UAE Labor Law Visa Cancellation

The United Arab Emirates has become a focus for professionals around the world. Especially, since they offer high salaries and multiple benefits for those who wish to leave their country of origin. Nevertheless, some of them have issues with their UAE labor law visa cancellation.

In this article, we will talk about UAE labor law visa cancellation. It is common for foreigners to have problems with the processing of their temporary visa; due to various factors determined solely by the authorities of the region. If this is your case, your best option will be to hire a labor law attorney and we have the best.

1. How is a cancellation of a visa in UAE?

2. Can your UAE visa cancellation status change? 

3. How many hours do people have to work in UAE?

4. Visa Cancellation After Expiration

5. How can EOR Middle East help you?

1. How is a cancellation of a visa in UAE?

Many factors influence the cancellation of visas in UAE; although its procedures are so easy, some errors can cause its cancellation. The next thing to consider is whether your home country is among the lucky ones; those that can enter the country without needing to apply for a visa. Or if:

  • You had a residence visa previously and left the country without canceling the UAE visa. To get approval, you will need to go to the immigration department and cancel your previous resident visa.
  • Handwritten passports will be automatically rejected by UAE Immigration.
  • Visa applicants with a criminal record, fraud, or misconduct committed in the UAE.
  • You previously applied for a tourist visa but did not enter the country. To obtain approval, the travel agency or sponsor must go to the immigration office to cancel the previous UAE visa.
  • Applicants who applied for a work visa through a company but did not enter the country. To get approval, the travel agency or sponsor must go to UAE immigration and remove the previous employment visa.
  • Visa applications with typographical errors of name; passport number, and profession code will see a delay in getting approval or rejecting the passport.
  • When the photo of the passport copies is not clear when applying in the UAE online immigration system; may delay or refuse the approval.

1.1 Employment visa cancellation UAE

Well, employment visa cancellation UAE comes after termination of employment or resignation. The employer must cancel the work permit and this entails the cancellation of the visa. Details the procedures for the cancellation of work permits:

  • Presentation of a request for cancellation of work authorization through the channels that the ministry determined.
  • Completion of the required data and annexes.
  • Payment of fines for delay in the issuance or non-renewal of work permits, if applicable.
  • Declaration of the Establishment that the worker receives his rights.
  • Any other condition specified by the decision of the minister, or his delegate.
  • Subsequently, your employer must proceed to cancel your residence visa. However, if you have sponsored residency for your family members, you must first cancel their visas.

Also, in the UAE, once a residence visa is canceled; a person can reside in the country for a grace period of 30 days, from the date of cancellation. During this period, you must leave the country, or your status can change and have a Dubai visa cancellation status. If you find a new job during the grace period, you can ask your new employer to get you a work permit; subsequently, change your residency status before the grace period expires.

2. Can your uae visa cancellation status change? 

As well as, UAE visa cancellation status will change if you make some mistakes. The UAE authorities can revoke your visa. If you remain in the territory longer than authorized; give false information to a customs officer, and commit a crime within the territory. Also, lose your visa and do not notify the authorities, and also visa cancellation after the expiry date.

2.1 UAE labor law visa cancellation

Likewise, UAE labor law visa cancellation is quite strict. Therefore, it is one of the greatest fears on the part of the workers, besides; after the company fire the employees they only have scarce 30 days to find a new one. Since after this period they will deport them to their country of origin. In Dubai, foreign workers get numerous benefits, as do their direct family members. Labor law does not apply to government employees, domestic services, and farmers.

2.2 How does UAE visa cancellation occur? 

As well as in 2011 there was a modification of the regulations in UAE visa cancellation status. To increase the protection of workers who; until then, had to obtain a letter of no objection from the previous employer to be able to change jobs. Being able to sanction the abandonment of the company without that document.

Currently, any employee who works for at least two years with the same employer can change employers without the employer’s consent and a letter of no objection. The same happens in cases where the employer does not comply with their contractual obligations even though the worker has not worked for two years.

In the UAE there are no trade unions or workers’ associations, there is no collective bargaining, and prohibit strike action. As for the companies based in the free trade zones, although they must comply with federal labor regulations they are not regulated by the Ministry of Employment. But rather the different free zones have an employment department that manages labor issues of its scope.

