Top 10 recruitment strategies for employing the right team

Whether internally or with the support of a recruitment agency, companies must have a staffing strategy that allows them not only to hire the right staff but also to streamline processes in order to save time and resources. That is why we tell you ten recruitment strategies to achieve it:

In this article, you will learn which recruitment strategies are best for your company, as well as tools and techniques to make your search very productive. Applying effective recruitment strategies is a challenge for many companies. Especially in times when remote or hybrid work is gaining ground.

  1. Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Use people analytics
  3. Apply online recruitment strategies
  4. External recruitment strategies
  5. Mass recruitment and selection strategies
  6. Gamification.
  7. Employer branding to attract talent
  8. Try to recruit talent creatively
  9. Learn to develop skills
  10. Redesign profiles
  11. How can we help you obtain more information about strategies for recruiting?

1. Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today more than ever, the automation of processes in the human resources department has become a necessity. Many companies are already including artificial intelligence in various activities, especially in recruitment strategies. From saving time on simple and repetitive tasks to the selection of future collaborators, these are some of the advantages that this tool offers organizations.

1.1. Recruit bots and chatbots

Are you looking for recruitment and selection strategies? In recruiting bots and chatbots, you can find a solution. Both are intended to reduce the workload in certain areas of the human talent department, especially in the recruitment process. When there is a high volume of requests, chatbots are ideal for answering the most frequent questions from applicants. Its main functions include:

  • Answer the questions of job applicants.
  • Assist in pre-selection tasks.
  • Schedule the interviews.

In addition, recruit bots also offer the following advantages:

  • They are available 24/7.
  • It saves the organization time and money.
  • Enhance the hiring experience.
  • It provides useful information about the behavior of job candidates.

Recruitment chatbots are an example of staff recruitment strategies. But for them to be efficient, they need to meet some basic requirements. First of all, they must have the ability to analyze and identify which communication channels the applicants are on, for example, on social networks.

Also, they need to know how to verify from which websites they discover your company, such as a job portal. Likewise, it is important to program the recruit bots and chatbots so that they answer the frequently asked questions of the candidates and, at the same time, automate the pre-selection process. A recruiting chatbot should also have the ability to search for potential candidates and schedule interviews.

2. Use people analytics

The use of data has also become one of the best recruiting strategies. In fact, most large organizations have people analysis teams. Those in charge of the human resources department have in people analytics an opportunity to collect, compare and analyze data with which they can attract the best talent.

Likewise, another of its main characteristics is that it allows predictive analysis. In this sense, it helps the employer to detect possible resignations in his staff of collaborators in time. When this data is at hand, those in charge of human talent will be able to establish the next steps to follow.

3. Apply online recruitment strategies

It is very common to use online selection strategies to recruit contract workers and permanent staff. Some are very common, others may be more complex to glimpse.

Some of these recruitment strategies are:

Building a brand image with clear values ​​is the first step for new applicants to actively and spontaneously contact your company, even if you have not yet published a job offer.

3.1 Remote hiring

This is one of the most applied online recruitment strategies today. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, telecommuting has become even stronger. Many companies offer remote work to their workforce, but they can also opt for hybrid work.

64% of recruiters say that having a remote work policy makes it easier for them to attract and hire high-quality talent. In this way, remote hiring has become one of the main personnel recruitment strategies in human resources departments. Although it seems easy, it has its own challenges.

There is no face-to-face contact; therefore it can be difficult to assess other important components such as non-verbal language and other data that speak volumes about the candidate’s personality. One point in favor of remote hiring is that the use of some tools will help make the process faster and more accurate. If you want to know what the remote contracting procedure is like, take a look at the following:

  • Select the web pages to post job vacancies.
  • Choose specialized recruitment software to make the first curricular selection.
  • Choose the right programs or applications to do the interviews.
  • Opt for tools that allow you to evaluate the performance of shortlisted candidates.

Once selected, it offers a good onboarding process so that the new collaborator integrates quickly and understands what their functions are.

3.2 Deferred personal interview

Another idea to hire personnel that you can apply in your company is the deferred personal interview. What does it consist of? The applicant for a position will record a video, either with his smartphone or a webcam, answering a list of questions previously sent by the recruiter.

