Ministry of Labour UAE Everything You Need To Know About

In the United Arab Emirates, there is an organization that is the Ministry of Labor (MOL UAE) whose responsibility is to be the governing body of labor relations and everything that derives from them. In this sense, it can grant work permits to foreigners and generally enforce the Labor Law.

In this article, we will explain the functions of MOL UAE and how to use it for your benefit.

What do you know About MOL UAE is?


In general terms, MOL UAE is an organization that monitors compliance with labor standards in the country for which it has these functions

Issue employment contracts:

The employer must submit the labor contract to MOL UAE for approval and to apply for a work permit. That is, both MOL UAE and the employer must agree on the terms and conditions of the employment contract in order to verify that it complies with current labor regulations.

Likewise, anyone who aspires to work in a company in UAE must agree to these terms and conditions. That is why the employment contract must be written in English and in his native language so that there is no doubt about the labor obligations to which the worker will commit.

Grant the labor card:

MOL UAE, after verifying and approving the employment application from the employer, grants the employee a labor card, which allows him or her to legally work in the company.

Approve work permits:

Another function of the UAE Ministry of Labor is to approve and issue any work permit to a foreigner who wishes to work in the country.

In this sense, if an employee works without the corresponding work permit, strong legal sanctions will apply not only to the employer but also to the employee. This is why it is recommended that both the employer and the employee take great care of this permit in case of a possible inspection carried out by MOL UAE.

Renewal of employment documents:

The duration of both the work permit and the work card depend on the duration of the employment contract. So once their validity ends, the employer must renew these employment documents.

Likewise, you must be very careful not to confuse the function of the Immigration Department, which is to renew employment visas. This should not be confused with the role that MOL UAE has in the renewal of work permits and work cards.

Establish work prohibitions for foreign workers:

As long as both the employer and the employee agree, both can terminate an existing employment contract. However, if a foreign worker unilaterally terminates an employment contract, may be subject to a labor ban.

This is one of the cases in which an employer can request MOL UAE to impose a work ban on the foreign worker. For example, MOL UAE can also impose a work ban if the employer demonstrates that its employee does not satisfactorily fulfill his or her work obligations.

Resolve labor disputes:

One of the main functions of MOL UAE is to resolve labor disputes. In this sense, having an organization of this type is very beneficial, since going to a labor court could be expensive and complex. There is no doubt that going to the UAE Ministry of Labor is the fastest and easiest way to access justice in labor matters, always using conciliation mechanisms for the benefit of the parties.

How Ministry of Labour can help you with its trademarks?

This is closely related to the functions of the MOL UAE. Accordingly, these are some of the ways in which the MOL UAE can help trademarks.

  • Labor legislation:

The UAE Ministry of Labor establishes and supervises labor legislation in the country. This includes employment laws, workers’ rights, employment contracts, working hours, minimum wages, and other aspects. By ensuring a strong legal framework, this Ministry can provide stability and protection to companies’ brands, fostering a fair and equitable work environment.

  • Mediation and resolution of labor disputes:

In case of labor disputes between employers and employees, the Ministry of Labor can intervene as a mediator. In this sense, its role is to help resolve differences and seek fair solutions for both parties. This can be beneficial for brands by making it easier to resolve labor disputes and maintain a harmonious working relationship.

  • Regulatory compliance:

This body carries out regular inspections and audits to ensure companies’ compliance with labor regulations. This includes verifying compliance with occupational health and safety standards, payment of fair wages, compliance with work hours, and other employment-related aspects. That is why by promoting labor compliance, this Ministry helps protect the rights of workers and maintain a positive reputation for company brands.

Online services and inquiries you can carry out at the MOL UAE

The website provides a MOL number UAE of online services and consultations for both employers and employees.

  • Labor information:

The Ministry of Labor website provides detailed information on labor laws and regulations in the UAE. This includes information on employment rights and obligations, employment contracts, work hours, wages, occupational licenses, occupational health and safety regulations, and more.

  • Inquiries and advice:

This website provides options to make inquiries and obtain advice online. This includes the Ministry of Labor contact number so employers and employees can establish communication with specific questions about employment issues.

  • Online Services for Employers:

This website provides online services for employers, such as issuing work permits, renewing work permits, registering employment contracts, and filing employment reports. Likewise, these services can facilitate administrative procedures and streamline the processes for hiring a new foreign employee.

  • Online Services for Employees:

Employees have access to online services that allow them to verify their employment status, file complaints or reports related to their employment rights, request leave from work, and access information about their benefits and rights.

What are the responsibilities of the MOL UAE?


The Ministry of Labor in UAE has several functions. Now, below we will present your main responsibilities:

  • Comply with and comply with the Federal Labor Law:

As the governing body and supervisor of labor relations in the country, the Ministry of Labor in the UAE has the responsibility of ensuring full compliance with the Federal Labor Law.

