E-signature Card in the UAE: Learn More

The government in the United Arab Emirates is constantly working to facilitate the inhabitants in legal processes. One of the achievements they have currently obtained is the creation of the e-signature card. All people who have this card can carry out the operational procedures of a company without much difficulty. This is an example of all the things you can do.

In this article, you will see all the information you need to know about the UAE e-signature card. The first thing will be to understand what its definition is. The second thing will be to show you what the process is so that you can access this document and where you can do it. In addition, you will see the benefits that having an electronic card UAE gives you.

  1. What is an e-signature card in UAE?
  2. How to obtain this digital document?
  3. Benefits of electronic card UAE
  4. What is an electronic signature?
  5. Benefits of an electronic signature
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1. What is an e-signature card in UAE?

In the UAE you can see how their local authorities look for ways to help people with legal procedures. This has led to the country having a large number of options to facilitate all the processes that it wants to carry out. It is from this initiative that the e-signature card UAE was born so that people can find ways to deal with different operations.

For this, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) of the UAE informed citizens of the adoption of this electronic signature. This made the UAE eCard become a fully digital ID card. This card has an electronic chip where the cardholder’s fingerprint is stored.

This card also stores all the holder’s data, so that they can be accessed at any time. It is important to know certain aspects of this card that may be important. This card must be requested not only by people but also by companies that can make their request to acquire their electronic card.

The person who is the holder of this card or the legal signatory of the company does not necessarily need to go to a customer service center. In addition, you will not be obliged to go to a customer satisfaction center to have your fingerprints scanned. This results in the person being able to submit their application using the smart card and those necessary services to finish.

2. How to obtain this digital document?

Once you know what the e-signature card UAE is, it is important that you know the procedure to acquire it. In this section, you will see the detailed process so that you can obtain this digital document.

2.1 Document delivery

All legal processes need some personal documents; it does not matter if they are on paper or digital. In the case of the e-signature card, there are very few papers you need. The first and most important is a photocopy of your current passport. In addition, you need a passport-size photograph of the beneficiary signatory. Finally, as always when you request a legal document, you must pay a fee. In the case of the UAE electronic card, the cost is Dh200.

2.2 Make the request

Once you have prepared all the documents, you must go to a service center (TASHEEL). You can also go to some participating establishments that have the possibility of filling out electronic forms. The applicant claims an electronic signature card, which is needed for all the movements that you are going to make from the Ministry of Labor.

After having filled out the electronic form; the person who attends you at the center will forward the application to the Ministry of Labor. In addition, a copy of this form should be sent to you via email, so you can review it and make sure that everything is in order. It is important that you know that the Ministry of Labor is in charge of issuing the UAE signature card.

All applicants who request the UAE e-signature card will send you a number that will be the end of the process. The most important and remarkable characteristic is that this number is unique and personal to each inhabitant. This is what you are going to use in all work offices belonging to the country.

2.3 E-signature card for business

If you have a company, you must also have the company’s own UAE e-signature card, the process to obtain it is very simple. The first thing is to go to one of the TASHEEL centers, which are located throughout the country.

You must bring certain requirements, including the old manual PRO card or, in other words, the computer card. In this document, you will find the number of the establishment, and the signature of the owner and the partners. On the new e-signature card, you will see the new electronic signature.

3. Benefits of electronic card UAE

This card was designed to optimize all the legal processes that the cardholder needs to carry out. For this reason, it has many benefits because it is designed to help. Below, you can see the benefits of having a UAE electronic card:

  • This card is required for all electronic signatures. In addition, for the fulfillment of transactions in the variety currently presented by MOHRE service presentation channels. Also included are the MOHRE app, Tawseel vehicle, and service locations.
  • Only those legal users will be able to carry out transactions in all of MOHRE’s digital and intelligent systems. All this to protect them. The cardholder will receive an account statement every month. This account statement will describe all the transactions made by the holder in that period.
  • This card is completely secure and provides a lot of help to its owners. Also, their application process is easy so that the applicant can get it easily.

4. What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is the same as a wet ink sign but digital. This is a new modality that is being used to be able to sign documents electronically. It is safe and legally binding since it does not use any code and is not based on any regulations. Electronic signatures can be symbols, images, or some message that allows the individual to be identified.

When it comes to electronic signatures some documentation must identify one person from another. The best way to solve this is by using the UAE e-signature card. With this, the signer can be identified. In addition, it is important to highlight that the electronic signature is a way of demonstrating that the person signing agrees with all the content.

You should know that legally the electronic signature is as valid as the one made with a person’s pen. In the UAE, they approved the use of this identification in the Federal Decree under law number 46. Here, everything related to trust services and electronic transactions is discussed.

However, it is important that you have the electronic signature generation device and its digital certificate. These certificates are obtained by companies that are providers of this service. It is very important that you have these documents without using an electronic signature because they are the ones that give validity to the document.

4.1 Digital certificates

A digital certificate is an electronic document that is granted to a person or some entity; the possession of a team dedicated to generating electronic signatures. Digital certificates are granted by companies dedicated to certifying services. In summary, a person can use their electronic signature as long as they have their device and the correct certification.

4.2 Digital certification service provider companies

Any person, whether natural or legal, qualified or authorized to provide digital certification services; and also, provide services related to electronic signatures, they are called a digital verification service provider.

4.3 How to obtain a certification through the DCSP?

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authorities (TDRA) are in charge of submitting applications for a license from the DCSP. In other words, all providers of digital certificate solutions in the UAE dedicated to working with documents, signatures, and electronic records must have the TRA license to perform their functions. Among them, are electronic commerce and electronic transactions.

To be licensed by the DCSP, you must submit the following documents to the TRA.

  • Company Memorandums and Articles of Association
  • Information about the company’s infrastructure.
  • Information on the business organizational structure.
  • A copy of the license that allows you to practice as a DCSP.
  • A brief description of the professional activities carried out by the company.
  • All the data corresponding to the finances and accounting of the company, for the last two years. They are accepted for less time depending on the duration that the company has in operation.
  • Data from the health insurance contracted for the protection of employees fulfilling their duties.

5. Benefits of an electronic signature

The electronic signature with time has increased its use throughout the territory. This is due to the great benefits that it provides to its owners to carry out certain processes. Therefore, you can see the benefits of having this card below:

5.1 Reduce costs

With this digital signature, you can optimize the contracting process and save resources that may be used for other purposes. The use of this signature will allow negotiations to be fluid and remote with clients or companies. Managing to avoid expenses in papers, impressions, and transportation, among others.

5.2 Productivity is increased

The electronic signature can achieve the best result more efficiently. This is achieved by integrating agility in the negotiation that this firm allows and the management of contracting services. Being able to sign from any corner of the country or the world, through any device, allows you to significantly increase productivity.

With this signature, it is not necessary for a client, supplier, or employee to have to go to a place to sign contracts or deliver documents. Using the electronic signature, all this can be done from anywhere. In this way, a business can be done from anywhere in the world.

5.3 All information storage remains in the cloud

Being able to store any type of information in the cloud allows us to protect all types of digital information. In this way, any file that is digital can be saved in it for use at another time. The digital signature will have instant access and may be stored in the cloud, facilitating the protection of your data.

5.4 The privacy and security of your information

Information is a valuable asset for companies and individuals. For this reason, it is important that confidential information can be protected in the best way. The electronic signature presents a private and secure scheme due to the high privacy and security it presents. This is due to the process that it requires to authenticate the signatory and to be able to differentiate it from all the others in the system.

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