New UAE Visit Visa Rules 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Being one of the world’s most visited cities, foreign travelers from more than 70 countries may now visit Dubai without a visa. The UAE government provides a number of visa categories, making it simple for visitors to apply for UAE visit visas fee for three months 2023 online. The Dubai visit visa is one of the most popular visas in the UAE.

In this article, is all you need to know about the Dubai visit visa. Including, the validity time, costs, and more. The new visa-on-entry programs have a design to entice tourists to visit Dubai (as if the fantastic restaurants, top-notch attractions, and pleasant weather were not enough). The UAE visa-on-entry system has been revamped. Now, a new five-year multi-entry visa option is now available for people who often visit Dubai. Want to stay up to date on UAE tourist visa regulations? Look no further, here is your guide:

  1. Everything you need to know about Dubai travel visa news
  2. Learn about visit visa application Dubai
  3. Know more about the Dubai visit visa extension and grace period
  4. See the visit visa UAE price
  5. Dubai visit visa new rules today
  6. Do you have any more questions concerning the new UAE tourist visas?

1. Everything you need to know about Dubai travel visa news

If you are a non-citizen planning to visit Dubai, you must get a Visit Visa. This visa permits you to spend your vacation time in the popular city of Dubai. After 30 or 90 days, you may have to leave the country. There are, however, options to convert the UAE Visit Visa and its new rules 2022 into a work or residency visa.

The ICP of the United Arab Emirates has recently launched a one-time 30-day UAE visa extension fees provision for visitors on 90-day visit visas visiting Dubai and the rest of the nation. They will have the option to extend the visit visas of family members and friends. This, for a single trip or several journeys for periods of 30, 60, and 90 days, as well as the visas’ pre-entry validity.

In addition to the UAE visit visa fees for 3 months, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) has reiterated that anyone who overstays in the UAE must get a Dubai/UAE departure permit. The departure permit might cost up to AED 300.

Visitors arriving in the UAE will now be issued a 60-day visa. Wondering how the new UAE visit visa price tourist visa restrictions vary from the old ones? And how much for a visit visa in UAE? How much is a UAE visa?

Several nations formerly obtained a 30-day visa upon arrival. After the 30-day time expired, you would have a nine-day grace period before having to pay to renew your visa or face a penalty. All sorts of visit and tourist visas can now be renewed twice under the new guidelines. Visitors and tourists can apply for a second visit visa renewal fee before the original one expires.

2. Learn about visit visa application Dubai

You may apply for a Dubai visit visa through a travel agent or an online booking service, or you can be sponsored by one of Dubai’s renowned hotels or airlines.

2.1 Online Dubai visit visa

Applying for a visit visa online using the ICP Smart Services portal or the GDRFA website is simple and convenient.

Just enter the necessary information and papers and make the payment online, eliminating the need to submit documents by email or visit the office in person. After your guarantee your visa application, you will receive an email with an e-visa copy.

2.2 Dubai tourist visa through airlines

A certified airline’s standards and conditions may differ somewhat. One such requirement is, of course, that you fly with them to your destination. Costs may also vary and are subject to change. So, it is best to check with your preferred airline for the most up-to-date information and criteria.

2.3 Dubai visit visas are obtained through travel firms and hotels

You may also authorize your preferred travel agency or hotel to apply for a visit visa on your behalf. You should make sure that the travel agency or hotel is licensed and authorized by the relevant UAE authorities before handing over any money or papers. Consult the UAE embassy in your country to confirm the legitimacy of a travel agency or hotel.

2.4 Dubai visa situation

Visit the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website or use the GDRFA mobile application to check the status and validity of your Dubai visit visa.

2.5 Dubai visa (GDRFA mobile app)

You can check your visa status in Dubai by using the GDRFA Dubai mobile app and inputting your info there.

Choose “File Status Enquiry” from the services menu, then “Entry Permit Inquiry.” If you have a job offer but have not yet gotten your visa, go to “Residency Enquiry.” If your entrance permission is accepted and you have passed the ID test and medical typing, input your information, including your name, visa number, nationality, and date of birth, and click “Inquiry.”

Also, if all of your information is right, a green checkmark will appear at the bottom of the page, along with further visa information such as your complete name, visa expiration date, kind of visa, and visa number. You may now make further queries about the GDRFA service via the DUBAI NOW mobile app.

