The on arrival visa for UAE residents facilitates general traveling across the globe, an advantage for the travelers of the UAE. In 2024, foreign countries become an exciting exploration destination for UAE residents and Emiratis. Indeed, chaos has melted away with the warm embrace of many nations, and the hassle-free on arrival visas. The guide cites the best countries welcoming UAE citizens.

In this article, we are going to review the best UAE visa on arrival countries, describing in detail their peoples and landscapes. Maldives from the magical Maldives to the eclectic Singapore, each country gives a special flavor. Moreover, we will help travelers make reach decisions for preparing their next vacation.

Top Nations that allow UAE citizens to enter with an on-arrival visa

on arrival visa for uae residents


Maldives, a little paradise situated about 7 hours away from Dubai International Airport Freezone, invites tourists to appreciate its enchanting appeal. Known to be a paradise boasting of spectacular resorts and white beaches, this is one of the most relaxing places many travelers are dreaming of going to.

Indeed, it is regarded one of highly-visited destination that allow on arrival visa for UAE residents with Pakistani passport.

Additionally, for the residents and citizens of UAE, the Maldives offers one of the visa on arrival for UAE residents, thus they can stay for up to 30 days. This convenient option also makes it among the favorite places to have a lovely holiday retreat.


Kyrgyzstan, a traveler’s heaven, offers beautiful nature, forests, lakes, mountain paths, and hot deserts located in Central Asia. A 4 hours ride from Dubai, you arrive in the capital city of Bishkek.

The country grants the UAE citizens visa-free entry for 60 days as a positive gesture. For those not eligible the on arrival visa for UAE residents is just around the corner. For instance, what makes Kyrgyzstan a must-visit:

  • Firstly, diverse landscapes, from huge forests to peaceful lakes and majestic mountain ranges.
  • Immediate accessibility with a 4-hour flight from Dubai to Bishkek.
  • Visa-free entry for UAE citizens, enabling up to 60-day travel
  • Finally, a safety net with a UAE residents visa on arrival for the unqualified UAE residents.


Georgia, a charming country straddling Europe and Asia, beckons travel enthusiasts with its unique offerings and warm hospitality, for instance:

  • Diverse Landscape: This tiny country is a paradise for nature lovers with its diverse nature, from mountains to the sea.
  • Architectural Marvels: Tbilisi, as the capital, proves its rich history through its architectural masterpieces, and thus becomes a visual feast
  • Budget-Friendly: The Georgia’s budget-friendly paradise appeals to the people who are careful about their spending during traveling.
  • Visa-Free for UAE Residents: UAE nationals and UAE permanent residents are given access to a 365-day visa-free stay.
  • On Arrival Visa for UAE Residents: Furthermore, the other travelers also can get a visa on arrival, thereby making the entry process to be smooth.


Azerbaijan provides a great opportunity for frugal travelers, with the variety of tourist attractions. Afterwards, the 2.5-hour direct flight from Dubai makes it even more fascinating for UAE residents.

  • Land of Fire: Azerbaijan, the “Land of Fire,” impresses tourists with its natural beauty, rich culture and traditions, and history.
  • Mountain Villages: Tourists from all over the world visit the beauty of mountains villages and passionately join the relics of the past
  • Caucasus Mountains: To add to the experience of visiting Azerbaijan, one must take an expedition in the fabled Caucasus Mountains that finish it all off.

Residents of UAE can avail on arrival visa for UAE residents at the cost of AED 95. This is a money-saving option for a stay of 30 days. Besides, one can apply, if his residency is valid for last six months.


Nepal, located in Himalayas, amazes tourists from overseas by a great number of natural wonders and cultural wealth. Nothing can be more incredible than to see magnificent temples, monasteries, and historic sites embedded on looming mountains.

For adventure sports enthusiasts Nepal is a big draw. The country is open for UAE residents, with visa on arrival for UAE residents. Certainly, obtaining a 30-day permit, which is priced at around AED 180, will be budget friendly and direct process.

  • Primarily, different landscapes and cultural wealth
  • Astonishing shrines, cathedrals, and historical sites.
  • Extreme adventure for adrenaline lovers
  • The affordable visa on arrival UAE residents costing AED 180 and having a 30-day permit.


