Employment Contract Non-Renewal Letter From the Worker to the Manager

In the UAE there are two types of contracts, limited and unlimited. Limited contracts have an expiration date and workers generally know it. When this date is close, the companies grant the possibility of renewing it and making a new one. It may happen that the worker does not want to continue working in the company. In this case, an employment contract non-renewal letter from the employee to the employer must be delivered.

In this article, you will see all the information you need about an employment contract non-renewal letter from the employee to the employer. The first thing will be to show you the definition so that when you need it, you know what you should write. In addition, you will see the most common reasons why employees want to leave companies. Finally, we will give you some tips on how to write the right wording for a letter for the non-renewal of the work contract.

  1. What is an employment contract non-renewal letter from the employee to the employer?
  2. What are the reasons why workers want to retire from companies?
  3. Benefits of writing a non-renewal letter to the company
  4. How can you write this letter?
  5. Final recommendations
  6. Contact EOR Middle East so that we can advise you and write a good employment contract non-renewal letter from the employee to the employer

1. What is an employment contract non-renewal letter from the employee to the employer?

When starting to work in a company, a contract is signed with it. However, when the employee does not want to renew his contract, he can write a letter to his employer for the non-renewal of the contract. This letter is written by the employee to his sponsor before the end of his contract with the company. This letter can be delivered to the company’s human resources team.

The purpose of this letter is to let the employer know that you do not want to renew the contract. In summary, this letter can be considered as a letter announcing the end of the service. The employee needs to take into account that the letter of non-renewal must be delivered before the expiration of his contract. Otherwise, you may have problems when it comes time to get a new job.

It should be noted that this letter of non-renewal of a contract will not only have repercussions on your work but also on your legal status. This is because the employment contract held by the employee is linked to his work visa. Therefore, the contract non-renewal letter also implies a visa non-renewal letter. It is important that you take this visa cancellation into account when you decide not to renew your contract.

As established in the UAE labor law visa cancellation, canceling the employment contract cancels the work visa and vice versa. If you want to stay working in the UAE, it is necessary to find a new sponsor and obtain a new employment contract along with a visa. It is important that you cancel any contract or visa that is not related to the new company you want to work for.

2. What are the reasons why workers want to retire from companies?

Employees may have many reasons for wanting to leave their jobs. Generally, when it comes to not asking for a contract renewal, the most common are listed below.

2.1 The employee does not feel comfortable in his job

To work well, workers must feel comfortable and pleased with the job. This refers to the work environment, company rules, the behavior of direct supervisors, and other factors. If for any of these or another reason the employee feels uncomfortable, it is very likely that at the right time; going to want to deliver the non-renewal letter of the employment contract.

2.2 The employee finds a better job offer

Companies are in constant search to find good employees because that is what makes them successful. Therefore, if you are in a company performing well, it is very common for a better job offer to appear. With this, it is normal for the employee to want to deliver a not renewing contract letter and accept the new job with better benefits.

2.3 Employee moving

For different reasons, employees often want to change their country or city. For instance, being closer to a relative or having a particular taste for a state. Generally, people who have this interest wait for the expiration date of the contract to arrive. A few days before this, they deliver the non-renewal letter from the employee to the employer to continue with the move.

3. Benefits of writing a non-renewal letter to the company

Very often people wait for their service contract with the company to end so they can move on. This usually happens because the contracts that they do not have do not allow them to leave the company at all costs. This occurs because the company seeks to protect its rights and the employment of its employees during the duration of the contract.

As mentioned above, writing a non-renewal letter is practically the same as quitting your job. However, this letter differs in certain aspects from resigning directly from employment. The main difference that can be observed is that the employee is not required to give the notice.

After the agreement between the two parties ends, neither party will be bound under any terms and conditions that have been previously established. However, despite not being under any terms and conditions, the employee may claim their respective settlement of fees. This will only apply if the company has outstanding debts with the employee.