Through this selection strategy, human resources managers will be able to analyze some of the candidate’s soft skills, as well as their non-verbal language, something that a CV does not offer.

On the other hand, it helps to speed up the candidate pre-selection process, which also translates into cost reduction. For his part, the applicant has an enormous opportunity to prepare, stand out and make his personality known.

3.3 Online assessment center

Also known as situational assessment interviews, it is a selection strategy that is used during the recruitment process of candidates who opt for a position. Analyze the behavior of the applicants and try to predict the behavior of each of them in the work context.

What skills does it assess? From leadership skills, both verbal and written communication, to teamwork skills, under pressure, and reasoning, among others.

The assessment center uses different activities for its application, such as:

  • Roleplay.
  • Listening tests.
  • Practical exercises.
  • Presentations.

In remote work, the use of this strategy increased during the online recruitment and selection process.

3.4 Inbound recruiting

One of the recruitment strategies to attract and retain the best talent is inbound recruiting. This seeks that the candidate takes the initiative of wanting to be part of the organization.

In this way, the entire selection and entry process is reduced and its effectiveness is greater. This example of staff recruitment strategies is based on the use of various communication channels. It can be social networks or corporate blogs.

Through them, candidates will be able to understand the corporate culture of the company and the philosophy that supports it. If they feel identified, they will be motivated to apply for a job offer.

4. External recruitment strategies

It is the most traditional recruitment strategy we know. It is done through a call to recruit candidates. Then, the corresponding interview is carried out to verify that they meet the profile required for the vacancy.

To facilitate the selection process, companies must share the offer on their own website, social networks, or other employment portals. They can also network at events related to their area to attract the potential talent they are looking for.

5. Mass recruitment and selection strategies

It is about capturing the largest number of candidates in the shortest possible time during the selection process. In turn, it is known as field recruitment. This is one of the personnel recruitment strategies used by companies that need to hire a work team for a certain project, or if there are plans to open a new headquarters.

How is mass recruitment carried out? Employers use group or individual interviews, dynamics, simulations, or exercises. These function as filters and, through them, the candidates who will go on to the next phase of the process are selected.

6. Gamification

Another of the personnel selection strategy is gamification. It is used in the educational context to optimize teaching-learning experiences. Companies have also added this practice to their personnel selection processes. If you are looking for the best-qualified candidates for a certain position, gamification is suitable.

As it uses playful activities, these could be useful when analyzing how the applicants would respond in a certain situation.

7. Employer branding to attract talent

Employer branding is another of the strategies for recruitment and selection of personnel. The image a company projects to candidates is just as important as it is to potential customers. If your organization understands that it is also a brand and takes care of each of these details, then it also strives to provide a memorable employer branding.

During the process of attracting, recruiting, and selecting applicants, employer branding plays a crucial role. It is about offering a positive experience to the candidates since they will become future ambassadors of your brand (company).

8. Try to recruit talent creatively

Digital tools like social networks can be very useful. 6 out of 10 respondents are willing to share personal information in order to be contacted by companies.

Nowadays it is more common to see how people who are looking for a job agree to provide confidential information on websites. And although this information that is within our reach should not be abused, it is a real possibility of recruiting the best, knowing their tastes, skills, hobbies, and identifying to a certain extent their personality and how they would behave if he or she were to be hired.

9. Learn to develop skills

The best school is daily work. 54% of those surveyed say they have learned key skills through daily experience. Take advantage of every day-to-day opportunity to develop and strengthen the skills of your collaborators. At the time you hire, the knowledge of the new employee reaches a certain level, but it is in their daily work where he or she can absorb new things that will bring great benefits to your company in the future.

10. Redesign profiles

Obtain trained talent by segmenting positions or relocating staff. Do not always stay with the same and dare to reach new challenges where it is necessary to redesign profiles or relocate your people. On many occasions, people seem to close their minds to knowing new things and think that no one can remove them from the same place. Offer them new tasks, and new functions and train them in a comprehensive way where their profile can be adapted to any similar role for which they were hired.

11. How can we help you obtain more information about strategies for recruiting?

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