Key benefits of outsourcing payroll in Dubai

This global outsourcing trend has been on the rise over time throughout the development of the world economy. The drive for greater efficiency and cost reduction is the main reason for many organizations to focus more and more on a limited number of key areas. The use of outsourcing in areas as demanding as payroll is in vogue to achieve improvements in the performance across the enterprise.

In this article, you will learn about those key benefits for a company that outsources its payroll tasks. Payroll outsourcing in Dubai is a great business strategy to help a company focus on its productive activities. Many businesses, regardless of their size, know the benefits of this strategy and use it to grow and expand. Let us discuss:

  1. What is payroll?
  2. What is payroll outsourcing?
  3. Reasons for companies to outsource payroll.
  4. What are the advantages of outsourcing payroll?
  5. Conclusions
  6. How can we help your company to outsource its payroll?

1. What is payroll?

Payroll is the sum of the financial records of employee wages, including bonuses and deductions. In this way, we can say that payroll consists of the workers’ data and the salary they receive.

In other words, payroll is a record. That is to say, the company must keep a correlative of the payments to the employees. This record of payments has favorable legal effects to the company. This is because these documents show that the workers were paid correctly.

Likewise, the legal importance of these records does not only lie in whether a worker claims the non-payment of their salary. It is also important for the government authorities that ensure the current labor regulations of the country are being complied with.

2. What is payroll outsourcing?

Among the different business tools companies choose to implement, payroll outsourcing in the UAE is a common option for organizations. An employer manages to transfer non-core activities of the company with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness. They achieve this by focusing on the essential tasks that must be carried out to improve quality and competitiveness.

Payroll outsourcing is a business strategy that consists of delegating everything related to the payment of workers and their derived activities to a third party. It is worth mentioning that payroll is one of the most complex activities to manage in a company.

It is important that the payroll outsourcing company is a specialist agency with a track record in the market. Whoever carries out this process must have the experience and sufficient level to avoid unnecessary fines for your company.

Undoubtedly, offloading the organization from this hard work will allow it to focus on productive activities that generate revenue. The payroll outsourcing process as a management tool is a powerful instrument to channel the activities of a company towards the achievement of its strategic goals.

3. Reasons for companies to outsource payroll

This practice is an alternative for those entrepreneurs who do not want their company’s management to spend time on activities that are not profitable for them. Payroll is a process that requires precision, as an error can cost the company a sanction. There is a possibility that an error, for example, in the deduction of taxes in payroll, can end in a penalty for the company.

For companies that do not have enough capacity in their HR department to manage payroll, the most advisable thing is to hire an expert agency to take care of this process. In this way, your HR department can focus on overcoming common challenges for the company, or taking more appropriate care of the recruitment and selection of the best talent available in the market.

Outsourcing payroll means that the contracting company will have experts who will successfully manage these activities. Without a doubt, these experts will also pay attention to key aspects to grow the business. On the other hand, it is a resource optimization tool that allows cost reduction, service quality improvement, and process simplification, among others.

A company’s management can analyze environmental factors to propose strategies to improve productivity and competitiveness. It is a responsibility to optimize resources such as time, money, processes, and human talent to achieve better profitability.

4. What are the advantages of outsourcing payroll?

It is important to note that when the HR management conducts payroll outsourcing analysis from the economic point of view, the decision to hand over this area to a supplier goes much further than identifying the cost to the company. There are other aspects such as quality, reliability of the information, customer service, and more. 

Outsourcing should improve both operational and financial performance. A well-implemented payroll outsourcing strategy can be a driver of business transformation.

In this way, and without a doubt, outsourcing payroll has many advantages. Some of the most relevant ones are:

4.1 Allows the company to focus on the core business

There is no doubt that this is the main advantage that companies seek when they outsource payroll. This will allow the company not to waste time on administrative tasks. In this way, small and medium-sized company owners looking to focus their limited resources on what they were intended for are great candidates for a payroll outsourcing strategy.

Generally, a company should not carry out any chain activities of value internally if there are other companies that perform it more efficiently or effectively. The main exception occurs when a particular activity is strategically crucial and internal control is essential.

4.2 Cost reduction

Usually, it is larger companies that can afford to have payroll experts in their company, as it can be highly expensive. However, many businesses of all sizes choose to outsource payroll services. Forming an efficient team to manage this process is far more expensive than hiring a third party agency to carry out this task.

4.3 Access to the latest technologies without investing more capital

Managing payroll manually is an obsolete practice today. That is why payroll outsourcing companies constantly update their technologies to adapt them to new necessities, in addition to legislative changes. This represents a great advantage for the contracting company, as it will not have to invest any capital to get access to these updates.

Specialist providers can develop a greater depth of knowledge, invest more in systems and processes, and achieve efficiency through economies of scale and experience leveraging the capabilities of the most critical business processes, while improving their own internal core capabilities that drive competitive advantage.

Therefore, providers must bear the burden of incorporating information technologies state-of-the-art or undergo redesigns and updates to adapt to the plans of the contracting party.

4.4 Reduction of sanctions risks

As experts with years of experience usually carry out this task, the risk of sanctions for a company is reduced by a large percentage. This offers greater peace of mind to the owner of the company. At the same time, it enables them to work on the profitable aspects of the business knowing that this task is covered by experts.

4.5 Change of variable costs to fixed costs

This business strategy reduces or eliminates infrastructure or technology costs that would be incurred if you had an in-house payroll management service. The payroll outsourcing service contract implies the establishment of the fixed cost of this service, so it is a predictable cost in the company’s budget.

4.6 Greater competitiveness

One of the main results is that the company is placed in an interesting position in the market. In general terms, fulfilling all the advantages of payroll outsourcing, the result of the evolution of the company will be achieved in a shorter period of time.

The emergence of this type of company is an evolution of the purpose of reducing costs through payroll outsourcing which is not part of the core business. In this sense, what is sought is to go towards a broader vision where the payroll outsourcing process becomes a competitive advantage in order to add value to the processes developed by the company.

Payroll outsourcing is a management tool that combines the correct determination of the strategy in this area, with the appropriate measures to carry it out in an operationally effective way. This conception implies that it is not only a matter of operational effectiveness but of operational in strategic terms.

In addition, the outsourcing of payroll activities with a good structure allows for the fulfillment of goals and objectives. Essentially, its purpose is to promote increased efficiency.

5. Conclusions

Outsourcing activities as complex as payroll is a common practice, used over the years as a strategy to reduce costs and as a tool to gain competitiveness.

Therefore, the added value that a company can obtain by implementing a payroll outsourcing process is a higher return on investment. Also, improvement of processes, and a better overall performance.

It is evident that today’s globalized world is more demanding. Technology advances rapidly, and many companies do not have installed capacities to face short-term challenges. For this reason, many organizations resort to companies that specialize in specific HR processes, through outsourcing strategies, to be able to remain at the forefront in terms of employee management technology.

With outsourcing, it is possible to obtain specialized knowledge without it translating into training for your employees or large investments of time and money. In this way, you can achieve an increase in competitiveness in less time. Not only to make these processes faster but also to make them more efficient and effective.

6. How can we help your company to outsource its payroll?

When it is time to find a payroll outsourcing services provider for your business, you must choose correctly. Take the time to learn about the company’s reputation in the market and the services they offer. Additionally, consider other tasks your business can outsource and if the company you intend to hire offers them as well.

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