2.6 Dubai visa (GDRFA website)

You may check the status of your Dubai visa through the AMER GDRFA portal by following the procedures outlined below:

  • Visit the GDRFA official website and pick “File Type” – entrance permit or residency permit.
  • choose “Residence Validity”

Enter your information, including your name, visa number, nationality, and date of birth, then input the captcha code and press the submit button. If all of your information is correct, your visa validity data will display in green below your submission form, along with your complete name, visa expiration date, kind of visa, and visa number.

3. Dubai visit visa extension in UAE fee 2022 and grace period

Visitors with visit visas enjoy a grace period of 30 days. Please take care not to overstay your visit visa, since doing so will result in a fine of AED 50 every day. You will also be charged for the issue of the exit permit, which can cost up to AED 300.

Tourist visas of all categories can have a renovation for 30 days twice. However, normally, you will be charged AED 200 to renew each tourist visa. As previously stated, tourist visa holders must leave and re-enter the country to extend their visas and must ensure that the visit visa renewal UAE cost and process is completed before the visa expires.

Tourist visas that have not been used must be revoked or extended. Moreover, the cost of canceling an unused visa varies by a travel agent and might cost up to AED 300. Also, there is a visa grace period after cancellation.

4. See the visit visa UAE price

Wondering what is the visit visa cost in Dubai? The fees for all types of UAE visit visa rate and Dubai visas, including 30 and 60-day tourist visas, have now increased by AED 100, according to a customer service agent at the ICP. The charge for the ICA’s one-month UAE 3 months visit visa price and 3-month visit visa price, for example, has risen from AED 270 to AED 370.

Please check with the individual airlines for the most recent 3-month visa UAE price and 3-month visit visa UAE cost since the fee is subject to change.

This was the visit visa cost in UAE.

4.1 GCC residents do not need a visa to visit Dubai

GCC citizens, according to the GDRFA website, are entitled to a visa on arrival in Dubai. It should be clear that GCC citizens with passports from non-GCC countries may still have to apply for a Dubai visit visa price in advance, depending on whether they are from specific nations.

4.2 Visa to visit Dubai from Pakistan

In general, qualified visitors from all over the world, including Pakistan, can get a tourist visa to the UAE. However, as part of the new visa regulations that went into effect in October 2022, the UAE tourist visa is now valid for 60 days.

The Pakistan Embassy in the UAE recommends that Pakistani people traveling to the UAE on a visit visa and intending to visit another country to get a third-country visa from Pakistan before leaving for the UAE. However, according to the fact that only legal citizens with active Emirates Identity Cards are entitled to apply for a third country’s visa in the UAE. Foreign embassies of other countries are unable to request visas on their behalf.

As a result, it is a recommendation that Pakistani people get a third-country visa before visiting the UAE.

5. Dubai visit visa new rules today

Visitors who visit Dubai regularly may now apply for a five-year multi-entry tourist visa. However, the new visa will allow them to stay in the country for 90 days without having a sponsor. This is the 90 days’ visit visa for the UAE extension. Moreover, these visitors can stay in the UAE for up to 180 days each year.

You may apply for this visa using the website and mobile application of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).  Certain candidates may also have to produce extra documentation, such as a copy of their travel ticket, evidence of residence (such as a letter from friends and relatives in the UAE), or a hotel booking/lease agreement.

6. Do you have any more questions concerning the new UAE tourist visas?

6.1 What if I want to visit relatives and friends in the UAE?

The regulations remain with no changes. However, if a visitor is a family or friend of a UAE citizen or resident, they can apply for admission permission.

6.2 I have a temporary job in the UAE; do I require a visa?

A new form of entry permit is now available for persons with temporary work assignments in the UAE. Therefore, you must have a sponsor with your company. And obtain a temporary employment contract or a letter from your employer. The paperwork must clarify the objective of the visit and provide confirmation of health fitness.

6.3 I want to work in the UAE; do I need a visa?

The new job exploration visa, which does not need a sponsor or host, has been established for anyone looking for work in the UAE. However, not everyone is eligible. You must be a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. As well as have attended one of the world’s top 500 colleges.

Another need is that you be classed in the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization’s first, second, or third competence level.

6.4 What if I want to visit relatives and friends in the UAE?

The regulations remain with no changes. If a visitor is a family or friend of a UAE citizen or resident, they can apply for an admission permission. We have a huge number of specialist that will assist you in everything regarding your visa. In addition, by visiting our insights page, you may learn more about a range of topics that may be of interest to you. Therefore, contact us at +971 43 316 688 or [email protected] to learn more about our business solutions in the UAE.

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