Dubai Production City – Area, Community & Lifestyle Detail Guide

Currently, many entrepreneurs want to open branches or new companies in one of the free zones belonging to the UAE. The problem is, there are too many of them and they can all be a good choice depending on your needs. To discover the ideal free zone for your company, it is important to carry out an exhaustive investigation of each one of them. If you continue reading you will see relevant data on Dubai production city, so you know about it and see if it is convenient for your company.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need to know about Dubai’s production city. The first thing will be to let you know a little description of it. Then, we will teach you important features of the old IMPZ location. For instance, information about the education sector, transportation, health, and more. In addition, we will let you know information about the properties that you can acquire.

  1. Do you know what is the Dubai Production City?
  2. Know the prices of the real estate market of the production city Dubai
  3. What are the characteristics of the old International Media Production Zone that may be of interest to businessmen?
  4. Contact EOR Middle East if you want to open your new business that has a Dubai production city location

1. Do you know what is the Dubai Production City?

The Dubai production city is a mixed-use development. This expands over an area of ​​about 43 million square feet. It was previously known by the name of the International Media Production Zone or IMPZ. In addition, the community was established in 2003 as a free zone and freehold area that is responsible for serving companies specialized in media production.

The developer of this is TECOM Group. With residential and commercial properties, the IMPZ offers a pleasant environment to all its residents and visitors. However, if you want to open a company in Dubai production city IMPZ you should check the DED activities list. In this way, you will be able to know all the commercial activities that you can develop with your company.

The Dubai production city can be summarized as follows:

  • It has luxurious apartments that offer a variety of configurations and amenities.
  • A holistic community that offers you a mix of retail, commercial and residential properties.
  • It is home to the City Center Me’aisem shopping and entertainment center.
  • It has easy access to facilities such as restaurants, schools, and mosques.

2. Know the prices of the real estate market of the production city Dubai

Before buying a property in this area it is important that you have all your papers in regal. For instance, visa stamping. This requirement is the key so that you can request your Emirates ID, you need this stamp. You should know that this document is the most requested since before carrying out any of these procedures they ask you for the unified number.

Residential options in this case are mostly apartment buildings. These offer from studio to 3-bedroom apartments located in low-, mid-, and high-rise complexes. In addition, commercial properties have shops, offices, work camps, and warehouses available for sale and rent.

2.1 Rent in Dubai Production City

If you are looking for properties that are affordable to rent, you can find studios for as little as AED 15,000 per year. In Dubai Production City, 1-bedroom flats cost AED 22,000-72,000 per year and span 500-700 square feet. The larger 2-3 bedroom units will be priced between AED 50,000 and AED 143,000 per year.

Office rent can cost AED 39,000 per year and with a space of 650 square feet. If you want to rent a shop, its price can be up to AED 243,000 per year. For rental warehouses, their price ranges from AED 180,000 to AED 2.8 million per year.

2.2 Sales in Dubai Production City

You can buy a studio for AED 210,000 or a higher price of AED 667,000. The 1-bedroom apartment can cost between AED 290,000 and AED 819,000. While the cost of one of 2 or 3 bedrooms can be between 500,000 AED and 1.25 million AED. In addition, there are also residential plots of between 5.43 and 42 million AED.

There are not many warehouses for sale in Dubai Production City priced at AED 15 million. However, in terms of commercial buildings, their price varies between AED 20 and 110 million.

3. What are the characteristics of the old International Media Production Zone that may be of interest to businessmen?

To start a business in another country as a foreigner, it is important to know where you are going to establish yourself. When making this decision, there are certain things that you should investigate Because there are many possible areas and you must choose the best one. For instance, IFZA Dubai. For that, we are going to help you with information about Dubai Production City.

3.1 Information on the hotel sector

All people who wish to stay in Dubai production city for a not-so-long time; they may choose to stay in a hotel. There are even different hotels that are apartment-type rooms. For instance, the Qasr Sabah. Next, you will see all the hotels that you can find in Dubai production city.

  • Ghaya Grand Hotel.
  • Aloft Me’aisem.
  • Element Me’aisem.
  • Occidental Dubai Production City.

The Aloft and Element hotels are part of the Marriott hotel chain and are the only two 4-star hotels that are in the center of the city. On the other hand, Ghaya Grand Hotel offers apartment-style rooms with luxury services. Finally, Occidental Dubai Production City is a luxury hotel for businessmen and is very close to the main roads in the area.

3.2 Transport information

Many of the residential units offer access to exclusive parking spaces for the cars of the tenants. But, some of these charge monthly fees to use the parking lot.