3. How many hours do people have to work in UAE?

The usual working day is eight hours a day. Depending on the company, the working week can be five or six days, respecting Friday as a rest day. During Ramadan, companies must reduce working hours for their Muslim employees.

The law establishes a minimum of 24 days of annual vacation plus ten national and religious holidays. Also, establishes 45 days of maternity leave and 90 days of sick leave. There is no established minimum wage. Supply and demand determine it. The UAE does not oblige the State or the employer to contribute to Social Security.

The company must compensate the worker in case of incapacity for work due to accident or illness. When the death of the employee occurs due to these causes; must compensate his family with the amount equivalent to the basic remuneration of 24 months. Respecting minimum and maximum amounts.

3.1 Do you want to cancel a visa in UAE? 

Today, you can cancel the family visa with just one call, according to the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs. Previously, a sponsor could only cancel a visa through an accredited typing center; or by going to any branch of the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs through UAE visa cancellation paper.

3.2 What is UAE visa cancellation paper?

For its part, a visa cancellation letter is known as the administrative act through which the current visas for temporary residence, permanent residence, and/or temporary visitor visa are canceled. It is the end of the validity of a visa, voluntarily, issued through the Diplomatic Missions or Consular Offices.

Thus, the cancellation paper UAE must be processed through the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs; the center that stamped the residence visa. The Type Center will complete the cancellation form on behalf of the sponsor; plus, process it online through the General Management website.

3.3 How to check visa cancellation status in UAE? 

Besides, visa cancellation status UAE is the worst scenario; that could happen to an international worker, it is a possibility and you must be prepared. All UAE residents go through visa renewal every two or maybe three years, depending on the type of visa.

While most remember the month in which the residence visa is scheduled to expire, the exact day is often not remembered. Now, all you need to verify the validity of the residence visa is your passport number and its expiration date.

The UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship provides this service through its website. A resident can enter passport information to check; if the visa is still valid and can check if the visa is authentic or not. Residents can also check the validity of the visa through this official government website.

4. Visa cancellation after expiration

In addition, if you have a canceled visa UAE, maybe, your visa already expired. When the visa is for multiple entries, from the moment it is awarded until its expiration date, for each time you need to travel for the purpose appropriate to the classification of the visa, the length of stay will depend on the type of visa and the purpose of travel.

With a tourist/business visa, the allowed length of stay can be up to 6 months. Even if you have been given 6 months, keep in mind that legitimate tourism generally does not last six months and you will need to explain to consular or immigration officials the reason for such a long stay.

Nowadays, companies have one year to modify their employment contracts from indefinite to limited. Until then, employees with unlimited-term contracts will have their termination amounts calculated

4.1 What is UAE labor law visa cancellation?

On the other hand, in UAE labor law visa cancellation, article 51 of the new labor law establishes; that the worker completes one year or more of continuous service should receive a bonus; when finishes a service of 21 calendar days of base salary; each year of service. Also the first five years of service, and 30 days of base salary for each subsequent year of service. Since the total compensation does not exceed two years of salary.

Usually, when companies fire foreign employees they have a visa cancellation and final settlement. So, those with an indefinite contract will have a reduction of 2/3 of the gratuity. If the period of service is from one to three years; a reduction of 1/3 if the period of service is from three to five years; and no reduction if the length of service exceeds five years, according to article 137 of the old labor law.

The elimination of unlimited contracts tries to simplify and unify end-of-service benefits and other rights; regardless of the type of employment contract and whether employees left an employer through resignation or termination. Under the new labor law, contracts must be renewed for a maximum of three years.

4.2 When do I receive the money?

Regarding the term for the payment of the settlement, there were no provisions or terms in the old law. After the entry into force of the new law, the settlement amounts must be paid within 14 days from the date of termination of the employment relationship. Non-compliance may result in a fine of between AED 5,000 and AED 1,000,000. However, the employee will not receive any compensation if the company does not meet the deadline.

5. How can EOR Middle East help you?

With years in the business, EOR Middle East can give you the support you need in any area. We provide support in more than ten regions, including:

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