Malaysia is a noticeable mix of ancient traditions and modern wonders, which make it an attractive destination for tourists. For example, the country boasts:

  • Tranquil beaches which call you to enjoy in calm surroundings
  • Wonders which showcase the merging of old-time glory and modern technology.
  • Alluring diversity of plants and animals, appealing to nature lovers.
  • Lastly, appetizing dishes that will cater to the different palate.

Residents of the UAE find Malaysia to be a visa-free zone with a maximum stay of 90 days. Additionally:

  • Pakistani and Sri Lankan citizens are able to get an E-visa.
  • Syrians, Egyptians, Jordanians, and Filipinos can obtain the on arrival visa for UAE residents
  • The region also provides visa on arrival for UAE residents for Indian passport holder.


The Seychelles, an Indian Ocean tropical archipelago having over 100 Islands, offers a myriad of breathtaking shorelines, azure waters, and gorgeous scenery. Thus, the flight from Dubai is 4.5 hours.

Especially, citizens from UAE have a visa-free access which is up to 3 months with all the necessities of a return ticket, a proof of accommodation and enough funds. The UAE residents visa on arrival provides a smooth travel experience.


Armenia features plentiful parts that are still unexplored, yet, it is very beautiful through old buildings and monuments telling a rich culture and history. As well as for the UAE residents, Armenia has a visa-free on-arrival facility; tourists are allowed a 120-day stay for approximately AED 20.

Thus, Armenia can be a great one-week vacation, as it indicates its affordability and natural beauty. In reality, tourists can even dive into the beauty of the Armenia’s landscapes by utilizing the visa on arrival UAE residents.


With its diversity from world class buildings to exclusive wildlife, Singapore is a very popular travel destination. These areas consist of outdoor recreational activities and shopping centers.

The colorful nights and the mesmerizing islands have a soothing effect. For UAE residents 30-day on arrival visa for UAE residents is a waiting; other people like Indians, Sri Lankans, and Philippines have convenient visa options.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a premier tourist destination in East Asia, attracting visitors due to its cultural and historical heritage. However, UAE residents planning a visit need to acquire visas, much like travelers from other nations. The application process is easy, with an online-based system.

  • A rich cultural and historical heritage adds a unique charm to the Sri Lankan experience
  • On arrival visas for UAE residents are not applicable, but a user-friendly online process streamlines the application.
  • For shorter visits, an electronic travel authorization can be obtained swiftly within 72 hours.
  • The cost of application ranges from 40 to 60 USD, depending on the visa type.


Montenegro, a European gem, captivates with its breathtaking landscapes, charming villages, colossal mountains, and the enchanting Adriatic Sea.

  • Home to Tara River Canyon, Europe’s longest and the world’s second longest.
  • Secondly, recent policy changes welcome UAE citizens without a visa, allowing a 90-day stay within six months
  • Then, this picturesque destination has become a hot spot for travelers, attracting those seeking diverse landscapes
  • Montenegro’s visa on arrival, costing approximately AED 300, facilitates entry for UAE residents.
  • Finally, amidst the stunning vistas, the relaxed visa policies make Montenegro an ideal getaway.

Discover Montenegro with the on arrival visa for UAE residents convenience and explore its unparalleled natural beauty.


Brunei, nestled on Borneo, boasts stunning beaches and biodiverse rainforests, protected within reserves. This tiny nation, divided by Malaysia and the South China Sea, welcomes travelers with diverse landscapes and cultural richness.

  • Brunei allows visa-free entry for short stays to various nationalities.
  • Visas on arrival are accessible for eligible countries.
  • However, those not exempt or eligible can apply for a visa at the Embassy before traveling
  • Then, UAE citizens do not need visa for a short-term stay, granting 30 delightful days.

This hassle-free approach makes Brunei an attractive destination, especially for UAE residents. Exploring its beauty is now more accessible than ever.


