Medical Test Failed UAE

In the UAE, to apply for a work visa they ask you for certain requirements. Among them, we can mention medical examinations and the acquisition of hospital insurance. Generally, you hear what they ask you to obtain a work permit; but, no one says what happens if your medical test failed UAE. This is very important because they can deny you the visa and therefore the job.

In this article, you will see everything you need to know if it happens to you that the UAE medical test failed. The first thing will be to say what it means to fail this medical test and what they are. The second thing will be that you see what the process is to be able to perform the medical examinations. Then we will show you what are the consequences of being positive in these tests.

  1. What does failing medical tests in UAE mean?
  2. What are the UAE medical test for visa 2022?
  3. Why do they think people fail medical exams?
  4. Consequences of unfit medical certificate UAE
  5. Example of a person who failed the medical test for an employment visa in Abu Dhabi
  6. Enter EOR Middle East to start the process of obtaining a visa

1. What does failing medical tests in UAE mean?

The UAE, according to a cabinet resolution in 2016, explained to us about the medical tests for UAE visas. In this resolution, they indicate that all foreign residents must undergo a tuberculosis screening test. In this way, it is sought that this disease does not spread in the country by detecting it before it enters the country.

Those people who fail to pass this medical test for the visa due to the presence of TB. Also included are people with active or scarred TB. These people will be issued a conditional fitness certificate. In addition, they will have a residence visa that will be valid for one year while they undergo treatment for the disease in the UAE.

It is important that people also take into account their grace period after their visa is canceled. This will happen if you find yourself in situations where your employer does not want you to continue working for him. However, these types of situations are not very frequent, therefore it is a situation that you should not worry about, but that you should take into account.

If your employer decides to cancel your visa, you must ensure that you leave the country and resolve your issue. In this way, you can return later and avoid staying longer than allowed and paying a fine. Knowing these issues is important as it can help you avoid legal problems within the country.

1.1 Who can help me if I fail the medical exam in the UAE?

If you are having problems regarding your UAE medical examination and do not know what to do, it is recommended that you seek professional help. You can contact the employment lawyers who are present in the city in such scenarios. In this way, you will be able to obtain the necessary legal advice for these moments when you may not know what to do.

It is important to point out that if you do not know legal matters, go to these lawyers before committing any illegality. It is common for people to feel insecure in this type of situation, leading them to have legal problems for not knowing the laws. However, these problems can be avoided if you seek the necessary advice.

2. What are the UAE medical test for visa 2022?

Every person who wants to fly to the UAE must know that there are medical tests for the visa to be granted. In 1995, the Gulf Cooperation Council included the medical evaluation for foreigners. It seeks to track those diseases that are communicable among foreigners. In the same way, medical tests for the UAE visa were included in the region.

The medical examination is part of the procedure to be able to renew your visa within the UAE. The foreigner must give blood samples for the detection of HIV. In addition, you will need to go through a chest X-ray so that possible traces of tuberculosis can be detected. If you need more information about these medical testing procedures, consult the city’s legal advisors.

In the UAE there are certain categories of workers who must also give negative on other tests. The tests are for syphilis and hepatitis B and the group of workers that must test negative for this case are:

  • Nursery workers.
  • Domestic workers.
  • Those workers who handle food.
  • Salon workers.
  • Health club staff.

Domestic workers must give a negative pregnancy test. If you want to proceed with the visa procedures, you must undergo medical examinations at government medical facilities. This cannot be done in private hospitals. Foreigners must know these rules and laws to avoid inconveniences.

2.1 Types of work visa that you can apply for in the UAE and you will need a medical examination

In the UAE there are different types of visas for those who wish to enter the UAE. Depending on the type of visa you request, you will have to follow different procedures, but the medical examination is mandatory for all. On September 5, 2022, the government implemented new regulations regarding immigration.

