How to Check the Emirates ID Fine?

It is normal that when you move to other countries you do not know their laws in their entirety. If you are a foreigner living in the UAE, it is usual for the fines issued by the police or some other entity in charge, to load the fines on your identification. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself how to check the emirates ID fine. Thus, you can proceed to make the payment and delete them, thus avoiding any future problems thanks to emirates ID fine check.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need to know about the emirates ID fine check. The first thing will be to define what these penalties are and the types that exist. The second thing will be to see how you can perform the emirates ID check. Then we will show you how to pay for them and eliminate them online or in person. Specifically, we will discuss.

  1. What are the Emirates ID fines?
  2. Types of fines that exist in the UAE
  3. How to check fines on emirates ID?
  4. How can you pay these penalizations?
  5. Procedure to eliminate penalties
  6. Contact EORMiddleast and we will help you with this subject

1. What are the Emirates ID fines?

The Emirates ID is that national identity card. It is issued by the UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. All nationals and those residents of the country must have this card. Having this card brings benefits when verifying your identity and with the requests, you want to make regarding public services.

Despite the benefits this card may provide you, it may have certain repercussions. It is common for people to get expensive fines for emirates ID. An example of this is the falsification of the emirate’s identification. This is a punishable offense and carries heavy fines. It is important to keep your identification to avoid these problems.

As with counterfeits, penalties apply if the emirates ID is not renewed within the stipulated time without justification. In addition, those foreign citizens residing in the UAE can be penalized for any illegality with this card. Foreign residents must take into account the sanctions that any irregularity with their card can generate.

Violations of the rules and also other sanctions will have different costs. This will be due to the type of infraction that the person has breached. This can be very confusing for the person if they do not have full knowledge of an emirates ID. For this reason, it is important to read this article and learn more about these problems and how to avoid them.

2. Types of fines that exist in the UAE

Knowing what fines one can suffer is important when avoiding them. For this reason, below we will present the types of fines that you can find in the UAE:

  • Fine for covid-19 violations.
  • Fine for violation of Jay walking.
  • Some other violations individually.
  • Fine for late Emirates ID registration.

If the person is in the process of renewing their identification and has been issued a ticket before the expiration of their identification; You should know that you can request that your outstanding fines be removed. All this before ICA UAE issues you the new requested identification card.

3. How to do the emirates ID fine check?

Regardless of the type of fine, you have acquired, the procedure to check them is the same. Next, you will see all the steps to follow if you want to emirates ID fine check.

3.1 Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to the Abu Dhabi Police Department website. There, they will give you all the information about the Abu Dhabi emirates ID fine. On the other hand, there is the possibility of being able to carry out this consultation online. You only have to download an app on your Smartphone from the Abu Dhabi Police Department.

3.2 Step 2

Once you are on the Abu Dhabi Police department page or app; different options related to verifying your emirates ID status fine will appear. Which are

  • Request a specific transit number
  • Use the EID to view penalties (this is for individual fines)
  • Request the plate of the car in question
  • Use the individual’s driver’s license number

3.3 Step 3

Being clear about the option that you are going to choose and also, having at hand the documentation that they request; you just have to click on the one that best suits you. After this, they will ask you for the emirates ID number. If you do not know it, you can find it in your passport. This step will be finished after you complete the captcha that appears on the screen. Generally, you must put letters and numbers where indicated.

3.4 Step 4

Finally, after having completed the previous steps, select the button that says “send”. Subsequently, you will see some simplified data about your fine on emirates ID, including

  • Date and year of expiration
  • Fine number and quantity
  • Sources

If you have not acquired fines at the time you do the checking fine on emirates ID, you will get the following dimension: “You do not have any penalty following the requirements of your query”

3.5 How to check fines in emirates ID fines offline?

It always happens that there are people who are not very adept at technology, therefore, there is the possibility of being able to emirates id fine check purposes without the need for the internet. The first thing will be to go to one of the available offices of the Emirates Identity Authority in Sharjah. Also, before you go you must have some personal information at hand. For instance, EID number, date of issuance of the fine, and total to be paid.

Once you provide the information that is requested, you must complete the form that will be delivered to you. There is a section in this document that is specifically for you to be able to tell if you think the ticket was a mistake. After you have completed the form, you can make the payment of the fine. The process will be ready when they give you a payment receipt.

4. How can you pay these penalizations?

Paying the fines through the emirates ID is not the only possible option. The government in the UAE has been working to implement different methods of paying penalties that are accessible. These can be both online and by going to an authorized entity. Next, you will see in detail the opportunities that exist for you to pay these penalties.

4.1 TAMM

There is a website called TAMM where you can pay all your fines. This is provided by the Abu Dhabi Police Department. The first thing they will ask you for is your UAE PASS or your SmartPass and that is how you can log in. Generally, they ask you for some personal information such as EID number, license plate number, and other related things. From here you can also perform an emirates ID covid fine checking online.

4.2 Self-service premises

If you are one of the people who do not like to use the internet, you can go to the Smart Teller Kiosk; better known as SAHL. In them, you can both do the UAE ID fine check and pay all the penalties at the same time. The only document they ask for is your ID. An additional benefit that these sites offer is that you can renew your driver’s license.

4.3 Car doors in the Emirates

In the UAE there is the so-called Emirates Vehicle Gate or EVG, which is dedicated to providing services to those who own cars. They are allowed to carry out the ID card fine check and, in turn, pay the penalties that appear. In addition, you can review all the data related to your vehicle. For instance, your insurance and your registration.

4.4 Abu Dhabi Police Department website

This is another method that allows you to pay and review your penalties online. The first thing you should do is enter this web page and register using your EID number. They will send you a key that will only have one use. With it, you can create a username and a fixed password of your choice. Once you have completed the registration, you will be able to make your emirates ID fine inquiry.


MOI UAE or the Ministry of the Interior of the United Arab Emirates, allows you to pay your fines online. The most important thing you must do is register and create an account on this website. You can also use the UAE PASS app on any smartphone. After this, it will be very easy to make the UAE fine check the emirates ID.

5. Procedure to eliminate penalties

Once all the fines have been paid, some of them can be eliminated. This is done through the internet very quickly and easily. Next, you will see a step-by-step guide, to be able to eliminate the fines that allow you.

5.1 Enter the ICA portal

The entity in charge of carrying out the process of eliminating fines is the ICA. Therefore, the first step is that you must enter the ICA website. You are also given the option of downloading the application called ICA UAE on your cell phone.

5.2 Log in

Once you are on the ICA website or app, you must log in. You do this by placing your username and password in the indicated field. After you are in your account, you must click on the section that says “Public services of your account”.

5.3 Make the request

When you are in the “public services of your account” section, a menu with several options will appear. There you must click on where it says “request for exemption of late charges”. It is important that at this point you have ready some documents that will be requested. For instance, license plate number and EID number.

5.4 Send the request

Once you are in the “request for exemption of late charges” section, what remains is to follow the instructions that appear on the screen. They will show you a form that you must fill out and do everything as indicated. In addition, there are documents that they will ask you for; you must scan them and place them at the time they tell you.

5.5 Wait for application approval

It is important that you know that not all requests are approved because not all cases are eligible to revoke of the fine. If it is clear in your case that the waiver of the fine should be granted; The authority will proceed to revoke the penalty from your Emirates ID.

6. Contact EORMiddleast and we will help you with this subject

As you can see, the Emirates ID is one of the most important documents in this country. This is because it allows you to perform various actions that are basic within the UAE. For instance, renting a home, and getting a job, among others. Therefore, it is important that you correctly obtain this document. For this, we offer you our services at EOR Middle East.

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