On the other hand, regarding public transportation, there are many residential areas of Dubai production city nearest metro. In addition, there are bus stations that are located in Centrium Towers and The Crescent Towers. All these feeder bus units depart from the “Mall of the Emirates” metro station. You can arrive by car in a maximum time of 20 minutes if there is no traffic.

3.3 Information about shops and supermarkets

If residents need to do their daily grocery shopping, they can go to the Carrefour hypermarket; located in the center of the city of Me’aissem. Also, they have other supermarket options in Dubai Production City; including Swiss Mart, West Zone Fresh Supermarket, and W-Mart Supermarket.

In addition, there is a one-story shopping center called City Center Me’aissem, which is very popular among residents. In this mall, there are different high-end brand stores. This parking lot is very spacious because there is a possibility to park at least 750 cars.

3.4 Information about the education sector

Currently, the residents of Dubai Production City do not have educational options within the zone. However, many prestigious schools in the adjacent areas. These include GEMs United School (US curriculum), Emirates International School Meadows (IB curriculum), and Dubai British School (UK curriculum). All of these schools are rated by the government review.

On the other hand, in terms of nurseries, there is the Kids Kingdom nursery; You can find is just adjacent to the Me’aisam city center. In addition, others are close to Jumeirah Village Circle, which is outside the city with a 10-minute drive. Among the main ones are The Wonder Years Nursery and Jumeirah International Nursery.

Finally, you can find Knowledge Park university park, which is 20 minutes from the city. And it is not just that, there is also the American University in Dubai and Oracle University. Which are on Sheikh Zayed Road, 20 minutes from Dubai Production City.

3.5 Information on the health sector

This is a city that does not have hospitals, however, in a maximum time of 15 minutes you can find some. Among them, are Medcare Medical Center in Motor City, Al Zahra Hospital located on Sheikh Zayed Road, and many more. All hospitals adjacent to Dubai Production City are considered the best in Dubai.

If you want private medical assistance, you can go to the City Center Clinic. Which is located in the center of the city of Me’aisem. In addition, there is the iCare Clinics multi-specialty Clinic, which you can reach in the same 15 minutes by car. This is a clinic that offers different medical fields including gynecology, dentistry, physiotherapy, pediatrics, and more.

3.6 Do you know the areas close to Dubai Production City?

This city is surrounded by different locations, including Jumeirah Golf Estates, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai Sports City, and Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT). The location of this area is quite convenient because you find the intersection of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Al Khail Road (E44). In addition, it is an area that allows you to easily access the business center of Jebel Ali.

3.7 Information about churches, temples, and mosques

Regarding the mosques, there are several located north of Production City Dubai. Among them, are Masjid Jama, the Jumaa Mosque, and many others that still have no name.

On the other hand, the inhabitants who are Christians can go to Jebel Ali. Here, you will find various options such as Dubai United Christian Church, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Dubai Evangelical Church Center, and Jebel Ali Christ Church.

Finally, you also have access to temples, the vast majority of which are in Jebel Ali, including the Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Gurdwara temple. Different Hindu temples are at least 35 minutes away; Since most of them are in the Bur Dubai district.

3.8 Information regarding the beaches

The beaches near Dubai production city are considered the most beautiful because they are part of the Dubai coastline. Among the most important, you can find Marina Beach, Jumeirah beach, and JBR beach.

3.9 Restaurant information

In the vicinity of this free zone, there is a wide variety of restaurants that may be of interest to residents. To access some of them, you can attend City Center Me’aisem and choose between different casual restaurants and coffee shops. Within the variety that exists, you can find Lebanese food, French food, and many more dishes from different parts of the world.

3.10 Are there community events in Dubai Production City?

At the entrance to The Backyard shopping center, it offers recreational activities for the whole family. In addition, there is an entertainment center that is garden themed. In this, you can find different informative sessions; including jewelry workshops, children’s science workshops, yoga sessions, and more.

3.11 nformation about the gyms

If you are a fan of exercise, you can go to different gyms and fitness centers a maximum of 10 minutes from the city. Among them are Body time, Prime Fitness JVC, New Life Fitness Gym, and many more. Despite not finding gyms within Dubai Production City, in the nearby towns you can find a multitude of them.

4. Contact EOR Middle East if you want to open your new business that has a Dubai production city location

As you can see, Dubai Production City is a fairly complete area that offers the different amenities that anyone wants and needs to have. This is why, if you are determined to place your new company in this fantastic area, you must know companies that support you in the process. Among all that exist, the best you can find is EOR Middle East. To contact us, you just have to call us using the following number +971 43 316 688. Or write to us at [email protected].

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