Mauritius, an enchanting island nation, beckons UAE nationals with its seamless on arrival visa for UAE residents. Explore this tropical paradise with:

  • Numerous five-star hotels offering luxurious accommodations.
  • White sand beaches providing a perfect backdrop for relaxation
  • Amazing attractions showcasing the beauty of the island
  • Rich historical landmarks, adding cultural depth to your visit.

Moreover, Mauritius, like many UAE visa on arrival countries, grants a generous 90-day permit to visitors. Additionally, residents from India, the Philippines, Jordan, Sri Lanka, or Nigeria can also apply for a visa upon arrival.

Embrace the warmth of Mauritius, where beauty and history create an unforgettable experience.


Indonesia, a tropical haven with approximately 17,500 islands, is a vast environment and a land of adventure. The nation, heavily reliant on tourism, welcomes visitors to its stunning destinations, such as Bali and Jakarta.

  • On arrival visa for UAE residents is facilitated, providing quick access for up to 30 days
  • This convenience extends to UAE residents with Indian passports, Filipinos, Jordanians, and Sri Lankans.
  • In fact, the beautiful island of Bali and the bustling capital, Jakarta, are among the top travel destinations
  • Indonesia’s simplicity in providing access aligns with its reliance on tourism.


Thailand, a Southeast Asian gem, entices UAE travelers with its enchanting blend of attractions and welcoming policies.

  • On arrival visa for UAE residents is not required due to the Visa Exemption Program
  • The country boasts tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, and ancient ruins, captivating Emirati visitors.
  • Ornate temples, adorned with Buddha figures, offer a unique spiritual experience for UAE citizens.
  • UAE travelers cherish Thailand’s distinctiveness, unparalleled to their home experiences
  • Additionally, Emirati citizens enjoy up to 30 days in Thailand as tourists, extendable for an additional 30 days at local immigration offices
  • Lastly, this flexibility allows Emirati explorers an extended 60-day window to immerse themselves in Thailand’s cultural richness.

Popular country for UAE citizens without a visa

on arrival visa for uae residents

Emiratis enjoy the privilege of visa-free travel to numerous destinations worldwide, highlighting the strength of the UAE passport. Here are the top 12 countries offering this seamless travel experience:

  1. Armenia: Firstly, rich history and landscapes welcome UAE citizens without the need for a visa.
  2. Azerbaijan: Secondly, bridging East and West, Azerbaijan allows UAE residents a visa-free entry
  3. Brunei: Then, this Southeast Asian gem invites UAE citizens to explore without visa hassles
  4. Georgia: UAE citizens can discover Georgia’s culture and history visa-free.
  5. Hong Kong: Emiratis can experience the vibrant city of Hong Kong without a visa requirement.
  6. Seychelles: Afterwards, pristine beaches and turquoise waters await UAE citizens visa-free.
  7. Indonesia: Diverse landscapes and cultures are open for UAE residents without a visa.
  8. Malaysia: Southeast Asian charm welcomes UAE citizens with visa-free travel
  9. Maldives: Emiratis can indulge in the Maldives’ beauty without a visa requirement.
  10. Mauritius: Crystal-clear waters and vibrant culture are accessible for UAE citizens visa-free
  11. Singapore: The bustling city-state extends a warm welcome without the need for a visa.
  12. Sri Lanka: Finally, UAE citizens can explore the island paradise of Sri Lanka visa-free.

Visa-On-Arrival vs Visa-Free Travel

When planning international trips, understanding the nuances between visa-on-arrival and visa-free travel is crucial for UAE residents:

  • On arrival visa for UAE residents ensures flexibility, allowing last-minute travel decisions.
  • Countries offering on arrival visas often have straightforward processes, saving time and effort
  • Nevertheless, visa-free travel eliminates the need for any pre-approved document.
  • On arrival visas typically require a quick verification process at the port of entry.
  • Visa-free destinations offer a seamless entry process, promoting spontaneous travel

A World Full of Adventures Is Waiting

In conclusion, exploring nations with on arrival visas for UAE residents broadens horizons. From the serene Maldives to vibrant Thailand, each destination offers a unique experience. So, pack your bags, embrace the adventure, and make the most of hassle-free travel opportunities awaiting UAE residents worldwide.

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