With this contract non-renewal letter, employees can leave their jobs to go to another company. In this way, they can work in a different company if the employee so wishes after their contract with the company has ended. Achieving this way, the company begins all the procedures for the cancellation of its contract and its visa.

4. How can you write this letter?

Many times people do not know how to write a non-renewal letter to the Company. This is because they feel that it is an offense against the employer. It is important that you know that this is not the case. What you should do is address yourself respectfully and cordially in this letter. Thinking about this, in this section, you will see all the things you need to know about how to write this document.

4.1 Inform the employer from the beginning of the decision made

Once you start writing this letter, you must make known the decision you made not to continue with the company. Therefore, you do not want to renew the contract that is about to expire. At this point, it is important that you begin to include certain personal data. For instance, full name, employment number, the unified number, and others. In addition, it is important that you include a photocopy of the UAE labor card and the emirates ID; thus, remember to check the ID status.

4.2 State the expiration date of the contract

The letter for not renewing the contract must be delivered sometime before the expiration of the agreement. Therefore, it is important to let the employer know what the specific expiration date is. With this, you will allow your previous boss to find your replacement. You can even support the company by training the person who will be hired in your old position.

4.3 Specify the reasons

When you want to write a non-renewal of employment contract, it is important that you specifically say the reasons why you made those decisions. Generally, once employers receive these writings, they request a meeting with the worker. This is to be able to discuss the decision and try not to withdraw from the company. It is important that you do not speak badly or criticize the company, which could cause your departure to be on bad terms. Which is not recommended because you may need some recommendations from your boss.

4.4 Be professional and friendly

It is important that you maintain a professional attitude, for this you must comply with some aspects. For instance, you should not leave projects unfinished. If your contract ends and there are tasks that you have already started, it is important that you finish them and then you retire. This type of behavior is what employers take into account, in case you need to resume your job or have a recommendation for future jobs.

4.5 End the letter by thanking the reader

At the end of the letter not to renew the contract, it is important that you dedicate a paragraph to thank your employer. The first thing you should be thankful for is the opportunity that this company gave you in all possible aspects. For instance, learn new things and add more experience to your resume. You can comment that you felt very good during the time you provided service to the company. Inclusively, you can even search the internet for a sample of non-renewal letters.

5. Final recommendations

Firstly, you should know that it is extremely important that you deliver the letter well in advance. This is because you allow the company to be able to find a replacement and that job position is not left unattended. Many times, employers welcome people who are interested in working for the company; but they reject them because they have all the positions filled. If you deliver the letter earlier, you can allow one of these individuals to come to work.

The second important thing is that if the company gave you any equipment so that you could perform your functions, you must return it. For instance, cell phones or business computers. All these artifacts must be returned in perfect condition. They cannot be broken or have technical failures. If one of them has any damage, you must pay the cost of it.

The third thing is that employees are normally granted access to confidential documents or information. All the papers that you have of any kind that content belongs to the company must be returned. As well as, computer or cell phone keys to which you have had access. Generally, this is part of the privacy and confidentiality clauses of the company.

Last thing you should know is that it is not very common, but the current contracts are of the unlimited type. That is, they do not have a careful termination date. If that is your case, you can deliver a letter in which you request the final termination of your contract. The scheme is exactly the same as the ones written when you apply for the renewal. It is important that you know that there is no specific time to resign from an unlimited contract. For instance, it can be 6 months later if you meet the conditions.

6. Contact EOR Middle East so that we can advise you and write a good employment contract non-renewal letter from the employee to the employer

With all the information above, you can realize that it is very important to write a good letter not to renew the contract. If you are in that situation and all the previous advice has not been enough for you; do not hesitate to contact EOR Middle East so that we can provide you with the advice you need on this writing. This is because you realize that it is very important to maintain good relations with the former employer.

If you need specialized people to advise you on this type of matter and many others, you have to enter EOR Middle East. We have individuals who can guide you on issues of business management or immigration services. We can also help you with human resources management. To contact us you can call us at +971 43 316 688 or write to the following email [email protected].

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