How to generate a good international recruitment strategy?

The job market is in a state of constant change. The conditions for a successful job search are also changing. Especially in international companies, international recruitment plays an increasingly important role. This is also true for companies that have decided to relocate to The Middle East or open a subsidiary in that place.

In this article, we will explain why the right talents have to be found in the respective country. Which obviously implies a different culture and a foreign language. Also, the international recruitment process varies from country to country as different platforms and networks are used. Specialized talent scouts bring the knowledge and experience needed to set up your business in the new location with the right talent.

  1. How to generate a good international recruitment strategy?
  2. How to recruit international talent remotely
  3. Advantages of hiring a foreign worker
  4. What do you need to demand a recruitment license?
  5. Services
  6. Analysis of admissibility and job offers
  7. How can we help you obtain more information about international recruitment?

1.1. Build a global talent brand

Nowadays, the main thing to attract the best international talent is to create an attractive and solid brand that attracts the attention of your future candidates.

Build a good website:

  • What should a candidate see when landing on your website? To begin with, you need to work on the design. Also, make it easy on the eyes by choosing colors, fonts, and logos.
  • Lots of disturbing ads, auto-playing content, and links will only frustrate the visitor and make them leave immediately.
  • It should be a friendly and easy-to-use place. Regardless of the device, make sure contact information and any buttons are visible.
  • It is important to have a page where you talk about the company, its business culture, and where the candidate can appreciate everything the company offers.
  • Also, there should be a page dedicated to employees. Where they share their stories and experiences, information on training, internal promotion, and benefits they offer.
  • Create an FAQ section where potential candidates can ask questions and get answers quickly.
  • Do not forget to optimize your website in search engines, you can combine SEO and PPC (cost per click) to raise brand awareness and increase your reach.

The implementation of a couple of international recruitment marketing strategies will help you improve your visibility.

Use social media:

  • Share your offers through social networks, it is important that you create your company page on different web pages; this network will make your offers visible to more candidates.
  • Share valuable content, answer user questions, and join relevant communities to drive reach and position yourself as a fresh company.

1.2. Find the right time to do it

Many business owners decide to start recruiting internationally. If you have recently launched a startup and want to attract overseas workers, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • To recruit internationally, start with your city, your goal should be to hire local workers and, at the same time, invest in the inclusion and diversity of your company.
  • The nationality, religion, age, or gender of the candidates should not concern you, as long as their skills meet the needs of your company. In this way, you will create good employer branding.
  • Look for untapped talent pools, such as people with disabilities, who often have trouble finding profitable jobs no matter how qualified they are to work. This helps you create a different and inclusive company.

1.3. Consult a lawyer

When recruiting international talent, you should learn more about the labor regulations of their countries.

Depending on the country, legal matters vary, so you must have an immigration specialist lawyer on your team, who can provide the necessary information to the company and the future employee.

1.4. Work permit

Depending on the country, work permits vary, so it is important to take these types of things into account before starting to search and select an international candidate.

They are usually long processes and a lot of paperwork, so keep this in mind when choosing a candidate who needs special permission. To speed up the process you can have the paperwork organized depending on the necessary permit, to save you the search for requirements.

1.5. Address the needs of new hires

Hiring international personnel is an experience both for the worker and for the company, which is why a complete plan must be in place for the arrival of the employee, which must include onboarding to the company and the presentation of their new city. You must offer him everything he needs to make him feel comfortable and at home, for example, introduce him to the lawyer so that he can help him with whatever he needs.

All this shows that you are really interested and will make him feel comfortable in his new destination. Remember that he is coming to a new place and needs time to adapt, settle in and understand everything that is happening, do not pressure him, support him and help him in whatever he needs to make his process more enjoyable.

Keep in mind that collaboration in the workplace depends on the culture of the company and this directly affects your international employee. That is why, only by building a close collaboration between your organization, and your local and foreign employees you can help them get through it.

In conclusion, to hire staff outside your territory, you must have a solid and structured company that can provide you with stability in every way.

2. How to recruit international talent remotely

With digitalization, companies are now looking for talent with information technology (IT) knowledge, even outside their country, which means an opportunity for people, who do not have to move or change residence to be part of a firm.

