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Employer of Record EOR

With the assistance of an Employer of Record you can enter the Saudi Arabia market without establishing a legal entity. We will assume all of your employer’s responsibilities so you can focus on expanding your business.

Immigration Services

With our Immigration Solutions you can get the necessary legal documents for your employees to start working in Saudi Arabia. Forget about having to deal with long and tedious immigration procedures since we will handle everything on your behalf.

Relocation services

With our relocation and destination services you can be sure that your employees can have a smooth relocation to Saudi Arabia. We will assist your employees on every aspect such as immigration, home search, and more.

HR management

With our HR management service you can receive a top solution for your workforce. You can save time and money that you can invest in your core strategic activities since we will assume your HR tasks.

Professional Employer Organization PEO

Boost your business management with our PEO solutions. We can help you find and hire top employees for your organization across Saudi Arabia, as well as relieve your administrative burden by taking care of your HR needs.

Payroll Outsourcing

We will ensure an outstanding processing and administration of your payroll. Our specialists ensure total compliance, accuracy and an on-time payroll. We can adapt our offer to your needs so you can solve your issues. .

Contractor Hire

Find the best contractors for your business with our Contractor Hire Services. With the help of our experts you can contact high-skilled professionals that want to be part of your team. All of this while we handle compliance and payroll.

Remote Workers Hire

Find high-level employees for your business anywhere in the world and start setting up your remote workforce. With our assistance you can meet local labor laws and tax regulations while you work with top professionals.

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- Get a Dedicated Account Manager to solve your inquiries at any time

Comprehensive benefit packages

- Access a range of benefit packages to attract and retain top talent

Unmatched expertise

- Receive advice from experts across several fields such as HR, payroll, etc.

Trusted EOR Provider

Immigration made easy

- Provide an accurate and on-time payrol- We can sponsor your visa and work permit applications in Saudi Arabia

Hiring & recruitment

- Seamless hiring with total compliance with local requirements and employment law

Payroll processing

Get assistance with payroll-related tasks, tax calculations and filing, etc.


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