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Every company needs good workforce management. The question here is, what is workforce management, its acronym is WFM. This refers to a group of processes that every company to optimize or improve the performance of its employees. For this methodology to be effective, some control over employees is needed. For instance, set tasks for a particular date and time.

In this article, we will give you all the necessary information so that you can have an effective workforce management system. The first thing will be to show why the WFM meaning is very important for the proper functioning of the company. Also, you will see the processes that every good WFM system needs. Finally, you will see all the benefits that this attracts and much more. In particular, you will see.

  1. Why is it important to have a good workforce management system?
  2. What are the characteristics of WFM workforce management process?
  3. How to choose the best WFM system?
  4. What is the WFM software?
  5. Benefits of WFM full form
  6. Contact EOR Middle East and have access to the best WFM system for your company

1. Why is it important to have a good workforce management system?

What does WFM mean? is that set of processes used to optimize the production of employees. Companies make use of this looking to improve their work effectiveness. With this process, needs can be forecast effectively and a work scheme can be used. In this way, the staff schedule for the preparation of tasks is created and managed.

With the WFM system, companies can obtain information on business metrics. Here it is determined which are the exact employees to perform a particular task at a specific time. In addition, you can monitor the performance of employees in their workplace every day they come to work.

To better understand how this system works, let us look at an example of a contact center. Using the WFM can maximize the effectiveness of the agent workforce. Here the volume of calls, messages, and emails is forecasted, programming the number of agents with the appropriate skill. Achieving that the volume of transactions is improved.

Not having a WFM system can have negative consequences for companies. If this happens, certain work practices may experience certain problems. Here are some consequences of not implementing this system:

  • Violations in task completions may occur.
  • Costs may be larger than expected.
  • You may suffer from staff shortages.
  • There may be security problems in the workplace.
  • Production can lower performance.

2. What are the characteristics of WFM workforce management process?

If you want to implement the WFM meaning for your company; here, you will see those features that should not be missing from the process.

2.1 Labor forecast

Every employer must be aware of any situation that may occur related to their employees and the market. Thus, having prior knowledge of each of these scenarios can be anticipated and prevent production from being hindered. For instance, regulatory holidays increased or decreased demand for the product in the market, and more.

2.2 Have a schedule

Each activity in the production process must be outlined in a schedule. Having this, it is more feasible and effective for the employer to assign each of these activities to the employees. Of course, the assignment of the company’s activities will depend on the profile of each worker so that it is consistent and everything is successful. In addition, workers can exchange shifts between them.

2.3 Mobile accessibility

Normally, employers do not have the time to be able to be inside the company all the time. However, it is important that you keep track of the company from a distance. The most effective solution is to do it from a cell phone. From this computer, the owner of the company must be able to edit the schedule and, in turn, exchange employee shifts if required. In addition, to be able to be aware of the performance of each worker in that position.

2.4 Enforces company rules

When you want to apply workforce management, company regulations and salaries must be associated. For instance, this system keeps track of when employees punch in their arrival cards at the company. In this way, you can know how many times there is a delay in the time of entry and apply the appropriate sanction. Generally, the sanctions are a decrease in the salary per month.

2.5 Control of absences

Employee absences should be avoided unless necessary. In addition, it is not recommended that permissions be granted for a very long time. The only exception to this is if the leave or leave is covered by the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Also, it is important that you know that these faults can be traced.

2.6 Implement WFM system to manage overtime

This system will issue an alert to the employer when each employee has completed their hours. In addition, it will also issue an alert when workers are working overtime without prior authorization. Thanks to this, the head of the company can assign overtime if necessary and, in turn, not exceed the assignment of these. As a result, the company increases its productivity and gets a better payroll.

2.7 WFM system for time tracking

It is important that when you have a company, payroll is made correctly and efficiently. For this, control of the hours worked by each employee must be kept. This can be done with the workforce management system that keeps exact control of all the active hours of the employee in the company.

2.8 Analytics Manager

The function of the analysis managers is to analyze the data in time and also correct the programming if necessary.

