Dubai World Central everything you need to know

In the past, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum started the development of the Dubai World Central (DWC). After having gone through different stages in 2006, they were able to inaugurate this free zone, which was thought to be the Center of Tomorrow. Subsequently, in 2015 its name was changed to Dubai South and that is how it is currently known.

In this article, you will see all the information you need to know about Dubai World Central. The first thing will be to define this free zone so you have a clearer idea of ​​its importance. Secondly, we will show you everything related to Dubai World Central airport, which is considered very important and futuristic. In addition, we will give you more information about all the attributes of the Dubai DWC free zone.

  1. Do you know what is Dubai World Central airport?
  2. Know more about the Dubai World Central free zone
  3. What are the main features of DWC that may be of interest to businessmen?
  4. Contact EOR Middle East to successfully open your business in Dubai World Central

1. Do you know what is Dubai World Central airport?

This is an airport that was built to the south of the city, located near the various fast-growing areas of the new Dubai. Furthermore, this airport is located in the heart of an entire airport city. The Dubai World Central airport opened its doors on June 27, 2010. However, this was solely for cargo operations and not passenger flights.

In October 2013, passenger flights began at this important airport. It is considered the largest gateway around the world due to its capacity of more than 160 million passengers per year. In the same way, it will have the function of a multimodal logistics center for a total of 12 million tons of cargo of all kinds.

This airport is the main gate for those people who wish to travel to Dubai, either for tourism or to obtain one of the different visas that you can obtain. In the same way, it can be an important point for those people who want to start a new small business in Dubai and it is close to this airport that has a very important cargo function.

It is an important area that forms the heart of a larger project. This will consist of a 140 km2 multi-phase development of some six grouped areas, which include the commercial city, residential city, Dubai logistics city, aviation city, and golf city.

2. Know more about the Dubai World Central free zone

This master city was planned and named the center of tomorrow. In 2006 it was launched as Dubai World Central or DWC, then it was renamed Dubai South in 2015. This project was based on the vision of his highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Thus becoming a development of different phases.

Along with a complete residential district and a wide range of services, DWC is home to Expo City. In addition, it also has a Business Park and Al Maktoum International Airport. The 8 different phases integrate commercial, residential, logistics, hospitality, aviation, and leisure areas in a well-known multifaceted development, under the banner of the government.

This is a free economic zone located in Dubai with an extension of 145 km2. It has a 7 km2 aerospace hub and an 18 km2 logistics center. Many of the phases are currently under construction and many have been completed in recent years. In addition, DWC offers freehold parcels and different investment opportunities based on plans with easy-to-pay plans.

For those foreign people who want to live and obtain a work visa, this city offers great opportunities. In addition, it has a strategic location near the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Similarly, it is easily accessible from different parts of Dubai.

2.1 An overview of this community

The DWC is envisioned as a complete city within a city, thus creating a sustainable community in which to work, live and invest. In addition, it has investment plans for different property and lease projects and a wide range of apartments. The development that it has offered an easy creation of commercial companies.

As planned, the 8 different DWC zones include the following:

  • The commercial district.
  • The residential city.
  • City of golf.
  • The exhibition district.
  • The MBR aerospace center.
  • Logistics district.
  • The humanitarian district.
  • The aviation district.

This area has an ecosystem that is fully integrated with the amenities for both residential and commercial areas. Along with these facilities, there is an infrastructure and a transport network planned excellently. In this way, the DWC arranges one of the largest metropolitan developments in the UAE.

2.1.1 The business district

DWC freezone can attract people looking for new commercial space. This occurs thanks to the large number of offices concentrated in Business Park. In addition, there are commercial spaces with their respective shopping centers and other convenience stores. The area welcomes foreign investment and commercial buyers, including businessmen as well.

All small and medium-sized companies and multinational corporations obtain incomparable benefits. In addition, they will have an exemption in import and export tariffs. For this reason, if you want to start a new company, you should know about VAT registration and be able to avoid any type of fine.

2.1.2 The residential district

This district is a mini-city within Dubai DWC that features mixed-use properties for rent and sale. The flagship development of this district is the Pulse, as it has villas, beachfront properties, and townhouses. In addition, it will have different affordable accommodation options for the different administrative staff, with medical facilities, a safe environment, and leisure services.

