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Our goal is to provide a customized solution for your expansion into new markets with our EOR Services and unmatched expertise.

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EOR services in Sri Lanka

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Get the best benefits with our EOR Services

Keep costs down

Our cost-effective solution helps you set up your workforce in Bahrain without having to invest tons of resources.

24/7 Support

Receive constant assistance from our in-country team that is readily available to support you on your needs.

No legal entity needed

You don’t need to go through the complexities of establishing an entity because we will act as your local support.

Fast market entry

Enter the Bahrain market quickly with our assistance. It’s faster than incorporating a company and with total compliance.

Hire the best talent

Get the best employees for your business and don’t worry about managing your workforce because we will take care.

Comprehensive solution

Get assistance for your expansion from start to finish with our wide range of services tailored to your requirements.

The best Services

Experience and Quality With Our EOR Services


Payments and administration

We can manage the payments for your employees in Bahrain and ensure accuracy and on-time delivery.


Competitive benefits

With our service you can access top benefits to provide better job offers to your employees.


Smooth onboarding

Your employees can have a better understanding of your company’s culture and Bahrain’s customs with our help.

EOR services in Sri Lanka

Immigration procedures

We can act as your local employer to sponsor your employees to get them the necessary legal documents.


Recruitment outsourcing

We ensure you get the best talent for your business that matches your requirements and give their best performance.


Local legal support

We ensure full compliance with your HR and legal operations in Bahrain to avoid non-compliance risks.

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How we Work?


Expand easily into new markets

With our assistance you can build your own workforce in Bahrain even if you don’t have a local entity.


Trusted expertise and advice

Our local HR and legal experts help you stay in compliance with regulations to avoid risks and ensure efficient processes.


Hands-on support

We can assist you on all areas of your expansion from start to finish to ensure you have smooth operations.

EOR services in Sri Lanka

Simple & Clean

Work Process


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Get in touch with one of our specialists.


Tailor your service

Customize your service to match your requirements.



Receive an outstanding implementation of our service.


Ongoing partnership

We can provide 24/7 support to assist your expansion.

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    Let Our Experts help you find the Best Talents from Anywhere in Middle East