According to the new regulations, the new residence permits for work in the UAE are including:

  • The residence permits for contractual employment: this is a residence permit that is sponsored by the employer. You need the approval of the ministry of human resources and emirates (MOHRE), and also a work contract.
  • A green visa: it is a residence permit that is self-financed for 5 years. This is for investors, workers with highly-skilled abilities, and freelancers.

3. Why do they think people fail medical exams?

In the UAE, it is believed that all these people with their medical test failed UAE has to do with conditions in their home countries. That is to say, they do not manage health programs from time to time, but the government simply ignores it. Therefore, it is up to everyone to be in the constant care of their health.

Also, this often happens a lot in poor countries. This is to say that if the government does not provide them with good health programs, people tend to put that aside for other priorities. It can even be said that this is one of the reasons why foreigners decide to leave their country of origin.

There are cases in which the medical tests for UAE visas fail due to diseases that people acquire at birth. Some individuals previously had conditions and those scars remain, thus causing the denial of the visa. However, these people have the opportunity to solve the medical test failed UAE situation.

4. Consequences of unfit medical certificate UAE

If you are one of those people who is thinking of migrating to the UAE, you need a visa, so you can function more comfortably. One of the most important requirements is a medical test for a UAE visa. If you are going through this process, you are probably wondering what happens if you fail these tests. In this section, that question will be answered.

4.1 What to do if you have not obtained an online medical result suitable for a worker visa?

When any migrant who is applying for an employment visa arrives in the country, they must follow the instructions given by the employer. This is obliged to comply and inform the employee of everything related to the UAE labor law. For instance, the UAE medical test for visa 2016 and the changes that have been made.

It is important that you know that every worker enters the country with an entry permit. To have access to this document you must provide the letter where it says that you are offered the job; or failing that, an employment contract. Once you are in the country, your employer begins to perform all the UAE medical tests for visa 2022.

If everything is fine, you are a healthy person and you pass all the exams without a problem and the biometrics; your visa will be approved without any setback. But, if, on the contrary, you have a medical test failed UAE, what happens is that the long-stay permit is automatically denied. Subsequently, this person is transferred to a hospital to be put under medical follow-up.

4.2 What happens if you fail the Dubai visa renewal medical test?

When applying for a visa renewal; employees must also take a medical test for a visa in Sharjah or another emirate. If you fail any of these tests, your employer must pay for the return ticket to your country of origin. In addition, if the worker is diagnosed with a contagious disease, he must be quarantined until the day of boarding his nation.

5. Example of a person who failed the medical test for an employment visa in Abu Dhabi

Normally, each case of the same event can be different. Also, people tend to believe things more with some examples of an individual who believes the same thing. That is why you will see a case of a person with a UAE visa medical result.

5.1 Medical test for visa renewal in Dubai fail

This is a person who was working in a company for 12 years in Dubai. After a while, he got a better job and decided to quit. In the new company, they proceeded to carry out regulatory medical examinations. In these tests, they discovered some scarring, for which they declared the individual medically unfit. Thanks to this, the new employer sent the employee back to Pakistan. The question that arises is, how can this person contact the Dubai authorities to return to work?

5.2 Answer to the question

The first thing you should know is that if you are talking about the residency visa in the UAE; for all medical matters, one should refer to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). By not complying with the medical test for visa 2021, implemented by the DHA, the first possible option is to go to a major medical entity in Pakistan.

There they must make the pertinent medical reports so that it can be demonstrated that the scars are from an old disease that has already been cured. The next step is that all the tests that have been carried out on you must be legalized and notarized. This is done by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also by the UAE embassy in Pakistan.

Ultimately, these reviews must be submitted to the DHA to begin the reconsideration process. In addition, the DHA offers the possibility for you to get in touch with them and thus clarify any doubts.

6. Enter EOR Middle East to start the process of obtaining a visa

When you want to apply for a visa, they can deny it for many reasons, not only for medical tests that failed in UAE. For instance, incomplete documents that are not duly certified. That is why you need to be very clear about everything you need and the process you are going to carry out. A very good option is to seek advice from people educated on the subject. To avoid these awkward situations, contact our company now. for our services:

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