  • Ensure compliance with various labor regulations:

The labor legislation of the United Arab Emirates is not only composed of the Federal Labor Law. There are other types of regulations related to labor law that MOL UAE must also monitor.

  • Manage the labor market:

UAE is a country where the majority of its inhabitants are foreigners. On the other hand, taking into account that MOL UAE is the body that approves or rejects the necessary documentation so that foreign employees can work legally in the country, it turns out that as a consequence, MOL UAE indirectly distributes the labor market figures in the country.

  • Analyze, propose, and establish labor policies to improve the labor market:

The UAE Ministry of Labor is the governing body in labor matters. Consequently, its responsibilities include planning, proposing, and establishing policies that it considers relevant and necessary for the development of the UAE labor market.

  • Increase labor productivity and generate incentives and facilities to increase sources of work:

There is no doubt that one of the main responsibilities of the governing body in matters of labor law in the UAE is to create the best conditions for this market to be as productive as possible and for the best talents from around the world to wish to provide their services to companies in this country.

Importance of MOL UAE in the Country

The Ministry of Labor of the United Arab Emirates plays a crucial role in protecting and promoting labor rights, as well as regulating and supervising labor relations in the country. Here are some of the reasons why the Ministry of Labor is important in the UAE:

  • Protection of labor rights:

The Ministry of Labor establishes and enforces labor laws in the UAE. This includes employment laws, workers’ rights, employment contracts, wages, working hours, working conditions, occupational health and safety, among other aspects. By ensuring compliance with these laws, the Ministry protects the rights and dignity of workers in the UAE.

  • Promotion of a fair and equitable work environment:

This body promotes a fair and equitable work environment by establishing the rules and regulations that govern labor relations. In this sense, it guarantees equal treatment, non-discrimination, equal opportunities, and the prohibition of child labor. Additionally, this Ministry helps resolve labor disputes and acts as a mediator between workers and employees to seek fair solutions.

  • Regulation of working conditions:

MOL UAE is responsible for establishing and enforcing regulations related to working conditions, such as working hours, rest periods, vacations, and job security. Through inspections and audits, it verifies companies’ compliance with these regulations to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

  • Facilitation of recruitment and labor immigration:

The Ministry of Labor plays an important role in the process of hiring and issuing employment visas for foreign employees. Likewise, it establishes the requirements and procedures for the hiring of foreign workers and guarantees compliance with labor and immigration regulations. This contributes to the economic development of the country by facilitating the hiring of qualified labor and supporting the growth of companies.

Steps to follow in filing a complaint at the MOL UAE

These are the steps to follow to file a complaint with the MOL UAE.

Collection of important information and documentation:

Before filing a complaint, the complainant must gather all relevant information and documentation related to the employment problem. This may include employment contracts, pay stubs, timesheets, relevant correspondence, or communications, among other documents that support the claim.

Contact the Ministry of Labor:

There are different ways to contact MOL UAE.

UAE Labour contact number:

  • Call Center:
  • International Call Center: 00971-68027666.
  • Ministry of Labor of Dubai (MOL DUBAI) contact number: +971-4-2691666

Web Page:

In this way, the complainant will be able to have more information about the process of filing complaints and obtain guidance on the steps to follow. Similarly, the complainant can contact them through the labor contact number provided on their official website or personally visit their offices for assistance.

Fill out forms:

The complainant must complete complaint forms from the Ministry of Labor. These forms will collect relevant information about the specific labor problem. Additionally, the complainant must provide precise details about the dispute, including names of the parties, dates, and description of the facts.

Presentation of the complaint:

Once the forms required by the Ministry of Labor have been completed, the complainant may formally file the complaint. It is always important in these cases to have professional legal advice so that the complaint follows a proper course.

Case follow-up:

Once the complaint is formally filed, the Ministry of Labor will investigate the facts and carry out the actions it deems appropriate. In this sense, you can conduct interviews, request more information or evidence, and mediate between the parties. The complainant must maintain constant communication with the Ministry to obtain updates on the status of the case.

How does Mohre assistance solve employer issue?

The Ministry of Labor of the United Arab Emirates is responsible for resolving problems and disputes between workers and employees in the workplace. When an employer faces a problem, they can turn to the Ministry of Labor to seek a solution.

To do this, you can use mechanisms such as mediation, providing an impartial environment to facilitate communication between the parties. This is very attractive since it avoids judicial procedures that are normally very costly and exhausting.

Likewise, the Ministry of Labor provides advice and guidance on compliance with labor laws and best practices. Also, they offer information on the implementation of labor policies, employment contracts, calculation of salaries, work hours, and occupational health and safety requirements, among others.

How to Contact the MOL UAE easily?

To easily contact the Ministry of Labor of the United Arab Emirates, follow these steps:

Visit their official website.

Find the contact section: Scan the website for the contact section. This section will provide information such as labor number UAE, email addresses, and online contact forms.

Likewise, anyone who wishes can personally attend the MOL UAE offices at the addresses that appear on their website.

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