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Manage your team in Egypt with our comprehensive services. We will take care of payroll, taxes, benefits, hiring, onboarding and more.

An employer of record (EOR), also known as an international PEO, allows you to hire and onboard employees in Egypt within a short time, generally in as little as two weeks, without incurring the expenses and risk of establishing a local entity.

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EOR services in Sri Lanka

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Top benefits for your business with our EOR services in Egypt

Diverse range of solutions

Customize your EOR services and receive a tailored solution to solve your needs.

People-focused approach

We help you navigate each stage of your expansion and we provide 24/7 support.

Reduced costs

With our competitive rates you can receive a cost-effective solution for your expansion.

Fast expansion

Enter the Egypt market quickly and compliantly with the help of our experts.

Employ top talent

Hire the best people for your business without setting up an entity on your own.

Focus on your growth

We will handle all of your HR tasks while you can focus on growing your business.

The best Services

Boost your business with our core solutions In Egypt


Payroll management

Our payroll experts can ensure an accurate payroll and on-time payments.


Immigration procedures

We can offer you sponsorship to get visas and work permits for your employees.


Local entity support

Get assistance from our local experts to employ staff on your behalf.

EOR services in Sri Lanka

Hiring & recruitment

Find and hire high-skilled professionals and get them ready to work in Egypt.


Competitive benefits packages

Offer outstanding benefits to your workforce to attract and retain top talent.


Relocation & assignments

We give your employees the care they deserve to ensure a smooth transition.

About EOR Middle East

How we Work?


Superior employee experience

We assist you to find top talent for your business and we ensure a top management for your workforce


Local infrastructure

Our local legal entity helps protect your business and ensure total compliance with local labor law and regulations


Everything in one place

We can handle all of your administrative tasks and you can have a single point of contact for all of your requirements

EOR services in Sri Lanka

Simple & Clean

Work Process


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    Let Our Experts help you find the Best Talents from Anywhere in Middle East