Talent Acquisition: What You Need to Know

A successful company is made up of a professional and efficient staff. But, to get there, the employer had to go through every one of those hires. This is called talent acquisition. This process is very important because it is when the company head identifies all those talented and professional individuals according to the available position.

In this article, you will see all the important information about talent acquisition so you can be successful in this process. The first thing will be to say the talent acquisition meaning, so you can understand it and apply it in the best way. In addition, you will see the differences between talent acquisition and recruitment. Finally, we will give you the best advice so that when you start the process, you will have good results. Specifically, we will discuss:

  1. What is talent acquisition?
  2. What are the differences between talent acquisition and recruitment?
  3. How is the process for effective talent acquisition?
  4. Some tips to be successful in this process
  5. What are the best strategies to implement in process talent acquisition?
  6. Contact EOR Middle East can guide you through the process

1. What is talent acquisition?What do you understand about talent acquisition? Is, as its name indicates, a process to acquire talent. During this process, we seek to identify and obtain highly qualified workers to meet the needs of the company. For this process to be carried out, it is necessary to have a team for the acquisition of the talent that the company is looking for.

The talent acquisition team must evaluate that the candidates excellently cover the needs of the company. With this process, it is sought that the company can count on all the trained personnel available and improve productivity. For this to be possible, talent hiring is vital. This must be done by a team capable of analyzing which candidates are the best for the company.

Since you must have a trained team, you must do a team recruitment talent acquisition and have the best staff. In some companies, this team is part of the company’s human resources department. However, this can also act under its department but working in coordination with human resources.

There are fundamental skills that those in charge of talent acquisition must have. These include sourcing strategies and the ability to properly assess candidates. In addition, they must have a standard capacity for compliance and the hiring of candidates. In this way, it seeks to have suitable candidates for the jobs.

2. What are the differences between talent acquisition and recruitment?

These concepts are very easy to confuse since they have the objective of recruiting people for jobs. However, these differ in many ways, as recruiting is only looking to hire short-term staff. On the other hand, talent acquisition seeks personnel who in the long term can occupy positions of great importance in the business.

The talent acquisition role consists of developing a strategy that allows the company’s objectives to be met in the long term. In this sense, the company recognizes that these people will play an important role in its growth. With this, they look for the most qualified personnel possible, while in recruitment they only look for someone capable of filling the position.

To better observe this difference, let us consider an example from the sports field. If a football team wants to fill a position, they immediately hire a free agent, just like recruiting. On the other hand, the acquisition of talent seeks to improve the team in the long term. For this, they look for a high-level coaching staff and young talents that benefit the team.

In short, we can say that recruiters only fill vacancies. While those in charge of talent acquisition must continuously and effectively develop a strategy. Thus that in this way they can identify future leaders, specialists, and senior executives of the company. It can be said that this team is responsible for covering the most difficult positions in the company.

3. How is the process for effective talent acquisition?

The role of talent acquisition in a company is crucial if you want to stand out in the market and above the competition. Therefore, it is important that this process is carried out accordingly and is slow, to make the best decision. Next, a detailed explanation of all the complex steps to carry out the process will be given.

3.1 Create a talent acquisition job description

The first step is to create a publication of the vacancies that you have available in your company. This publication must be eye-catching and especially attractive to a selected audience. For instance, all the professionals in the area you need. People who have a lot of experience in the position you are offering can also work.

3.2 Create a network of contacts

Another option to attract talent to your company is to create a network of contacts with other companies or industries. Also, if you attend certain events or conferences dedicated to topics of interest to your company. In any of these options, you can see the people who can belong to your company and be useful for its growth.

3.3 Start the recruitment and attraction process

Your company must offer employees certain benefits that are very attractive to professionals. For instance, employee and family health insurance plans, retirement plans, and more. You must also show that within your company there is a very pleasant work environment for all its employees. In addition, it is important that when you start the recruitment process your company already has a well-positioned brand.

