Why should you outsource employees in the UAE?

Staff outsourcing in the selection process has allowed the human capital of an organization to be properly managed as an added value today. On EOR Middle East, we take care of this process. So that you take care of the core business of your business. Leaving human resources management in our hands, we will be your best ally.

In this article, we will explain why you should outsource employees in the UAE. The global economy has changed, making it much more difficult to hire the right qualifications. The new economic conditions include global competition, rapidly changing business conditions, high unemployment, skills shortages, and a war for talent. Finding and hiring the right people in this type of hiring environment requires staying up to date with new recruiting technologies. Also with social media, developing relationships with successful candidates, and asking the right questions.

  1. What is subcontracting of personnel?
  2. Is there any law that speaks about the subcontracting of personnel?
  3. Benefits
  4. What should you watch out for when outsourcing?
  5. How can we help you obtain more information about outsourcing of employees in the UAE?

1. What is subcontracting of personnel?

There are diverse agencies solely dedicated to offering human capital services. These work by signing workers to carry out the actions or tasks essential for your company. The change is that you will not employ the workers directly. But an organization that will be in responsibility of covering your work requirements will.

So basically the subcontracting of personnel, also called staff outsourcing, is a direct contract with an agency. In which it assumes to supply the essential teams or workers for the customer company.

The subcontracting of workers is considered a fairly new and inventive process in which unconventional and diverse working relationships are produced. This is due to the fact that the original association with the final worker who performs the determined work is not done straight.

2. Is there any law that speaks about the subcontracting of personnel?

Given the novelty of the situation, there is no authority in charge of overseeing or regulating human subcontracting. Various agreements have been achieved, however, based on the Federal Courts’ criteria. One of them is that any agency’s employees must receive the same perks. As any employee hired under an individual or collective bargaining agreement.

Hiring managers and busy employees get all that when they outsource hiring. Cost containment and the need for core business operations are at the top of the list of several common reasons for contracting outsourcing. Outsourcing all of your recruiting or just part of your recruiting process puts the reins in the hands of experienced recruiting consultants, saving you time and money.

Other reasons employees choose to outsource hiring include the need to improve hiring processes, manage rapid growth or seasonality that makes it impossible to keep up with hiring needs, develop a competitive advantage, and improve turnaround times. There are various reasons for process staff outsourcing and the benefits it provides.

3. Benefits

3.1 Reduction of costs

In a volatile economy, cost reduction is rapidly rising as a priority. In addition to labor costs, costs related to recruiting activities include advertising on job boards, background checks, applicant tracking systems, and recruiting technology. These costs group into one when companies outsource hiring. In addition, the recruitment campaign is efficient.

Cost per hire is a key HR metric and when organizations outsource this service to company. The cost per hire is often reduced along with the time due to resources employed. Other ways costs are reduced through staff outsourcing include risk-sharing and streamlined processes.

Shifting responsibility for scaled-up or scaled-down recruiting needs to a dedicated outsourced HR recruiter in the UAE eliminates unnecessary staffing or staffing shortages when business ramps up. When employers outsource this process, they streamline processes. This by outsourcing them to an outside company. Eliminating delays and duplication, and paying for specific recruiting activities.

3.2 Focus on the core business

Whether or not a business has a devoted recruiter or some kind of employing function, most are not in the recruiting commerce. All hiring tasks and activities will be outside of, and draw resources from, the core business functions. When the recruiting process is outsourced to recruiting specialists like EOR Middle East, nothing is taken away from core business activities. And allows employers to find the talent they need without distractions from operations.

HR staff outsourcing with recruiting responsibilities can quickly become overwhelmed. This, by the volume of hiring and unable to focus on their core HR responsibilities. When this happens, it can have a ripple effect, interfering with HR productivity and workflows and their ability to deliver benefits, payroll and compliance. Also, employee program services.

3.3 Improve efficiency in recruiting staff

It is difficult for many organizations to find qualified candidates or improve their hiring efficiency with the internal process with a competitive global job market and a constant shortage of skills and limited locations. They may not be able to achieve improvements in the hiring process with existing staff outsourcing. And when urgent needs start to emerge, there is no good way to catch up with the process.

When they implement HR outsourcing in Dubai, they benefit from recruiters’ ability to reach more candidates, access passive candidates they might not otherwise engage in, and make more efficient use of recruiting resources. In this way, organizations will be able to count on the ideal talent to carry out the work with the best skills and contribute to innovation.

