Everything You Need To Know About 60 Days Visa UAE

The 60 day visa UAE allows visitors to explore the treasures of the UAE beyond the usual tourist attractions. In this sense, we talk from majestic desert dunes to futuristic skyscrapers, rich cultural heritage, and modern metropolises; this country offers a fascinating experience for those who wish to delve into its diversity.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of the 60 days visa in UAE. Also, you will learn about the necessary requirements for a person to obtain this type of visa. Likewise, you will know the validity period of this visa so as not to incur an illegal immigration stay in the country.

Top Benefits of 60 Day Dubai Visa

60 days visa uae

Having a 60 day visa in UAE has a series of benefits that we will present below:

  • Tourism and leisure:

Dubai, a popular tourist destination, boasts attractions like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and local celebrations. The 60 day visa in UAE enables exploration of these attractions and the vibrant urban life of Dubai.

  • Long scan:

One of the most notable advantages of the 60 day visa in UAE is that it allows you to enjoy a longer stay in Dubai. Instead of a short visit, the visitor will have enough time to explore the city and its surroundings in depth.

  • Enriching cultural experience:

Dubai is a fusion of cultures, and during a 60-day stay, a foreigner will be able to immerse themselves in a variety of enriching cultural experiences. A tourist will be able to visit traditional souks and discover local crafts, explore fascinating museums, and attend cultural festivals.

  • Job and business opportunities:

If a person is interested in employment or business opportunities in Dubai, they will give them a longer period to explore options and establish contacts. Additionally, your 60 day visa in UAE will be able to research the job market, attend networking events, and explore potential business collaborations in one of the most vibrant and prosperous cities in the world.

  • Unhurried tourist experiences:

With a longer stay, tourists will be able to enjoy Dubai’s most popular attractions without rushing. In this sense, you can go from climbing the iconic Burj Khalifa and marveling at the panoramic views of the city, to enjoying a desert safari and exploring the impressive Palm Jumeirah.

UAE 60-Day Tourist Visa Validity Period

The 60-day visa UAE validity period is an important aspect when planning a visit to this country. Next, we will present relevant information about the duration and validity dates of this visa:

  • Length of stay:

The 60 day visa UAE allows you to stay in the UAE for a maximum of 60 consecutive days. Therefore, this provides a long stay, whether for tourism, business, or personal reasons.

  • Validity period:

It is important to note that the validity period of the 60-day visa may vary. Typically, the visa is valid for a specific period, starting from the date of issue. During this period which is generally 90 days, the tourist must enter the UAE.

  • Multiple entries:

The 60 days visa UAE often allows multiple entries which means that the tourist can enter and leave the country several times within the validity period of the visa. In this sense, this provides flexibility to make additional trips to other destinations and return to the UAE without problems during the validity period of this visa.

  • Time restrictions:

It is important to note that, although the 60-day visa allows a stay of up to 60 consecutive days, the tourist must ensure that they comply with immigration regulations and leave the country before their visa expires. Therefore, failure to comply with this restriction may result in sanctions or difficulties for future visits to the UAE.

Do I need a 60-day tourist visa to enter the UAE?

To enter the UAE, most international visitors, excluding citizens of visa-exempt countries, must obtain a visa before arriving. Additionally, certain countries have visa exemptions, allowing their citizens to enter without a prior visa for a specific period.

Citizens of visa-exempt countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia do not need a 60-day visa. In addition, they must present a valid national identity card or driving license to enter the country.

The duration and conditions of these exemptions depend on nationality and may change. Consequently, it is essential to check the latest information with the UAE embassy or consulate in your country before traveling.

Additionally, if you are not eligible for a visa exemption, you must apply for a visa through the UAE embassy, ​​consulate, or online application system. In particular, the pricing regulations for 60-day visit visa for the UAE are based on the purpose of the visit.

Now, citizens of various countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan and most European Union countries can obtain a visa upon arrival in the UAE. This arrival visa generally allows a short-term stay for tourism or business purposes.

It is important to note that even if a citizen is visa exempt or can obtain a visa on arrival, they may still be subject to certain entry conditions and restrictions. Additionally, the length of stay allowed may vary depending on the type of visa.

UAE 60 Days Tourist Visa Extension

The extension of the 60-day tourist visa in the UAE is an option to take into account in certain circumstances. Below, we will present relevant information about the process of extending this visa:

  • Eligibility assessment:

Before applying for a visa extension, it is important to note that not all 60-day tourist visas are eligible to be extended. Eligibility for the extension may vary depending on nationality, purpose of visit, and other factors.

