Expand quickly and compliantly with​ our EOR Services​

From hiring to onboarding to payroll management, we got you covered on anything you need to enter the Lebanon market.

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EOR services in Sri Lanka

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Get the best benefits with our EOR Services

Easy market entry

With our EOR service you can enter the Lebanon market easily and avoid facing challenges.

Improve your recruitment

Get the best employees for your business while saving time and money with our solution.

Ensure compliance

Avoid non-compliance risks with our assistance and legal experts that are up-to-date with local law.

24/7 Support

Receive ongoing support from our team of experts dedicated to solve your issues.

Hire quickly

Build your workforce in Lebanon fast and in compliance with our assistance and guidance.

A single point of contact

Delegate your entire employer-related responsibilities to a single partner to improve your efficiency.

The best Services

Experience and Quality With Our EOR Services


Access better benefits

Provide top benefits to your workforce and additional perks to attract top talent.


Hiring & onboarding

We will find, hire and onboard the best talent for your company quickly and compliantly.


Local support

Receive guidance from in-country experts to navigate local law and regulations and ensure compliance.

EOR services in Sri Lanka


Get the necessary documentation for your workforce with our sponsorship and immigration services.


Provision of local entity

No need to establish an entity because we will employ staff on your behalf in Lebanon.



Receive assistance on each stage of the recruitment process. From searching to onboarding.

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How we Work?


Save time, money and resources

With our comprehensive solution you can forget about your administrative burden and focus on your growth.


Local infrastructure

By partnering with us we can become your local legal support and manage your workforce with compliance.


Ongoing employee support

We can help you have an outstanding management of your workforce so you don’t have to worry.

EOR services in Sri Lanka

Simple & Clean

Work Process



Talk to one of our specialists to provide your requirements.


Tailored solution

Customize your service to receive assistance with your needs.



Receive our outstanding support to boost your business.


Premium service

With our Dedicated Account Manager you can solve any issue.

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Find the Best Talents

from Anywhere in Middle East


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    Let Our Experts help you find the Best Talents from Anywhere in Middle East