DED Activities Trade License Activities List

All people who want to start a business in Dubai or anywhere in the world need some requirements. In the case of Dubai, it is important that you review the Dubai Economic Department activities trade license activities list. Thanks to this, you have the possibility of knowing which are the commercial activities that allow you to carry out. It is important that you know that before setting up a company you must investigate very well everything you need and thus avoid problems.

In this article, you will see the necessary information about the DED license. The first thing will be to define the Dubai Economic Department and its main functions. In addition, you will see which are the divisions of the DED, and thus, you know whom to turn to if necessary. You will also know in detail all DED activities trade license activities list. Finally, more information about the process of obtaining the Dubai trade license will be released. Specifically, wewilldiscuss.

  1. What is the DED and what are its functions?
  2. Which are the DED activities listed for 2022?
  3. How to get a DED trade license?
  4. Some FAQs
  5. Contact EORmiddleastfor more information on the subject

1. What is the DED and what are its functions?

The DED or better known as the department of economic development is established as a government agency. It is in charge of the supervision and regulation of the entire economic agenda of Dubai. Furthermore, it has a mission to greatly enhance and accelerate Dubai’s economic growth. This mission can be fulfilled through policies and strategic plans.

The main objective of the DED is to make Dubai one of the main economic centers of the world. This objective is being met through six strategic pillars. Each pillar aims to establish infrastructure, technological elements, and regulations to encourage local/foreign investors. In this way, they seek that more people worldwide prefer to be directly involved in the Dubai economy.

There are six strategic pillars that this department has to achieve its future goals. The first pillar is economic development. The second pillar is the competitiveness that the economy must have. The third pillar is based on joy within the business community. The fourth pillar is linked to economic planning and forecasting.

Although the DED is in charge of supervising economic development in Dubai, it also has another job. In addition to this, it is in charge of providing any service related to the issuance, modification, and administration of business licenses within the country. Currently, DED can issue business licenses for 2,100 activities.

2. Which are the DED activities listed for 2022?

Currently, to create a company, you need a business license issued by the Dubai Economic Department. There are three types of DED licenses that each has different activities that they can carry out. Next, we are going to detail the business actions that can be carried out by following the Dubai Economic Department activity book.

2.1 Commercial license

Within the DED activity list 2022, for the commercial license, you find the following functions.

  • Everything related to the trade of aircraft, automobiles, boats, and ships. Spare parts are also included.
  • Art trade using animal skins.
  • Packaging products. For instance: bags, paper, and any other wrapping material.
  • Everything related to the finance, banking, and foreign exchange sector.
  • Beauty and care products for babies.
  • Communications and broadcasting sector.
  • Trading of materials for the area of ​​construction and maintenance of buildings.
  • Transport, shipping, and storage sector. For example, car rental.
  • Sales of chemical products.
  • Entertainment sector. For instance, cinema and theater.
  • Sales of cleaning products. For example, disinfectants and soap.
  • Everything related to consumer stores, including contracting and construction.
  • Some basic services. For instance, the sale of gas by household and electricity marketers.
  • Electronic Division.
  • Stores or refueling stations.
  • Sale and supply of some food products. For example, fish and animal feed.
  • Company mill business.
  • Everything related to plants and flowers.
  • Oil sector. Among them, are gasoline and other petroleum derivatives.
  • Sales of furniture and electrical appliances.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Activities for investors are also included.
  • Sales of jewelry and leather.
  • Livestock and poultry trade.
  • Rental of different equipment and machinery.
  • Trading of engineering and mechanical equipment.
  • Sale of pharmaceutical products.
  • Rental of electronic products and office furniture.
  • Everything related to the trade and rental of sports equipment.
  • Sale of tobacco and smoking articles.
  • Trading of heavy machinery and used products.
  • Multimedia sector. For instance, both video and audio recordings.

2.2 Industrial license

Continuing with the Dubai trade license activities, you will learn more about those that are allowed if you want to opt for the industrial license.

  • Manufacture of machines, devices, and various products.
  • Metallurgical industry. For instance, cast iron and steel.
  • Manufacture of charcoal.
  • Food processing industries.
  • Manufacture of fertilizers.
  • Manufacture of bread and carpets.
  • Construction stone and block industry.
  • Packaging and preservation of various foods.
  • Manufacture of glass and, in turn, of glassware and ceramics.
  • Production of metallic and protective materials.
  • Glass and lens repair industries.
  • Manufacture of aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, and their spare parts.
  • Industry of lighting equipment and batteries.
  • Production of cuts of precious stones and gold.
  • Manufacture of chemical products, raw materials, and petroleum products.
  • Production of medicines.
  • Industries of shoes, clothes, bags, and products made of leather and textiles.
  • Production of everything related to tobacco.
  • Wood industry and real estate.
  • Manufacture of paper, metal, and plastic appliances. As well as personal items. For instance, ovens and stoves.
  • Extraction of oil and coveted metals.
  • Plastic industry.
  • Production of tubes and wires.
  • Generation and transmission of some basic services. For example, electricity.
  • Steel industry.
  • Waste disposal.
  • Manufacturing and bottling of water.

