Visa Cancellation Letter

Foreign employees living in the UAE have a residence visa or a work permit. But, they must know that they cannot leave the country unless they cancel their visa. To do this, they need to make a visa cancellation letter addressed to their employer. It is important to mention that this document is essential for all people who want to leave the country or change their immigration status.

In this article, you will see all the information you need to know about visa cancellation letters. The first thing will be to define this document and explain why it is so important. The second thing will be, to show you a guide on how you can cancel your visa. In addition, you will see a step-by-step tutorial on how to create this card and be successful in it. Finally, you will see some FAQs that people usually need answering.

  1. What is a visa cancellation letter?
  2. Why is important this document?
  3. How to write a visa cancellation letter?
  4. Who can cancel my permit in the UAE?
  5. How to cancel a visa in UAE?
  6. Some FAQs
  7. Contact EOR Middle East if you need to go through this process

1. What is a visa cancellation letter?

In the UAE, as in other countries, different visa schemes have been implemented. These visas can be granted to visitors, employees, and professionals who want to enter the country. If people want to work in the UAE, an employer will decide to sponsor them. The employee will then receive an entry permit and then his residence visa.

The residence visa can also be known as a work visa. This usually has the same duration as the employee’s contract, it could be valid for 2 or 3 years. When the date on which this contract expires is close, a process must be carried out to rescind the contract. This process involves the execution of a cancellation letter for a visa.

The employee must request the employer, who is his sponsor, not to renew the contract. In turn, the employer must receive the Employee visa cancellation letter. With this cancellation letter in the UAE, the employee asks the employer to start the process of canceling the work visa. In this way, the employer can legally initiate this process.

Making this cancellation letter on time is essential to avoid paying fines or obtaining a work ban. There is no Visa cancellation letter format in UAE that you must strictly follow when writing the letter. However, it is important to be consistent when writing it. For this reason, it is recommended to search the internet for a UAE Visa cancellation letter sample.

2. Why is important this document?

Employees must issue their visa cancellation letter on time. This is because your sponsor is the only person who is authorized to carry out this process. Since employees cannot sponsor themselves, they must know the expiration date of the document. In this way, they will be able to cancel it in time before having legal problems.

If the person is an employee and wishes to terminate his contract before the stipulated time; You must also issue a visa cancellation letter in conjunction with your resignation letter. In this way, the employer will be able to begin the process of your visa cancellation and final settlement. This way you can receive your payment for the end of your services and other benefits.

Below you can see the reasons for issuing your visa cancellation request letter to your company:

  • You will be able to avoid staying longer than stipulated and having to pay the penalty for this.
  • It is essential for the sponsor to cancel your visa.
  • This way you will be able to better plan your future decisions.
  • If you want to stay in the country, you can apply for another type of visa. These visas include the self-employed visa and the tourist visa.
  • It is very important since it allows the human resources team enough time to process the cancellation of your visa.
  • If the person leaves the UAE without canceling his visa, he would be breaking the law. This may mean that the person may face an employment ban against them.

3. How to write a visa cancellation letter?

Something that you should keep in mind is that there is no exact model on how to request a UAE visa cancellation paper. In other words, depending on your situation, your letter may vary. However, some things are always placed in a particular order. Next, you will see the organization that you must maintain and what you have to place compulsorily.

3.1 Header

In the statement, you must place some personal information. Which are your full name and your address. This should be left aligned in that order and include the date. The header is the first thing to be placed in a visa cancellation letter. Then, from this, you must place the subject of the letter.

3.2 Greeting

After the header, you must greet the person you are addressing. Generally, a visa cancellation letter is written for the sponsor. Some salutation ideas are Dear Sir, Regards, Sir, and more. This should be aligned to the left.

3.3 Your reasons and final

After placing the greeting, you must place the reasons for which you are requesting the cancellation of your visa in Dubai. It is important to note that the reasons should be a maximum of two paragraphs but not very long. Once you have concluded with the reasons, you place a dismissal, and finally, you sign the letter. Your signature must be centered.

4. Who can cancel my permit in the UAE?

To cancel your short or long-stay permit, you must send a request for visa cancellation letter to your sponsor. Depending on the type of visa you have, this person may change. It is important to mention that, once the cancellation process is completed, the person can check their UAE visa cancellation status. Next, you will see in each case the individual who performs this procedure.

