Al Daqqa (Al Sajaa )
  • Shurooq Center
  • Sahara Center
  • Taj Smart Center
  • Muwaileh Center
  • Weqa Center
  • Zulekha Center
Ajman Health Centers
  • Nuameia Center
  • Mushairif Center
Ras Al Khaimah Health Centers
  • Dahan Center
Fujairah health centers
  • Al Amal Center
  • Mina Tower Center
Umm al Quwain Health Centers
  • Madar Center

What happens if a UAE medical test fails?

Failing the medical test for visa UAE can have various consequences for the applicant, which we describe below:

Visa application rejection

If you fail the medical examination, the authorities will reject your visa application, meaning you will not be able to work or live in the UAE. Hence, this is because the authorities want to take care of the health of residents, preventing contagious diseases. Therefore, citizens with these types of diseases do not qualify to enter or remain in the country.

Visa Revocation

Visa holders who do not pass the exam may have their visa revoked. Furthermore, if they are not cured of the condition for which they failed the exam, they will not be able to return to the country. This occurs in cases in which people wish to renew their visa or change their status.


If you fail the medical test required for UAE Visa due to a serious or contagious illness, you may be deported. In this regard, if you are working in the UAE, your employer will pay for the flight ticket back to your home country.

What to do if you fail the medical test for visa UAE

To resolve this situation, you can perform some of the actions that we recommend below:

Go to a medical center

One of the things you can do if you do not pass the exam is to go to a health center and look for treatment options. This way, you will be able to learn about your condition and how to resolve it to apply for a visa again.

Find visa alternatives

You can look for visa alternatives in case your medical test required for UAE Visa fails. To do this, you can consult with immigration or legal experts to guide you through the process and study your chances of obtaining a visa. You can also check the information we have provided to know what type of visa you can obtain depending on your condition.

Reapply for the visa

You can opt for a UAE visa again if your health condition has improved or you can manage it effectively. Of course, you must do so when completing the treatment for your situation that has prevented you from receiving this document. Additionally, you must support your good health with the necessary documentation during the new application process.

In this case, guidance from immigration experts is also helpful to apply for a suitable application. In this way, you will be able to complete the process while fully complying with the legal and health requirements.

The medical test for visa UAE is one of the most important requirements to be able to reside or work in the country. The authorities want to maintain the health of the population of the country, which is why they have strict measures to determine the health of applicants. Therefore, if you want to meet all the requirements or obtain more information on the subject, please contact us.

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