How to Check Emirates ID Status?

When you are in the UAE you need an ID, better known as an ID card. It is important to highlight how relevant this document is for the country. There is a law that requires everyone who lives in the nation to have their identification. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you know how to check your emirates ID status. Thus, you know when you can access the document.

In this article, you will see all the information you need about this document. The first thing will be to show you how you can obtain this identification. The second thing will be that you see how to check emirates ID status. In addition, you will also see a step-by-step guide on how to request and what is the procedure to acquire the renewal. In particular, we will discuss.

  1. What is Emirates ID?
  2. How to request this document?
  3. How to check Emirates ID status?
  4. Step-by-step guide to complete the card renewal process
  5. Enter EOR Middle East for any document legal advice

1. What is Emirates ID?

Around the world, there are different ways to identify its inhabitants in a unique way among all those who have an identification. For Dubai, you can find that the way to identify its inhabitants is an identity card. If the person wants to find out if they have one, they can look at their Emirates ID status to get the necessary information.

This emirates identity card is used in Dubai. The Emirates ID can only be used in Dubai territory, but you can find out how you can use it. This document is unique and is the way to identify yourself if you are inside the country or outside it in particular situations. The person must always take into account the status of this identification.

The card is delivered by the federal authority to the different people who live or work in the country. It is of the utmost importance to those people who pay taxes and to all employees within the nation. We may find that this card contains the personal information of the person who is the cardholder. It is important to always carry your Emirates ID when traveling around the country.

If a person wishes to live or work within the UAE, they must have this emirates identification. Citizens and residents must have this card, otherwise, they will not be able to live or work in the country. Thanks to the importance of this card for the legal permanence of people in the country, you should always verify its status.

2. How to request this document?

Before talking about the process of obtaining the emirates ID card, you should know who is eligible to opt for it. All people living in the UAE must acquire identification. The obtaining process can be done online, from the ICA (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) website. Next, you will see in detail what are the steps to request the ID card online.

2.1 Document delivery

As you already know, these processes always need some documents to start. In this case, the roles vary depending on whether you are a citizen or a foreigner. The first thing will be to talk about the citizens. There are not many documents that must be delivered.

  • Original passport
  • Your family’s book in the UAE
  • A social security certificate
  • If they are elderly or with a particular disability, a medical certificate must be provided
  • All children under 15 years of age must submit their birth certificate

People who are foreigners have to submit fewer documents compared to citizens. These are

  • The original passport
  • Original resident visa
  • As with citizens, children under 15 years of age must submit their birth certificate.

2.2 Step 2

After having the documents organized, you can start with the application. The first thing you should do is enter the ICA website. Just put it in Google or any search engine The website will appear automatically.

2.3 Step 3

The next thing to do is fill out the form for new registrations that appears on the website. You should know that they will ask you for some personal information. For instance, full name, job, age, and more. You must place them in the empty fields until you fill out the form.

2.4  Step 4

This is already the last step. Once you have completed the form, you will be asked to pay the fees. The rates vary depending on whether you are a citizen or a foreigner and the duration.

  • For citizens of the UAE or GCC applying for a card with a duration of 5 years, the cost is AED 100.
  • If you are a citizen of the UAE or GCC and apply for the emirate ID with a duration of 10 years, you must pay AED 200.
  • For foreigners, must pay this fee every year and it costs AED 100. Also, you should know that the validity of the ID for ex-pats will depend on the duration of the visa.
  • Depending on where you carry out the process, there are additional fees. If it is from the ICA website there is a cost of AED 40. But if you do it from a typing center, you must pay AED 70. Both citizens and foreigners.

After making the corresponding payment, you will receive an SMS with the serial number of the request you made. In addition, they will give you the service center to which you must go to be able to give your biometric data and to have some medical examinations done. The emirates ID card status will be given to you via SMS.

3. How to check Emirates ID status?

If you want to know the emirates ID application status, there are two possibilities. The first is through the ICA website. The second is through a voice call. With either method, you can check the status of the application, the status of the validation, or the status of the renewal. Next, you will see the steps to be able to check the status of your emirates ID.

3.1 emirates ID status

If you wonder how can I check my emirates ID status online, the answer is using this website. At first, it will look very similar to when you made the request. The steps to start the process must comply with the following indications.

3.1.1 Step 1

The first step is still to enter the ICA website. It will ask you the language in which you want to navigate the page. It can be in English or Arabic, you choose the one you prefer and start using the portal.

3.1.2 Step 2

Being on the page you will see the main menu with multiple options. You are going to select the option that says to check the status of the emirates ID. You will find it in the upper right part of the website.

3.1.3 Step 3

Once you have clicked on the option, you will be asked for the serial number of your application. If you did the process from this same web page, this number was sent to you via SMS. This number is also called PRAN. If by chance you do not remember where your PRAN is, you can look for your application form and it will be there. You can read it at the top center.

3.1.4 Step 4

After placing the PRAN where requested, an option will appear that says verify. You are going to click on and you will automatically be able to see your ICA emirates ID status.

3.2 How to check emirates ID status using a voice call?

If you are not a very tech-savvy person and if it makes it easy for you to make phone calls, the possibility is given that you can check your emirates ID status by calling. Next, you will see the steps to follow to be able to use this alternative.

3.2.1 Step 1

The first thing you should do is call the number 600-5300-03 from any telephone or cell phone. When answering you will go through a verification process. What they are going to ask you for is the PRAN that you must have on hand and specify what you want them to tell you about the status of your application. They may also ask for your passport number.

3.2.2 Step 2

They will make you wait a few seconds, which is when the operator will look for everything related to your request. When the operator arrives, they will give you all the details regarding your request. If they tell you that your request is already valid, take advantage of asking when your card expires and other questions you have about it. Also, you can do the same if you applied for a renewal.

4. Step-by-step guide to complete the card renewal process

To start this process, you first need to obtain a visa in the Emirates. In addition, you will need to go through various medical exams before you can start applying for your residency renewal. For you to do this, you must take the test for covid-19, which is necessary for you to have it to continue with the process.

The form can be found at any computer center in Dubai. You can also get this information at ICA centers. However, if you cannot get information on these sites, you can go to the ICA website. Here you can get all the forms related to the identification cards you need. It is important that you check the status of your Emirates ID. It is important to mention that once you finish this process, you should be aware of the emirates ID renewal status.

If this card expires, you must renew it. For this process, the Emirates Identity Authority will provide you with different options to choose from. Different options can help you if one does not work. Next, we will see what the names of these options are, but first the renewal service fees:

  • AED 100: There is a fee to issue a card that is valid for 5 years.
  • AED 200: There is a fee to issue a card that is valid for 10 years.
  • AED 40: There is a service fee.
  • AED 150: There is a fee for emergency service.
  • 30 AED: there is a fee for the typing office.

4.1 Customer Happiness Centers

They issue the cards for 290 AED (100 + 40 + 150). These are the fees to issue a card that is valid for 5 years. Also, there is another fee of AED 390 (200 + 40 + 150) to issue the card for 10 years.

4.2 Through the intelligent application or the electronic form system

Here you will find this card for 140 AED (100 + 40) and requires fees for the issuance of the card valid for 5 years. In addition, for AED 240 (200 + 40) you will look at another option that requires fees for the issuance of a card valid for 10 years.

4.3 By printing offices

For AED 170 (100 + 40 + 30) there is a fee for issuing a card that is valid for 5 years. It has a separate fee for issuing a card valid for 10 years, which is 270 AED (200 + 40 + 30).

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