  • Document collection:

To apply for a visa extension, you must generally present certain documents, which may include a valid passport with sufficient validity, a copy of the current visa, a duly completed application form, a recent photograph, and evidence of sufficient financial means to cover the stay.

  • Application process:

The visa extension application process may vary depending on the jurisdiction and specific regulations. Generally, an application must be submitted to the relevant immigration department or designated office. Therefore, the tourists must ensure that they comply with the deadlines and requirements to avoid delays or rejections.

  • Rates and deadlines:

Visa extension may involve payment of an additional 60 days visit visa for UAE price, which may vary depending on the duration of the requested extension. It is important to be aware of the deadlines for applying for the extension, as doing so after the deadline may result in penalties or even the expiration of the original visa.

  • Approval and notification:

Once the tourist submits the application, the immigration authorities will review and evaluate the case. If the extension is approved, the tourist will receive official notification and the visa will be extended. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to departure dates and respect regulations during your stay.

Know More About 60 Day Dubai Visa

60 days visa uae

The UAE 60-day visa is an option that allows visitors to enjoy a long stay in this country. Below, we will provide you with more information about this type of visa:

  • Length of stay:

The 60-day visa allows travelers to stay in the UAE for a maximum of 60 consecutive days. During this period the visitor can explore tourist attractions, immerse themselves in local culture, and conduct business, or visit family and friends.

  • Purpose of visit:

Likewise, the issuance of the 60-day visa has different purposes such as tourism, business, family visits. For his or her part, it is important that the applicant ensure that is applying for the correct visa that fits the purpose of the visit.

  • Multiple entries:

Normally, the 60-day visa allows multiple entries which means that the visitor can enter and leave the country several times during the validity period of the visa. Therefore, this provides flexibility to make additional trips to other nearby destinations and return to UAE without any hassle.

  • Application requirements:

To obtain a 60-day visa, the applicant must present a series of documents that include a valid passport with a minimum validity period, a recent photograph, a completed application form, proof of sufficient financial means to cover their stay and, possibly, documentation additional depending on the purpose of the visit.

  • Application process:

Anyone wishing to travel to the UAE can apply for the 60-day visa through designated channels, such as UAE embassies or consulates in the applicant’s home country. Likewise, the applicant must ensure that he or she properly completes the application form, attaches all documents, and pays the corresponding fees. Processing time may vary, so it is recommended to apply for the visa well in advance before making the trip.

UAE 60-Day Tourist Visa Requirements

When applying for a 60-day UAE visa, consider the following aspects:

The 60-day UAE visa offers various visas, including tourist, work, residence, student, and transit visas, among others, serving different purposes. Each type of 60-day UAE visa has specific requirements and benefits and is issued depending on the purpose and duration of the visit.

  • Visa requirements:

60 days visit UAE visa requirements may vary depending on the type of visa and your nationality.  Typically, you need a visa application, a valid passport, recent photos, sufficient funds, medical tests, round-trip flight, and accommodation reservations.

  • Valid passport:

The applicant must have a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months from the date of planned entry into the UAE.

  • Photography:

The tourist must provide recent photographs in the format required by the UAE immigration authorities.

  • Flight reservation:

A round-trip flight reservation may be required and the tourist may demonstrate intention to leave the UAE at the end of his or her stay.

  • Proof of financial means:

The applicant must demonstrate that he or she has sufficient financial means to cover his or her stay in UAE. This may include bank statements, credit cards, letters of employment, or any other documentation that supports his or her ability to finance his or her trip.

  • Travel Insurance:

Some authorities may require valid travel insurance that provides medical coverage during the visa applicant’s stay in the UAE.

  • Additional documents:

Depending on the purpose of the visit, authorities may require additional documents. For example, if the applicant is traveling for business reasons, they may need an invitation letter from a UAE company.

UAE 60-Day Tourist Visa Fee

The fees for processing the 60-day UAE visa may vary depending on several factors, such as nationality, the purpose of the visit, and the location from which the visa is requested.

The 60-day UAE visa grants all visitors either a pre-arranged 60-day UAE visa upon arrival or a visa exemption for certain countries. They have amended pre-arranged visas to 30 and 60 days. The cost for a 60-day visit visa to the UAE 2023 is 639 AED for a single entry. Likewise, rates may also be subject to periodic changes and updates.

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