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EOR services in Sri Lanka

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Get the best benefits with our PEO services

Recruit top talent

Obtain the best employees for your business while saving time and money.

Labor law compliance

Ensure total compliance with your job offers and contracts for your workforce.

Risk mitigation

Forget about non-compliance issues and avoid employment complaints with our experts.

Cost-effective solution

Save resources with our competitive rates that allow you to have an outstanding management.

Expertise & knowledge

Our team of HR and legal experts will provide valuable insight and advice.

Overcome hiring challenges

Get assistance through each stage of recruitment and onboarding to ensure great hires.

The best Services

Experience and Quality With our PEO Services


Fast Onboarding

We prepare your new hires to have a well start understanding their role.


Payroll administration

We ensure your workforce receive accurate payments and on time.



Our legal experts ensure full compliance with local employment and tax law.

EOR services in Sri Lanka

Benefits packages

Provide outstanding benefits and additional perks to your employees with our service.


Ongoing support

We handle every issue that may arise with your workforce decreasing complaints.


Recruitment services

Find and hire high-skilled employees for your business to boost your operations.

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How we Work?


Hire talent compliantly

Employ top level workers easily and compliantly to set up an outstanding team.


Receive a tailored solution

Select among our vast range of services to customize your solution.


Industry-leading support

Take your business in the road to success with our outstanding experts.

EOR services in Sri Lanka

Simple & Clean

Professional Employer Services Process


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Scope of the service

Specify your requirements and customize your solution.



Boost your business with our implemented service.


Ongoing partnership

Focus on your goals while we handle your tasks.

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from Anywhere in Middle East


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    Let Our Experts help you find the Best Talents from Anywhere in Middle East