Outsource Your Complete Payroll Services – Benefits

To begin with, we must talk about the main objective of this type of payroll outsourcing in the UAE: if we let a professional take care of this management, we can free ourselves from a great load of stress, especially when we want to direct all our efforts to other company projects. Payroll tasks will not consume our time at work.

In this article, we will explain the benefits of outsourcing your payroll. Likewise, we will be perfecting compliance with labor legislation. However, this is not all; we also have other specific advantages when contracting this type of service. Outsourcing is the perfect opportunity to focus the tasks of our staff according to the business objectives, without having to burden them with administrative work. Let us observe:

  1. Main benefits of payroll outsourcing in the UAE
  2. Is your company prepared for external payroll management?
  3. How to choose a good consultancy to outsource your payroll?
  4. Advantages of payroll outsourcing in the UAE
  5. How can we help you obtain more information about payroll services?

1. Main benefits of payroll outsourcing in the UAE

1.1 We will reduce costs

One of the first benefits that we will perceive will be the reduction of costs, especially in software and specialized programs. As well as other resources necessary for the implementation of good payroll management.

1.2 We will have flexible services

Most companies of this type also specialize in other areas of advice and consulting. Therefore, not only will we enjoy the services we offer in labor matters, but we will also be accessing different services such as legal, fiscal, accountant, etc. Flexibility is a very positive aspect of having comprehensive management; without forgetting to mention that they can adapt to our objectives and needs.

1.3 We will access a personalized advice

On EOR Middle East we make sure to study and analyze our clients before offering them a proposal tailored to their needs. This is ideal since in this way more appropriate resources are used for the size of the company, the number of employees, and the budget they have. We will also guarantee a secure follow-up of sick leaves.

1.4 We have real experts

To make something go well, the right person has to do it. Consequently, we must guarantee the best results, and we can only do that if we have professionals and experts who have enough years of experience in this sector.

1.5 We will minimize the risks

An external company uses state-of-the-art security and data recovery systems, something that we will hardly have access to if we do not have the available capital. In this way, we will reduce the risks of losing information or even having problems with the Organic Law on Data Protection.

2. Is your company prepared for external payroll management?

Both entrepreneurs and businessmen from any sector can take advantage of the opportunity to hire a professional employment organization, but we believe that it may be necessary to establish some guidelines to understand which are the businesses that most urgently need this service.

Needless to say, you do not have to go into a labor crisis within the business to understand that outside help is needed. Even the most organized businesses in human resources can also opt for this option, especially when they want to reduce costs in the department. Other compelling reasons to resort to these services are the following.

  • It is ideal when you have a small business. Since it can be difficult to put together a well-trained management team at a low cost.
  • Maybe you do have a good management team, but want them to focus on other strategies and meet other corporate goals.
  • When you need to have a data protection and recovery system with the best technology, but do not have the investment to obtain it.
  • If you do not have the necessary knowledge about current legislation, nor are you trained to understand its interpretation, without forgetting to mention that you must prepare the work environment of our activity for legal scenarios in the future.

3. How to choose a good consultancy to outsource your payroll?

Payroll outsourcing in the UAE

In our long experience as an employer of record organization, we have realized one thing that all our clients have in common. Which is their concern to optimize their resources correctly. It is perfectly understandable since no entrepreneur wants to lose capital on a bad investment or realize that their efforts are not generating profits.

To begin with, we must look for a company that previously carries out an analysis of your business to determine what its current situation is. Then, you must work together to define some objectives and strengthen those aspects that need a bit of polishing. Below, we list some of the services offered by this type of company:

  • Network system access.
  • Programming and structuring of payroll management strategies.
  • Information and advice on the workers’ agreement and statute
  • Sending social security files and deferrals.
  • Issuance of income certificates.
  • Processing of maternity leave.
  • Realization and sending of employment contracts.
  • Issuance of company certificates.
  • Management of variations, high or low of employees.

4. Advantages of payroll outsourcing in the UAE

4.1 There will be no errors in payroll management

Naturally, a payroll outsourcing and HR management service’s main objective is to ensure that all tasks are carried out correctly, almost eliminating the margin of error in the results. This is possible thanks to the computer system that is implemented to develop the payroll outsourcing in the UAE services, which operates under pre-established guidelines that will always carry out the calculations and other activities effectively.

4.2 Fewer human errors

By having a specialized system for payroll outsourcing in the UAE, many of the tasks will be carried out automatically, greatly reducing the risk of staff making mistakes due to lack of time or workload. In part, a payroll outsourcing company works as great support so that all operations can be carried out in a better way and excellent results can be obtained.