2.3  Profesional license

Finally, in the Dubai Economic Department trade license activity list, you will see the trade activities of this license.

  • Agricultural sector and, in addition, that related to animal welfare.
  • Business and professional sector.
  • Associatios for business aviation.
  • Transfer and registration of automobiles.
  • Charities and charity.
  • Companies that provide cleaning and sewage services.
  • Everything related to upholstery and styling.
  • Companies that provide libraries to companies.
  • Companies dedicated to different consultancies and advisory services on various topics. Forinstance, engineering, water, gasoline, and more.
  • Marketing and information.
  • Information and marketing companies.
  • Companies dedicated to the storage and destruction of files.
  • Education sector.
  • Companies organizing events and exhibitions.
  • Finance consultants.
  • Medical sector, both for people and animals and laboratories.
  • Government liaison agency.
  • Tailor production.
  • Everything related to crafts, including exhibitions.
  • Insurance consultants.
  • Companies dedicated to the creation of keys and seals.
  • Hairdressers for children and ladies.
  • Legal assistance offices.
  • Agencies that provide employment.
  • Laundromats.
  • Repair of cars and motorcycles.
  • Schools to learn to drive cars and motorcycles.
  • Printing and publishing stores.
  • Cafeterias and restaurants.
  • Fun rooms.
  • Appliance repair stores.
  • Social work activities.
  • Translation and typing companies.
  • Sports and women’s clubs.

3. How to get a DED trade license?

If the activity you want to carry out is within the list of DED business license activities. You should be aware that you need to complete certain things before applying for the DED business license. Among what we must do beforehand are the following requirements:

3.1 You must decide whether to locate your company in a free zone or mainland Dubai

The first step you must follow is to choose where you want to locate the headquarters of your company. Before proceeding to apply for the DED license in Dubai, the owner must decide between two zones to locate his company. Here you will choose where you want to carry out the operations of the company, whether in mainland Dubai or a free trade zone.

3.2 You have to establish the legal form of the company

For the second step, you should think about the legal form of the company. This is a fundamental aspect since the legal form of the company will be determined if it will be a legal entity. The legal form that the company will adopt will depend on the type of business activity that it carries out. In addition, the number and nationality of its owners and what options the property has.

It should be noted that according to the DED website, the company will be able to choose between 16 different legal forms. Which are the following.

  • Single owner.
  • A sole proprietorship.
  • Civil corporation.
  • Limited liability company.
  • Private equity holding company.
  • Publicly traded corporation.
  • Limited liability company.
  • Company in society.
  • Branch of a foreign company.
  • Representative office.
  • Branch of a Dubai-based corporation and a branch of a UAE-based company.
  • Branch of a company headquartered in GCC and the branch of a company that is in a free zone.
  • The form of Inteliq (refers to home business for UAE citizens).
  • The SME permit.

3.3 Obtain the documents that are necessary for the DED license

Having already the legal form of the company, the next step is to prepare the documents to start the process. Below you can see what these documents are:

  • Certificate of authentic business name.
  • Initial approval certificate that is valid.
  • Memorandum of Association. This document only applies to limited liability companies, partnerships, and private corporations. There are also public limited companies, simply limited companies, and general partnerships.
  • Agreement with a local service agent. This will apply when a person from the UAE represents your company regarding compliance and licensing.
  • Approval from relevant government agencies. This applies to businesses of a certain type.

4. Some FAQs

If you have any questions about the Dubai DED activity list, this section will try to answer the most frequent ones.

4.1  How to renew a Dubai trade license?

The first step is to go to the Dubai Economic Department website and look for the option that says “renew license”. You will get a type of form requesting your license number and you click the renew button. The next step is to pay the rates that appear there. Once the payment is made and verified you will have finished the process and your license will be renewed.

4.2  How can you obtain your physical trade license in Dubai?

For this process, you must enter the DED page and log in. You press where it says “print license”. Then your DED trade license will be printed and you will have it physically. It is important to keep in mind that this is the fastest process to have this document in physical form.

4.3  How much does it cost to obtain a Dubai economy trade license?

The price of this document may vary and will depend on the commercial activity you wish to carry out. The estimated cost is between AED 15,000 and AED 50,000 plus additional costs involved in the process. These additional costs can also vary, and the estimated price is AED 620 minimum and AED 2000 maximum. Of course, everything will depend on the type of business and where you want to start it.

5. Contact EOR Middle East for more information on the subject

As you can see, it is very important to obtain a Dubai economy trade license to be able to start your company. Therefore, the first thing you should do is obtain a Dubai manufacturing license or some other that is consistent with your business activities. Generally, to go through this type of procedure, advice, and support from a company are needed. The best choice of a company that you can hire is EOR Middle East.

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