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With our Immigration Services we can relieve your administrative work so you don’t have to deal with complex regulations to set up your team in Egypt.

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EOR services in Sri Lanka

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Get the best benefits with our Immigration Services

Dedicated team

Our specialists will assist you through each stage of immigration procedures.

Fast service

Get the documents for your employees without dealing with long and tedious processes.

Family visas

We can process the visas for your employee and their dependents hassle-free.

Save time

Minimize the time your employees spend dealing with immigration procedures with our help.

Easy renewals

We will provide timely reports whenever you need to renew any of your documents.

Wide range of services

Get the chance to customize your service according to your particular requirements.


Experience And Quality With Our core Immigration Services


Visa applications

Our team of specialists can help you process the necessary visas for your employees and even for their dependents. We can make this process easier for your workers.


Work permits

You don’t have to deal with the challenges of processing work permits for your employees since we got everything covered for them to receive their legal documents.

EOR services in Sri Lanka

Relocation services

Get support for your employees and new hires to ensure a smooth transition. We assist you with relocation and assignments, as well as with consular support.


Documentation & Paperwork

Our team of specialist are up-to-date with the documentation you need to submit. We will help you gather everything your employees need for their applications.


How We Work?


Client focus service

Our solution is aimed to make sure you get an easy, fast and convenient service to relieve the unnecessary stress of immigration procedures.


Cost-effective solution

With our competitive prices we make sure you can receive a cost-effective solution for your immigration needs. We have transparent rates.


Total compliance

Our local experts ensure total compliance with your work permits and visa since we’re always up-to-date with the law and changes.

EOR services in Sri Lanka

Simple & Clean

Immigration Processes


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Get in touch with one of our experts and specify your requirements.


Fast service

We will gather everything you need to start with the immigration procedures.


Team of experts

Our specialists will guide you through each stage of the applications and processes.


Top solution

Receive the proper assistance for your employees and the document they need to work.

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    Let Our Experts help you find the Best Talents from Anywhere in Middle East