4.3 Allow to reduce management times

Many of the tasks that must be carried out in payroll outsourcing companies require calculations and operations where the results must be exact. When they are done manually or even with Excel databases, it is necessary to spend time verifying that everything is in order.

These processes can take longer than expected, causing other tasks to be completed quickly, making room for errors and mistakes. With a system that manages all these processes, this will be a thing of the past and everything will be executed in an automated manner. Also, without setbacks and errors.

4.4 More security for your company information

Protecting accounting data is a priority in every company, since it is part of the security protocols. However, it is sometimes complex to guarantee it when there is no appropriate support. With payroll outsourcing services, this will no longer be a concern. Since the software that is in this matter has advanced technology elements that provide a high level of protection.

4.5 Reduce costs

Reprocessing due to failures, as well as setbacks in results, often translates into losses that the company must assume. Nonetheless, by having support in the management of processes where technological tools exist, these errors are less. Therefore, also unforeseen expenses.

In addition, the budget due to payroll outsourcing in the UAE will always be the same, that is, no extra expenses will arise when new responsibilities or changes that had not been in plans before must be clear.

4.6 Productivity, schedules, and labor costs

Even if there are some disadvantages of having a payroll outsourcer, hiring an external company allows you to increase productivity margins at no added cost.

In other words, an employee who has his job thanks to others is on his own to the compensation correspond to the overtime hours that they develop in their work. While with an external company you can establish a permanent price for it; regardless of the amount of time they dedicate to it.

Another example of savings is the elimination of the cost of sick leave and maternity leave. Also, other justifications or exceptions corresponding to the rights of workers. We will also avoid aspects such as taxes; also the payment or enjoyment of vacation periods that do not depend on your company.

4.7 Fewer administrative ties

Companies that resort to outsourcing services have fewer administrative ties. Since this section depends entirely on the other company. For tax purposes, the expenses accrued from contracting a service to a company or freelancer are deductible.

This means that the amount paid to the company for its services becomes a deductible invoice. The company or freelancer must invoice for the services provided and manage their activity. While an employee depends on the company’s processing regarding registration with social security and the payment of the corresponding contributions.

4.8 Focus on your core process

This is the biggest benefit of payroll outsourcing in the UAE. It is more efficient to spend your time doing what you are good at.

There are many tasks in your company that do not match your skills and knowledge. Maybe you are not very good at managing your finances, offering customer service, or filling out all that HR paperwork. Every minute you work on tasks outside of your skillset is inefficient time.

Most entrepreneurs have great talents, but they often think they can do it all. However, this way of acting can stop the growth of the business. By having a team that does your payroll outsourcing in Dubai, the business owner has more time to focus on generating revenue. You will save money, avoid stress, and spend your energy working on the things you love.

4.9 Thanks to outsourcing you generate a variable expense

When you outsource your payroll in Dubai, you turn a fixed cost (a full-time salary) into a variable cost (a pay-for-what-you-need service). This frees up your cash flow to invest in other parts of your business.

You could channel that cash to improve your products or execute marketing strategies. This is especially useful in the early stages of new projects. Such as launching a new product or reaching a new market.

If you have investors, they will be happy to see plenty of room in your cash flow to invest in income-generating activities. A company that has no pressure with cumbersome fixed costs, is flexible and adapts quickly to new ideas or market conditions.

In addition, payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai free you from having to invest in technology or custom infrastructure. Not having to make these savings makes it much easier for minor corporations to contend. Outsourcing your payroll can certainly help your business.

4.10 Controlled risk with the outsourcing of services

Employee turnover is painful. When someone quits, all the money you spent on hiring and training goes with them. This can disrupt your operations and cause costly problems.

Payroll outsourcing companies create a level of consistency in your business. If your HR manager leaves the company at a critical time, you will have to scramble to fill the position (possibly hiring the first acceptable applicant, even if they were not great), do the job yourself, or simply do without.

Nevertheless, if you outsource that function, your operations would continue smoothly without interruption or risk. You can rely on job completion and expenses will remain intact.

5. How can we help you obtain more information about payroll services?

EOR Middle East is willing to accommodate your company’s personnel requirements. We can provide any type of employee with the qualifications your organization requires. As a result, you can use our EOR services to hire remote workers or any other type of worker.

Similarly, if you wish to grow your firm into other markets, you can request our HR management services in any of our other Middle Eastern locations.

Do you want our firm to provide you with the personnel you require? If you answered yes, please contact us by email at [email protected]. Or get in touch with us by calling at +971 43 316 688. Any request or doubt you may have will have its answer with prompt attention by our personnel.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a role in a company, you can submit your CV via thetalentpoint.com if you wish to find that perfect job position. We will then identify a work opportunity that matches your profile and requirements. In turn, you can also send us your resume at [email protected].

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