3.4 Adress high turnover

High turnover costs money in lost and interrupted productivity, lower customer service, and lower employee engagement. But turnover may have less to do with hiring ability or staff outsourcing compensation and more to do with the hiring function. Companies can address high turnover when they outsource recruiting for better-qualified candidates and a better recruiting process from experienced and dedicated recruiters.

Companies enjoy hiring higher-quality candidates who are a good fit for the openings and company culture. When ongoing high turnover begins to strain a company’s resources, the decision to outsource can be a faster and cheaper way to stop hiring-related churn.

3.5 Fast growth

Companies experiencing rapid growth or seasonal spikes that make it difficult to meet hiring needs often outsource the recruiting process to better control the impact of fluctuating hiring activity on the business. Seasonal hiring or periods of rapid growth or expansion put pressure on existing staff and make internal hiring very challenging.

Outsourced recruiters can take over an in-house recruiting process with dedicated staff, more experienced recruiters, and advanced recruiting technology. Also, social recruiting methods to meet unusual growth patterns. This is the case of EOR Middle East, which has specialized selection software to make the process more agile and innovative.

3.6 Competitive advantage

Small businesses and startups that do not have the same resources as their larger competitors can compete better. This when they outsource the recruiting and hiring process. A specialized company like EOR Middle East can find the best candidates faster. Also, more efficiently to help small or new companies train their key personnel and keep up with larger companies with more resources.

3.7 Coordinate hiring and onboarding

If your company is struggling to find and secure qualified candidates in a timely manner, it is not necessarily your hiring manager or human resources staff who are to blame. But, placing the process in expert hands, in an ally like EOR Middle East will help them reduce costs, time and obtain greater efficiency in the process.

Companies with disjointed recruiting and onboarding processes can benefit from the services that HR outsourcing companies in Abu Dhabi provide to integrate sourcing and recruiting.

When a department is recruiting, the hiring manager is responsible for the hiring. And the HR staff does the onboarding, disruptions to the candidate experience and hiring efficiency can cause problems in other areas of the company. Productivity and turnover are among the first business areas to suffer when hiring and onboarding processes do not work.

When companies outsource contracting, it is usually in direct response to specific business needs. Whether it is to save money, achieve process improvements, reduce turnover, or control a hiring volume problem. There are many situations where outsourcing the selection and recruitment process solves business problems.

Recruitment firms can spend their time and resources searching for, engaging, contacting, hiring, and onboarding top talent that is beyond the reach of small or start-up companies. Companies can better focus on their core business when they have the right staff and qualified, committed employees.

You do not have to wait until you have a hiring problem before you consider outsourcing your hiring process. You may find yourself at a hiring disadvantage without even knowing it. Instead, benefit from streamlining your operation, filing and updating your staff with the best talent. Also, you will help your business grow.

4. What should you watch out for when outsourcing?

Staff outsourcing labor in the UAE has become a business strategy in many organizations. Sometimes it is necessary to have the advice of experts to help us carry out routine, complex and voluminous tasks.

To ensure that it is an investment and not an additional risk, we must take care of these points when looking for a staff outsourcing company in Dubai:

4.1 Legality of subcontracting

Contrary to what some may come to believe, staff outsourcing in Abu Dhabi is fully supported by law. So you can hire an accounting tax outsourcing company, you just have to make sure that said company is governed by legal provisions.

The staff outsourcing in the United Arab Emirates that you contract must be based on said law for the implementation of a subcontracting system in your company.

  • The outsourcing system should not include all the activities carried out within your organization.
  • The work performed by the outsourcing company must be specialized.
  • The outsourcing service should not perform assignments identical to those performed by your employees.
  • As a contracting company, you must establish the tasks that your contractor will carry out and supervise the service during the time that the contract is in force.
  • The contracted outsourcing organization must be legally constituted and have the resources to fulfill its employer obligations.

4.2 Compliance with the law

By complying with these legal aspects, you ensure that you take care of your prestige as a company. And you avoid the risk of being able to hire unprofessional companies that can cause legal and financial trouble. Likewise, if you do not adhere to the law, you will no longer be a contracting party. So you would be an employer in all areas, including all obligations regarding social security.

5. How can we help you obtain more information about outsourcing of employees in the UAE?

If you want your firm to have the best HR department possible, one that can assist you in achieving your company’s goals. You should use the services of EOR Middle East, the leading company in this field. We have a highly qualified team to assist you in getting your company to where you want it to be. It has been a long time since we have effectively served the demands of the region’s large corporations.

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