Emergency Leave in UAE

In the course of anyone’s life, unexpected events can happen to those closest to them. For instance, a sick mother or father, the death of a grandparent, or more. In these types of situations, an individual always wants to be present to help and support the rest of the family. The problem starts when you are in another country. For these situations in the UAE, they created something that is an emergency leave in UAE.

In this article, you will see all the information you need to know about emergency leave in UAE labor law. The first thing will be to define what this license is that can be granted to you. The second thing will be to show you the process of obtaining and being successful. In addition, we will give you possible solutions if they do not grant you this permission or if you are in a trial period and need it. Specifically, we will discuss.

  1. What is an emergency leave in UAE?
  2. How can you make a UAE emergency leave request?
  3. How to request this license during the probation period?
  4. What to do if you are not granted emergency leave in UAE 2021?
  5. What are the other licenses that can be requested?
  6. Contact EORMiddleast so they can support you in requesting a license

1. What is an emergency leave in UAE?

When going to the UAE you should know that you will need a license to be able to carry out certain procedures or activities in the country. These licenses will be different depending on the person’s request and will be essential for many legal processes. The different types of licenses will determine what the person can do and among them are commercial, professional, and industrial licenses.

Business licenses cover all activities that are related to trade. The business license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The license is intended for those companies engaged in activities that require capital for their exercise.

On the other hand, professional licenses are mandatory for those who carry out activities that depend on their knowledge. In addition, a professional license is needed for those businesses such as consulting services, among others. The industrial license is for those companies that transform raw materials into finished products and is issued by the DED and must be approved by other government entities.

Emergency licenses, as the name indicates, are for cases that are beyond the control of the person. In these cases, they are requested due to the illness or death of a family member and the person must be absent from work. However, since these emergency licenses do not have clauses that allow their employees to take them, the decision to approve them remains in the hands of the company.

2. How can you make a UAE emergency leave request?

Like any process, you must follow a series of steps. It is important that you do all of them accurately because an error results in a denial of permission. Next, you will see the procedure to obtain a new year’s leave in UAE.

  • Report to boss

As mentioned before, according to the UAE labor law it is not mandatory to grant the emergency license. That is why, if you need it, you must request it as far in advance as possible. Thinking about this, you have to talk to your boss and inform him about the emergency. It is best to make personal contact and have proof of the emergency you are going through.

2.2 Formalize the request

Once your boss is aware of the situation, the request must be formalized. This is a protocol step, because normally when you talk to your boss they tell you yes or no. You have to make an emergency leave email and send it to your employer or the human resources team. A good idea is to attach some proof of the family situation. Something important to delimit is that this is not always mandatory, some companies do without this step.

2.3 Keep your boss informed

When you receive the approval for the UAE emergency leave, you can go to your country and deal with the situation. It is important that once you leave the UAE, you maintain a good relationship with your employer. For this, the best thing you can do is constantly report all the events that are occurring. Thus, you avoid being accused of escape. One recommendation is that you always send medical reports or images of everything that happens.

2.4 Comply with the days granted

When you are licensed, you are generally given a certain number of days. However, you can try to reach an agreement with the employer or with the human resources team on the days you need. It can be approximate; understandably, you do not have the exact amount of time that you are going to be away. It is important that you comply with this exactly and in this case, if you need an extension, you must communicate it and wait for the approval.

2.5 End of the UAE emergency leave

Once you return to the country, you should go back to work and talk to your boss about the whole situation. It is important that, if they reached an agreement at the end of the permit, you comply with it. For instance, work a few days overtime to do what you could not while you were away. In addition, this helps you to recover some salary because generally, this is an unpaid leave in UAE according to labor law.

3. How to request this license during the probation period?

Before requesting this license while in the trial period, you should know what this period is and when it ends. This is a period where the employer and the employee agree voluntarily at the beginning of the contract. Here it is established that, during this period, the employer can observe the performance of the employee and determine in which position he will have to work.

With this, the employer will be able to verify the abilities, knowledge, and aptitudes of the employee throughout the period. On the other hand, the employee will be able to check under what conditions he is going to work. It is also known as a bilateral agreement since both the employer and the employee will test the convenience of continuing to work together.

As its name says, this is only a trial period that will have a finite duration. With the updates of the labor laws in the UAE, it has been established that the trial period may not exceed 6 months. However, this is not a fixed time to follow, as the employer can hire or reject you before this deadline. In the same way, the employee can leave the trial period before this time.

If the employee is in his probationary period, he is not eligible for any type of leave that can be granted. In this way, emergency leaves will not be allowed for those employees who are in a trial period. It is important to keep this in mind since you will not be able to apply for the emergency license while your probationary period is in progress.

4. What to do if you are not granted emergency leave in UAE 2021?

Previously, it has been mentioned that this is a permit that no company is obliged to grant. Therefore, there is always the possibility that when you make the request the answer will be negative. This can be for different reasons, the first and most common is that the employer has had bad experiences with other workers. An example may be that an employee has requested leave and did not return to work.

As well as that reason, there may be many more. As a result, you are going to have an employer who does not like to grant this permission and everything is complicated for you. Generally, if you and your boss have a good relationship and you have shown yourself to be an irreproachable person; you should not have a problem getting a positive response.

Despite that, there is a possibility that you will be denied due to some policy. If this happens to you, it should not necessarily be a cause for concern, there may be other solutions. The first one you can opt for is to request another type of license that is mandatory. For instance, a sick leave labor law in UAE. Another option may be to request an advance on the vacations that correspond to you.

In the worst case, you may end up having an argument with your boss that results in a request to resign. If your emergency is very big, it may be the only possible option, but if you can postpone the trip, it would be the best. This is if they do not find a possible solution or negotiation so that you can take a few days and resolve the situation.

5. What are the other licenses that can be requested?

If you are not granted UAE emergency leave, there is the possibility of requesting other licenses. Those that exist, you will see below.

5.1 Annual holiday

According to labor law, every worker is entitled to a few days off each year. The number of days will depend on some conditions. For instance, if the employee has been working for more than six months but less than a year, this person is entitled to two days off for each month of the work year. Another case is when a worker has been working for more than a year. These individuals are entitled to 1 month of vacation per year.

5.2 Sick leave as per UAE labor law

If an employee becomes ill or suffers an injury that prevents them from coming to work for more than two days; You must apply for this license. Within the UAE sick leaves policy, they say that employees have the right to take a maximum of 3 months for proven illness. The first fifteen days of these 90, the person has the right to receive his entire salary. The rest of the time he receives half the salary. But, if you exceed 3 months, you are not entitled to any remuneration.

5.3 Maternity leave

Women who become mothers in the UAE are entitled to maternity leave. In the labor law, it is established that they are granted a period of 2 months if they work in private companies. Salary will be received in full. In addition, if you need it, you can add 15 extra days where you only receive half of your salary.

5.4 Hajj or Umrah license

Workers who want to perform the Hajj are given a license for a maximum of one month. It is important that you know that when applying for this leave, your employer is not obligated to pay your salary.

6. Contact EOR Middle East so we can support you in requesting a license

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