4.1 Employment visa cancellation UAE

For all work visas, the cancellation request letter must be made to your employer. Your direct boss is your sponsor and is the one in charge of ending the work card and visa.

4.2 Family visa cancellation UAE

The individual who took it upon themselves to sponsor the family members is the one who must cancel their visas. Therefore, it will be this person who must carry out the process. It is highly recommended not to wait for the expiration of these documents to start the process; you have to do it before the date.

4.3 Freelance visa cancellation UAE

This visa is a bit particular from the previous ones since the person requesting it is their sponsor. Therefore, you do not have to send a labor cancellation paper to anyone; The entire process must be carried out by the beneficiary.

5. How to cancel a visa in UAE?

If you want to learn how to cancel your employment visa in Dubai or the visa you have, you should know the process. The important thing is that you have your documents ready and deliver them to your sponsor. Depending on whether it is a work or family visa, the process may vary. Next, you will see a step-by-step guide on how to go through this process.

5.1 How to make your UAE employment visa cancellation being an employee?

In this case, the steps to follow are very simple. Next, you will see them in detail.

5.1.1 Step 1

You must write a visa cancellation letter. Once you have it ready, you just have to send it to the human resources team. It is highly recommended that you follow all the advice given above to write this letter.

5.1.2 Step 2

The next step is to perform the UAE visa cancellation paper download. You can do this by searching the internet for a visa cancellation form. You can also go to a machining center and request that they provide you with the document.

5.1.3 Step 3

After you have delivered the cancellation request letter and it has been approved; you must take your application to your employer and, in turn, deliver all the documents that are requested. Once the resource team receives the request, they will process it and let you know the result.

5.1.4 Step 4

When the human resources team has finished processing the application, your work card will be canceled. This process is carried out by the Ministry of Labor and then the information is received by the GDRFA. Your employer must then go to the GDRFA to proceed with the UAE residence visa cancellation.

5.1.5 Step 5

After you have gone through all the above steps, you are allowed to check your UAE visa cancellation status. Thus, you can know when everything is ready.

5.2 How to cancel the visa of your family members?

The first thing you should do is visit an authorized typing center, you can also go to an immigration office. There you will ask them to give you a cancellation form. In addition, you must deliver the original passport and the emirates ID card of the beneficiaries. The center you have gone to will do the rest of the process.

6. Some FAQs

When people go through this type of process, it is always important to ask themselves certain questions to be successful. Those relevant questions will be seen below.

6.1 Where to go to cancel the visa?

In whichever emirate you are, the places to cancel the visa are the same. Next, you will see them in detail.

6.1.1 By Internet

When your sponsor is going to start the cancellation of the visa, you can do it online. You just have to enter the GDRFA website. You can also do it by entering the website of the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority.

  • Through a registered typing center

The first thing your sponsor should do is go to a certified typing center. In all the emirates there are several of these centers, therefore, you can choose the one you prefer. When you go to the site, the people in charge will take charge of the entire process. It will be online and they will request the data as they need it, when they are filling out the UAE visa cancellation paper download.

6.2 How many days should I wait for the cancellation of the UAE visa?

This is a fairly simple two-step process, so it does not require a lot of waiting time. The first step is the cancellation of the work card, which is estimated to have a waiting time of one business day. The second step is to cancel the visa, which takes one to two business days. Once you are approved for this procedure, you can start applying for the other long-stay permit you need or leave the country.

6.3 When should you request a visa cancellation letter from the company?

If you want to change your visa, or job or leave the country; It is important that you know that it is mandatory that you request the cancellation of the current visa. The first thing is that you should know the expiration date of your employment contract, so you can leave the job and not request a renewal. Therefore, by now you must submit a visa cancellation letter.

This letter must be delivered at least 1 month before the expiration of your contract. On the internet, you can find a sample of a UAE visa cancellation paper. On the other hand, keep in mind that visa cancellation and final settlement go hand in hand and you must apply for them together.

7. Contact EOR Middle East if you need to go through this process

At some point in your working life in the UAE, you may want to change jobs. It may be to enter a better company or another area. For this, you need a cancellation letter for the job and it has to be done correctly. If this is not done, the process may have many drawbacks. For advice on this issue contact EOR Middle East.

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