3. How to choose the best WFM system?

One of the things that do workforce do is that the company is run more efficiently. But, to achieve this, certain functions must be implemented. It is important that all of these roles also encompass the responsibilities of the HR team. Next, you will see in detail the important functions of a good WFM system.

3.1 Prevent situations for budgeting

Every employer must take into account what they need from their company’s staff to be able to complete a project within a certain time. In addition, before starting a project, a study of the possibilities that this entails should be made. Thanks to WFM, it is in charge of carrying out all these studies, both regarding the budget and the personnel. As a result, you do not invest money without obtaining results and the time of the employees is perfectly distributed.

3.2 Have a good Schedule

Previously, it was mentioned that one of the characteristics of the WFM is to carry a schedule. If you use a WFM system, you can keep exact control of the employees you need for each scenario. For instance, if the vacation time of a group of workers arrives, this system takes this information into account and distributes the remaining employees to cover those absences.

3.3 Attendance and time

Another great feature of this system is that you can keep track of the time of the employees you need in each section. In addition, it teaches you solutions to be able to manage those planned absences of workers. And not only the planned ones but also the spontaneous ones. As a result, your company will not fall behind in production and can have a better payroll.

3.4 Fulfillment of functions

Employers often do not realize that their employees are not doing their jobs until it is too late. To solve this problem in time, the workforce management system has the solution. This method is also constantly monitoring that all UAE labor laws are complied with. In addition, it keeps track of the hours needed for each job and assigns them to each employee to perform efficiently.

3.5 Manage payroll

Finally, another very important function is that workforce management keeps track of your payroll payments. This system knows all the hours the employees worked, including overtime. In addition, it allows you to carry out various payment schemes. For instance, monthly, weekly, and more.

4. What is the WFM software?

Companies today use WFM software, which is a mobile or desktop program. This helps with the programming of the personnel, being like an integrated suite in charge of managing human resources. However, it can also work as a stand-alone program if configured that way.

Manpower management software often integrates with various third-party Human Resource applications. This software offers self-services, where employees can request days off or review their paid time off balance. In this way they do not need to ask human resources, allowing them to concentrate their activities on strategic tasks.

WFN is not new, as companies have automated labor management processes for decades. The first processes are the ability to automate and track time and attendance. However, this evolved to the point of monitoring and improving staff effectiveness and efficiency in their work activities.

Currently, there is very important growth in the technological field. With the use of the cloud and the expansion of workforce analytics, the adoption of the software has increased significantly. In the market, there is evidence of managing a diverse workforce. By the end of this, 2022 forecasts say this workforce management will reach $9 billion, globally

5. Benefits of WFM full form

From all the above information, you will realize that workforce management brings many benefits to the company. Below we will explain some of these advantages in detail.

5.1 Better cost management

As you can see, this system manages everything related to the company’s personnel. For instance, working hours, and jobs, among others. Therefore, it gives the employer better control of the number of employees, since you will only have the ones you need, not more. In addition, it accounts for the exact work that the worker performed. As a result, you have better staff management.

5.2 Cash payroll

The second great benefit is that you manage payroll more efficiently because it becomes automatic. This is because the software keeps track of the exact hours that employees work. Therefore, the payment is exact, neither more nor less than what corresponds to each employee.

5.3 Improve staff productivity

Generally, all employers need to compare their productivity data with that of the competition. Thanks to management workforce, if you know the information of other companies similar to yours; you can implement work patterns that will allow you to outperform these companies. As a consequence, you improve productivity and in turn, outperform the competition.

5.4 Modify the planning to have a better adaptation

The workforce management WFM system allows you to keep detailed data on the available positions and the positions with deficiencies. With this data, the employer can start hiring the staff they need for those available vacancies. Also, if there is a worker who is not fulfilling their duties, you can solve that problem. In addition, if an employee decides to resign, the software alerts you that there is a vacancy and you can reassign it.

6. Contact EOR Middle East and have access to the best WFM system for your company

You will realize that good manage workforce management services brings a lot of benefits to your company. Therefore, surely after reading all this, you have the intention of obtaining this system to improve the functioning of your company. To your fortune, by contacting EOR Middle East you can have the best WFM system.

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