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Employer of Record EOR

Our Employer of Record – EOR services are aimed to assist your business with every aspect regarding your expansion to Egypt. We can compliantly hire employees on your behalf and you don’t need to establish a local entity. You can focus on your core activities while we handle all of your administrative tasks.

Professional Employer Organization PEO

With our PEO services you can recruit and onboard employees quickly and confidently. We will help you hire and pay your employees and we can also assume other administrative tasks. You’ll still remain operational control of your workforce while we take care of the HR functions to ensure a smooth operation.

Immigration Services

Get the necessary legal documents and paperwork for your employees and new hires with our Immigration Services. Our entire suite of services is aimed to assist you with several areas such as visa sponsorship, work permit processing, family visas and more. Our team of local experts can guide you through each stage of the process.

Payroll Outsourcing

With our Payroll Outsourcing services you don’t have to worry anymore about payments and calculations, since we ensure an accurate processing and timely delivery. We can provide assistance with several tasks including tax withholdings and deductions. You can be sure your payroll will be in total compliance with local regulations.

Relocation services

Whether you’re planning sending your employees or new hires to Egypt, our relocation and destination services are designed to ease the process and ensure a smooth transition for your workforce. Get everything you need for your employees to start working in Egypt and take advantage of all of the benefits we provide.

Contractor Hire

Hire top contractors in Egypt with our Contractor Hire Service. We ensure you get high-quality professionals from any field that can start working on your projects right away. Our team of experts can provide assistance on several aspects regarding having a flexible workforce and you can use our resources to have a better management.

HR management

Have an outstanding HR management with the help of your HR experts and consultants. We will help you develop HR policies and handle every aspect regarding your workforce. Our team of specialists will relieve your administrative burden so you can focus on your core business goals regarding your expansion to Egypt.

Remote Workers Hire

Get the best talent for your organization by using our Remote Workers Hire Services. You can get skilled workers regardless of their location, so you can boost your operations. Our experts will help you find and employ individuals that suit your needs and requirements, as well as they take care of ensuring total compliance.

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Fast Market Entry

- No need to establish a legal entity


- Full compliance with local labor law and tax law

Talent Acquisition

- Recruit top talent for your business and get assistance on each stage

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Payroll management

- Provide an accurate and on-time payroll

Exceptional benefits

- Give your employees top benefits while we ensure an outstanding management

HR admin

- Assistance with HR tasks and functions, annual leave and more


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