We can find another mega residential project like South Bay, with around 900 residential units. It includes a large mix of semi-detached villas with around 3 to 5 bedrooms. In addition, it has independent mansions located in front of the sea with configurations of 5 and up to 7 rooms.

This large residential complex will also have common services that will be shared by the residents. Among them, we can find swimming pools, a gym, playgrounds, water parks, and a shopping center.

2.1.3 The city of golf

The Emaar South is a sought-after community and will be located in Golf city. According to the details, this project will have an 18-hole golf course and will be surrounded by 10 residential complexes. These complexes will offer a great mix of villas, apartments, and townhomes.

Some of the complexes that this area has are Urbana, Golf Links, and Expo golf villas.

2.1.4 The district 2020

This district retains 80% of the Expo 2020 site, Expo city being a holistic community plan. Featuring distinct residential and co-working spaces and lush green landscaping.

The district holds the promise of a smart community structure that is technology friendly. The sub-community is planned to be comprised of retail stores, parks, restaurants, and schools as well. Thus becoming a perfect place for you to live with your family.

2.1.5 The MBR Aerospace Center

This aerospace center is located in the south of Dubai and extends over about 7 km2. It has several districts that are responsible for serving a diverse aerospace ecosystem. Both commercial aviation, maintenance, education and training, overhaul, and repair are of them. It is claimed that this is the first aerotropolis in the region and that it provides solutions both on the air side and on the land side.

2.1.6 The logical district

The logical district is located between Jebel Ali Port Dubai and Al Maktoum International Airport. Therefore, this district is the ideal place for those companies that wish to expand or establish their businesses in Dubai.

A part of this district houses a free zone and a business park. In addition, it offers flexible office spaces for all types of companies regardless of their size.

3. What are the main features of DWC that may be of interest to businessmen?

It is well known that the best place to start a business is the Freezones in Dubai. For instance, the Dubai World Central or IFZA Dubai. All entrepreneurs should investigate certain key characteristics of where they are going to establish. Especially, for family members. Below, you will see information about different sectors of society that are important to any entrepreneur and their relatives.

3.1 Real estate

All people who want to have their Dubai World Central business center should know that there are different opportunities for renting and buying properties. This is not only for offices, but also to be able to live with their relatives. There are options to rent and buy, both chalets and apartments. The most notable prices are the two and three-bedroom apartments that cost between AED58,000 and AED105,000. If you need rent, the cost is between 46,000AED and 68,000AED. There are also one, four, and five-bedroom options.

3.2 Transport sector and DWC parking

In Dubai World Central there are plenty of parking lots that you can have. In addition, all townhouses and villas have closed parking spaces for two cars. On the other hand, the apartments provide closed parking for a single car.

Regarding public transport, three roads allow access to the old DWC. These are Sheikh Zayed Road, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and Emirates Road. In addition, the F55 bus, which is managed by the RTA company, is in charge of providing service in the area.

On the other hand, there is the Expo 2020 metro station in DWC, which belongs to the red line of the Dubai metro, route 2020. Thus, in case you or any of your family members do not have a car, they can make use of one of these means of transport.

3.3 Education sector

Currently, there are different schools in areas close to DWC, specifically, in Dubai Investments Park. Among the most notable are Greenfield Community School, which has an American curriculum, and Dove Green Private School, which offers a British curriculum. In addition, there are many others of these and once the residential project is finished, this number will increase.

3.4 Health sector

Currently, as all districts are running, there are few hospitals and clinics in the former Dubai World Central. However, the residential project establishes that there will be many more once it is completed.

Close to Al Maktoum International Airport, there is the Al Maktoum Airport Clinic, which is a very short distance away. It can be reached in a few minutes. In addition, there is the Access Clinic Jafza which is only 15 minutes away. Finally, you can find one of the best hospitals in Dubai called NMC Royal Hospital. It is located in Dubai Investment Park and can be reached in approximately 15 minutes.

4. Contact EOR Middle East to successfully open your business in Dubai World Central

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