It is a trend that, thanks to the benefits of the home office, is growing more and more and where programmers and software developers are more in demand. As well as marketing, communication, and even sales profiles, so much so that in the last year, 84% of people in the world looking for a job opportunity abroad do so remotely.

The diversity of human capital is increasing within companies. And it is that according to an analysis. It stated that at least 30% of the companies in the region seek talent outside their country for digital and technological positions.

The pandemic showed that it is not necessary to go to the office every day to fulfill work responsibilities; even though it is not necessary to be in the same city, therefore, we share the keys that companies must consider to attract and recruit international talent:

  • Hiring by skills or abilities. This helps to find the right staff based on the skills required regardless of their nationality or country of residence
  • Adequate onboarding process. A digital incorporation protocol for new global talents allows them to feel part of the company. For this, the organizational culture must be transformed
  • Change management. Changes in internal management should be considered through a leader who is in charge of transmitting the importance of adding global talent to the company

3. Advantages of hiring a foreign worker

Increased mobility and availability. Unlike a local worker, a newly arrived migrant worker will generally be willing to settle in whatever region the company they are going to work for is located. This, without having to think about moving, breaking the lease, changing the spouse’s job, changing schools for the children, etc.

Employment stability. In order for your foreign worker to eventually apply for a change of status and obtain an open work permit, they must prove that they have worked for at least one continuous year in your company. Without intending to present it as a form of a job guarantee, our experience tells us that, due to these requirements, your new employee should remain in your company for a period of at least two to three years.

A contractor must first meet these requirements and complete all the paperwork that would eventually allow them to obtain permanent residence before they can go to work for another company.

4. What do you need to demand a recruitment license?

Even if you are hiring throughout the Middle East, you may require an Employment Agency License. Even if it is not deemed international recruiting. A large number of countries require it.

There are certain recruitment recommendations that you should follow. You must first register your agency with the secretary before applying for a license. The following documents are normally required for the application process:

  • Form of application.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance proof.
  • Proof that you have complied with a bonding obligation.
  • License for individual employment agents (not always).

Application fees vary by country, and your request is normally reviewed in two weeks, with one to two-year renewal periods.

The best course of action is to obtain assistance from a compliance specialist to determine whether or not your target country requires you to be licensed. If so, for which professions.

You should have no trouble getting a recruiting license as long as you give proper documents to the regulatory body and meet the conditions (which are usually related to your character, competency, and financial background).

5. Services

The international recruitment process may seem difficult. But our goal at EOR Middle East is to make it as simple and efficient as possible for your company. For this reason, we offer a personalized service based on your needs. Our function ranges from the recruitment to the reception of foreign workers, without forgetting their integration.

First of all, we collect your selection criteria for international recruitment. We take into account several elements, such as the position, the job description, the required training, and the necessary experience.

With your collaboration, we define the language requirements and determine the country where we are going to recruit. We take the time to understand your company culture and values. In a nutshell, we put everything in place to recruit the best candidates for you.

6. Analysis of admissibility and job offers

We carry out an in-depth analysis of your eligibility for international recruitment programs (requirements and company responsibilities). Our analysis of the different aspects of job offers allows us to formulate clear and precise recommendations to help you. Therefore, favor the approval of your file.

6.1. Government authorizations

To ensure that you obtain the necessary government authorizations for the hiring of foreign workers, we take care of all the preparation of your file. As well as the applications for work permits and visas for your workers.

6.2. Employee retention

A restricted work permit allows foreign workers to work only for the employer who arranges for their employment. This is a condition that favors employee retention and provides an advantage in an environment of labor shortage.

Also, employers can renew the contract of a foreign independent worker beyond the initial scheduled date. Therefore, a worker you train can stay in your job for many years. These workers are characterized by loyalty to their employer and recognition for the opportunity they received.

7. How can we help you obtain more information about international recruitment?

EOR Middle East is your finest alternative if you are seeking the ideal HR management staff. We offer the best human resource management services in the area. We offer our services in zones such as:

EOR Middle East has spent years working directly with a variety of businesses, assisting them with their management difficulties. Furthermore, our organization has a 98 percent success rate and numerous awards. Establishing us as the leading HR management firm in the UAE.

Do you want to receive more information for your company? EOR Middle East offers a variety of services that will relieve you of any load. We will assist you in entering any Middle Eastern market with our top-notch relocation services. Contact us at [email protected].

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