3.4 Start with the interviews

By this point, you will have received a lot of applicants and you have to start the selection process. The first thing will be the CV of each one and see which are the most striking. Once you have seen the most talented candidates, make an appointment for each one to have their interview. It is important that in the interview you ask questions that make the applicant demonstrate if they are the talented person you are looking for the position. You can also make use of a talent acquisition executive.

3.5 Check references

Generally, company heads skip this step; but talent acquisition specialists explain that this is one of the most important steps. Checking references helps you finish forming an opinion about the candidate. After completing this step, it is time to make the decision. If when analyzing the interview, the curriculum, and the references of the other companies; the candidate meets all expectations, you can proceed to make an offer.

3.6 Final elections

When you are going through the talent acquisition process, it is good that you have a small guide to be able to select the candidates. In this guide, you must include all the characteristics you want from the candidates and point out the most important ones. In addition, you can hire a talent acquisition company that can advise you during the process. And so you can make the best decision among all the candidates.

3.7 Talent hiring

The last step is hiring star candidates. The most important thing about this step is that you make the hiring process as simple as possible. Thus, you can start by having a relationship without discord with your new employee. The best recommendation to be able to achieve this is to have all the requirements and what they need to do prepared beforehand.

4. Some tips to be successful in this process

Talent acquisition management has released some tips for this process. These can be very useful for employers. In this section, you will see some of them.

4.1 Tip 1

It is important that you know what are the vacancies in the company and orders them by priority. Some jobs are harder to staff than others. In addition, there are job profiles that are more difficult to obtain than others. For instance, experienced engineers, long-time managers, and more. That is why you have to know what you need most urgently and use all kinds of strategies to find the best.

4.2 Tip 2

Evaluate all possible important factors of the candidates. Use a spreadsheet and start filling it with the most important data of all the applicants. For example, the company where they come from, title, and networking information. Networking information is good because it allows you to do more in-depth research on these candidates. With all this, you will be sure that the person’s profile is indicated for the position.

4.3 Tip 3

The hiring process is generally part of the job of human resources management, the HR team, and the talent acquisition team if you hired one. But, it is always good that you involve the whole company in this undertaking. Especially, to the departments where the vacancy is available since they know what the person they need is like. In addition, you can organize learning workshops so that the entire company understands what is talent acquisition in HR. As a result, everyone works as a team and there is less risk of making mistakes.

4.4 Tip 4

In addition to the interview, it is good to use extra strategies to be able to evaluate the personality of the candidate. Candidates usually come to interviews prepared and behave very differently than they are. This is due to the formality of the matter, which is normal. Therefore, it is a good idea to invite him to briefings with the other employees so you can see his behavior in a less formal situation. In addition, you would have the opinion of the other workers.

5. What are the best strategies to implement in process talent acquisition?

The talent acquisition process can be very long, but if you plan, you can reduce this amount of time. Therefore, if you want to get the best talents to be part of your team, you must apply some strategies. Next, in this section, you will see tactics to be successful in talent acquisition.

5.1 Strategy 1

Professionals who have extensive experience in administrative or managerial jobs; when they want to change jobs, try to look for companies that have more value in the market. Therefore, it is important that if you want to attract the best talent, your brand has to be prestigious. Otherwise, you may find very good applicants, but perhaps not the great talent you want.

5.2 Strategy 2

Before starting the search for candidates, making publications, or contacting other companies; you must put together a plan of how you plan to do the selection process. It is important to have this in advance so that when you start looking for applicants, everything is faster and more optimal. You can create a guide of everything you plan to do to attract talent. In addition, you can start talking to some employees and the human resources team to put together an effective strategy. Preparation is key in this process.

5.3 Strategy

It is important that in addition to creating planning for the selection process, you create a niche. This means, designing a scheme with all the characteristics that the person you are going to hire for the position needs. By having this, you can save time on interviews for the HR team. In addition, it makes the selection much faster.

6. Contact EOR Middle East can guide you through the process

After all of the above, you will realize that this is a very important process for any company. However, it requires a lot of time and attention from the human resources team, employer, and others, which is not always available. Therefore, a good option is to hire a talent acquisition Company. The best chance there is to contact EOR Middle East.

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