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In the UAE there is the Ministry of Labour (UAE MOL) which is the competent body to direct labor relations and their derivatives. In other words, among its powers are granting work permits and in general monitoring proper compliance with Labor Law. Likewise, do not confuse the issue of work visas since this function does not correspond to the Ministry of Labour UAE but corresponds to the UAE Immigration Department.

In this article, you will learn about the functions of the Ministry of Labour in the UAE.

  1. Know the functions of the Ministry of Labour UAE
  2. Learn about the responsibilities of the Ministry of Labor UAE
  3. What are the departments that make up the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates (MOHRE)?
  4. Do you know what is the importance of the Ministry of Labor UAE?
  5. How do contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE)?
  6. Conclusions

1. Know the functions of the Ministry of Labour in UAE

As a body with surveillance functions for compliance with labor regulations, the Ministry of Labor has the following functions.

1.1 Issue the employment contract for the employer and the employee

The employer will receive the employment contract that MOL UAE will send to him so that he can request the work permit of the corresponding worker. In this sense, both the MOL and the employer must agree on the terms and conditions of the employment contract.

Likewise, the future worker must agree with the terms and conditions of the labor agreement, so it must be written in English and his native language so that in this way there is no doubt that the future worker knows what to expect is compromising labor.

1.2 Grant the Labor Card

The Ministry of Labor in Dubai issues the employment card to the employee after reviewing and approving the application. This procedure corresponds to the employer who must do so in the UAE Ministry of Labor (MOL).

1.3 Approve and deliver work permits

The Ministry of Labour has among its functions issued a work permit to a person who wishes to work legally in the country. It is illegal for an employer to hire a foreign person without first obtaining a work permit. In this sense, if an employer does not comply with this requirement, it will be exposed to heavy sanctions. Likewise, these sanctions can also fall on the worker.

That is why it is important that both the employer and the employee keep the corresponding work permit closely before a possible inspection by the Ministry of Labor UAE.

1.4 Renewals of employment documents such as employment card and work permit

The work permit and labor card depend on the duration of the employment contract of the foreign worker. Therefore, once this is finished, the employer must carry out the process for the renewal of these documents.

In this sense, the Immigration department’s function is to renew work visas. This should not be confused with the role of the MOL UAE in renewing the work permits and labor cards of foreign workers.

1.5 Impose the labor ban on foreign workers

Labor regulations in the UAE allow both the employer and the employee to terminate the employment contract at any time during its validity as long as both parties agree. However, a situation may occur in which a foreign worker terminates the employment contract without the consent of his employer. In these cases, this can generate a labor ban for the worker which is up to the Ministry of Labor in UAE to impose.

For its part, this is not the only case in which the Ministry of Labor UAE can impose a labor ban on foreign workers. In this sense, the employer may request to impose this prohibition in the event that it considers that the foreign worker does not satisfactorily comply with his contractual labor obligations.

1.6 Resolution of labor disputes

One of the main functions of the Ministry of Labor is to settle labor disputes between employers and employees. This takes into account that going to a labor court can be somewhat complicated and expensive. Going to the Ministry of Labour UAE is a more expeditious and economical way to seek labor justice. Therefore, this Ministry will always seek the best way out through conciliation for the benefit of the parties in conflict.

2. Learn about the responsibilities of the Ministry of Labor in UAE

As we can see, the Ministry of Labour UAE has various functions; below we will present its most important responsibilities:

2.1 Comply with the Federal Labor Law and supervise its compliance

As a supervisory body for labor relations, the MOL UAE has the responsibility of guaranteeing compliance with the Federal Labor Law, for which it has at its disposal all the previously mentioned functions.

2.2 Ensure compliance with the various labor standards and regulations by employers and employees

In UAE labor law there is not only the Federal Labor Law, there are also other norms and regulations that the MOL UAE must guarantee compliance by employers and employees.

2.3 Managing the labor market

Since the UAE is a country where the vast majority of its inhabitants are foreigners and since this ministry is the body that approves or rejects the necessary documentation so that foreign employees can work legally in the country, it turns out that as a consequence the Ministry of Labor in UAE handles the distribution and figures of the labor market.

2.4 Plan, propose and establish labor policies for the improvement of the labor market in the country

As the governing body of labor law in the country, the Ministry of Labor is responsible for planning, proposing, and establishing labor policies that it deems pertinent for the improvement and development of the UAE labor market.

2.5 Increase labor productivity and generate facilities for increasing sources of employment

This responsibility is a purpose generated in the fulfillment of all the functions of the Ministry of Labor in UAE. Undoubtedly, one of the main purposes of the governing body for labor law in the UAE is to create the best conditions for the labor market to be as productive as possible and for people from all over the world to wish to provide their services to companies in the country.

3. What are the departments that make up the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates (MOHRE)?

MOHRE has two divisions or offices. One is the Ministry of Resources, whose functions and responsibilities we presented above, and the other office or department is that of Emiratization. In this sense, the Emiratization department has different duties and responsibilities, among which are:

  • Develop an Emirati policy with the aim of inserting more Emirati citizens into the labor market. Likewise, this department must guarantee compliance with this emirate policy by employers.
  • Likewise, you must carry out studies and analyses of any kind on the labor market for its improvement.
  • Give any kind of professional advice to the Emirati working class.
  • Promote the creation of small businesses through the implementation of a project for that purpose.
  • Prepare and deliver training programs for Emirati citizens seeking employment.
  • Plan, coordinate, direct, and execute training programs and professional training and education in the country.

4. Do you know what is the importance of the Ministry of Labor of UAE?

Primarily, this is a government body that intervenes in cases of breach of the employment contract by either the employer or the employee. Likewise, it has active participation in the proposal and execution of policies, norms, and regulations regarding labor law.

Likewise, those who go to the Ministry of Labor UAE do so as a measure prior to judicial proceedings. In this sense, the parties will seek to resolve the labor conflict through conciliation and agreement between the two, so in many cases, they will sign documents in which they will commit to carrying out certain actions with the aim of going to court since this route is more complex and expensive.

An important point is that every worker in the UAE, especially a foreigner, must know the benefits that this organization grants in order to avoid abuses against them. Therefore, if an employee is being treated unfairly or the employer is not honoring the employment contract, the employee can go and file a complaint with the Ministry of Labour where they will seek to resolve this conflict peacefully.

5. How do contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE)?

There are several lines of communication with the UAE Ministry of Labour for MOL enquires.

  • Ministry of Labor contact:

UAE Labour contact number:

Call Center: 600590000.

International Call Center: 00971-68027666.

Labour Office Dubai contact number: +971-4-2691666

Web Page: www.mol:

6. Conclusions

The Ministry of Labor UAE is a government agency whose main responsibility is to resolve conflicts that are presented through complaints by any of the parties in an employment relationship, whether it is the employer or the employee.

Likewise, this body must ensure compliance with the different regulations that govern labor law in the UAE, as well as propose and execute the policies it deems necessary for the improvement and development of the labor market in the country.

In other words, the Ministry of Labor of the UAE plays a very important role, among other things, to create a greater source of jobs, as well as, in general terms, it has the responsibility to make the labor market of the UAE increasingly attractive, especially so that foreigners see the country as an interesting possibility to work in it.

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