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A human resources consultancy in Dubai can carry out work that involves analysis, problem identification, and the creation of strategies to solve them. In addition, produce the pertinent modifications to improve said department.

In this article, we will talk about consulting. Most of us think of unexciting legal, administrative, and secretarial procedures. However, consulting is any professional service provided by a specialized company with specific knowledge in a specific area. That is why there are numerous types of consultancies, including human resources consultancy in Dubai.

  1. What does human resources consulting mean?
  2. Benefits of hiring a human resources consultant
  3. Human resources consulting in Dubai: Types of human resources consulting
  4. Human resources consulting in Dubai: How to find the best HR consultant?
  5. Advantages of HR consulting
  6. What should a good HR consultant have?
  7. How can we help you obtain more information about HR consultancy in Dubai?

1. What does human resources consulting means?

As its name suggests, human resources consulting focuses on offering solutions for the labor area, especially in the management of people in an organization. Now, this does not mean that hiring an HR consultant implies replacing the organization’s people department, but rather that the HR consultancy in Dubai is aiming to improve certain areas.

An HR management agency in Dubai is usually a punctual action in time, while a consultancy has to do with long-term strategies. However, HR consultants often provide both services.

To find solutions for this area, a human resources consultant must analyze several aspects of the organization:

  • Background of the company: the social, geographical, social, and economic environment.
  • Opinion of the main agents.
  • Human value.
  • Skills or technical profile of workers.
  • Ability to resolve conflicts.
  • Acquired skills.

Having a human resources consultancy in Dubai is especially useful at certain times. For example, it is ideal for:

  • Create new procedures in the human resources part of ​​a business.
  • Regulate new strategies, rules, and certification: from guidance instructions to codes of behavior.
  • Accurately examine the strengths and faintness of the subdivision.
  • It is ideal in stages of development and rearrangement: it benefits to create roadmaps.
  • Also when the business activity is starting.
  • Improve the selection process.

2. Benefits of hiring a human resources consultant

Hiring an HR consultant has multiple benefits for an organization. To begin with, human resources consulting help us create and plan new strategies, and it is perfect when we want to make a qualitative leap and lack the necessary experience to do so. In addition, it allows us to have an objective view of our department and our needs in general.

Another of its strong points is that it makes it possible to take better advantage of the company’s human capital, attract new talent, an even help with any immigration process. As a result, that favors the cultural change of the corporation. It is also capable of suggesting management models in eras of emergency. A human resources consultant will help to manage this situation in the most accurate, fast, and professional way possible.

3. Human resources consulting in Dubai: Types of human resources consulting

Although an HR consultancy can take care of several functions for its clients. Consequently, the degree of specialization in the field of human resources consultancy in Dubai is increasing.

In other words, we can find companies that are dedicated to selecting personnel for their clients, managing courses and training activities, to solving other strategic aspects of their clients’ people area. But there are also job consultants focused on just one of these procedures.

For this reason, we can classify HR consultants according to the type of human resources consultancy in Dubai they provide.

3.1 Recruitment and selection

One of the tasks for which a human resources consultancy in Dubai is hired is the recruitment and selection of local and remote workers. This is a common service in large companies that require a continuous flow of candidates.

The consultant will be in charge of receiving and reviewing the resumes, cover letters, and other documentation of the candidates, and of carrying out a screening by choosing the best profiles and arranging the corresponding interviews.

An HR consultancy in Dubai with expertise in recruitment and selection can be divided into those companies that provide a service to improve internal processes and others that seek candidates and enter a field related to hiring.

3.2 Training HR consultants

This type of human resources consultancy focuses on the training of its clients’ workers. Something that happens through the application of an instructive plan. To ensure that this is effective, the HR consultant must analyze the current skills of the team and the needs of the organization.

The training can include specific courses, workshops, conferences, and other resources that will not always have to do with technical skills, but also with the personal skills of employees and with other issues related to organizational health and safety.

There is space for occupational risk prevention courses and courses on sexual harassment and abuse at work. Regarding healthiness, some sick leave can be stopped through data and health courses.

3.3 Internal communication consultant

As its name suggests, an internal communication consultant is dedicated to improving the processes related to this area of ​​the human resources department. That is, those procedures that have to do with how the different departments are related; and more importantly, how the workers feel about that communication.

This consultancy must guarantee horizontal communication (and not stratified, from top to bottom), as well as that employees, know the existing mechanisms to assert their opinions. It must also favor the creation or improvement of technological tools for this purpose, as well as the existence of an internal newsletter (for example) so that the entire organization knows where the company is at. Transparency will be key in all these processes.

3.4 Employer branding consultant

Before, this was not conceived as an area with its own entity. However, now there are human resources consultants focused on employer branding. We are talking about generating brand value, about the employee becoming an ambassador for your company.

Among others, a human resources consultancy in Dubai that focuses on these issues, should implement strategies to help reconcile professional and work life, find the right position for each employee, and guarantee their promotion and growth.

3.5 Performance evaluation consultant

An HR consultancy specialized in evaluating the performance of workers, is something very useful when it comes to detecting deficiencies and needs. Which is of great help in determining what is failing in results and productivity.

EOR Middle East’s human resources services provides the opportunity to do this type of HR consulting. Its assessment tool enables the organization’s talent to be identified, career plans to be developed, uncertainty to be eliminated, employee motivation to improve, and ultimately, a participatory culture to be fostered that drives the company’s growth.

4. Human resources consulting in Dubai: How to find the best HR consultant?

After analyzing these types of consultants, the time has come to choose one that suits your needs. To do so, the first thing you will have to do is determine what you need help with, that is, what you need a human resources consultancy in Dubai for internal communication, training, employer branding, recruitment, and selection.

The next step will be to create whether this must be temporary or lasting. For example, if you decide to outsource your recruitment and selection so that another company determines the KPIs, you will need a consulting company.

Another aspect that you cannot lose sight of is the importance of finding the most suitable company for your business style. That is to say, each company has some particular methods or casuistry that requires certain specialization or knowledge.

For example, the necessities of the human resources section of a technology enterprise will not be the same as those of a law company. That is why we must look for companies specialized in our business area.

We cannot lose sight of the organizational culture of the human resources consultancy either. For instance, if your company has a more serious and formal character or a more youthful image, it will be easier ro find a consultancy agency with a brand that is similar to yours.

Another key point in choosing a human resources consulting company is the assessment that other clients have made of it; as well as if it is a foreign company. In the latter case, we must be much more careful with the current RGPD.

5. Advantages of HR consulting

It is important to talk about the benefits that HR consulting provides for a company. Here we show you the most important:

These services increase the productivity of your company. The reasons are multiple. Among others: employees are placed in their ideal positions and coordination in departments is improved. In addition, tools are implemented to improve the work environment and training programs are incorporated to improve professional skills. Plus, they can help you with your payroll outsourcing and more.

One of the objectives of human resources consulting services is to improve the work environment. It has been clear that a healthy and relaxed work environment results in an optimization of production. Human resources consultancies can guide companies to tools to improve production. For example, there are currently many digital techniques and tools that seek to increase productivity by monitoring personnel.

The psychological diagnoses that a human resources consultancy can generate will serve to improve the company’s workgroups, as well as the types of work and tasks suitable for each employee. By studying and learning about the personality of each of their employees, companies will be able to make better use of their skills.

Another benefit is time optimization and cost reduction. Good human resources management will allow workers to complete their tasks in less time, so less economic investment will be necessary for each task and the company will have room to grow.

6. What should a good HR consultant have?

Human resources consulting companies are very diverse, as well as their techniques and criteria. The keys to choosing a good consultant are mainly three:

  • That it has a standardized system validated by its success stories.
  • That it has professionals with extensive experience in the HR sector.
  • Its purpose is to achieve realistic objectives and efficient solutions.

At EOR Middle East we have an effective methodology for the correct confrontation of these processes. Our roadmap is initially based on the diagnosis employing our analysis of the operational situation of the personnel. Then we elaborate on the action plan, which seeks to generate the results that the company requires.

Finally, we continue with the implementation of this action plan, on which we carry out a follow-up and support to ensure that it is executed correctly. Our clients can count on our support for as long as it takes for the plans to be carried out effectively and successfully. In addition, our HR consultancy includes process innovation as one of our enterprise added values. You acquire methods based on digitization and agile methodologies.

7. How can we help you obtain more information about HR consultancy in Dubai?

Human resource management is a large subject that can be intimidating at times. If you need assistance with all of your HR challenges, do not worry; EOR Middle East is here to help. We assist enterprises from all over the world in breaking into new markets in our Middle Eastern supported countries, particularly in the area of PEO services and EOR solutions.

Let us now look at some of the countries that we support:

Furthermore, we have extensive market experience, having assisted firms in achieving their objectives and thriving in new markets thanks to our relocation services. Furthermore, if you are still unsure, we have a high success rate and numerous awards. We guarantee a quick and simple procedure.

Do you want to get in touch with EOR Middle East to learn more about human resource management? Send us an email at [email protected] or call us at +971 43 316 688 if you would want us to assist your company with our HR management experience.

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