How HR managers can overcome common challenges

Having to manage a workforce is not an easy assignment. It is a challenging responsibility and if HR managers in the UAE are not well-equipped to do their job, they may fail. HR management in 2022 is more complicated than ever. Subsequently, knowing how to deal with challenges is important. 

In this article, you will learn what are the functions of an HR manager, the advantages of having one, and what are their main challenges. HR management in the UAE can be a complicated job. However, when they nail their roles, managers can be a precious asset to your company. 

  1. What is an HR manager?
  2. Functions of an HR manager
  3. Benefits of having an HR manager in the UAE
  4. What is an HR challenge?
  5. Most common HR challenges for managers
  6. How can EOR Middle East help you?

1. What is an HR manager?

Human resource managers are the individuals in charge of directing and leading the routine functions of the HR department. HR managers must have certain skills to perform their duties in the right way. These skills are:

  • Impeccable written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Great negotiation, conflict resolutions, and interpersonal abilities. 
  • Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills. 
  • Robust problem-solving and analytical skills. 
  • The ability to highlight assignments and delegate them when necessary.
  • The capacity to act with professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity.
  • Thorough knowledge of local laws and regulations.
  • The aptitude to change and evolve as the situation requires it. 
  • Learn quickly about the organization they are working in.

When talking about HR managers in the UAE, there are many interesting options to select. Nevertheless, the most popular way of relieving your company from any managerial duty is to hire a Professional Employment Organization. These companies take care of every aspect of the HR department with ease. 

2. Functions of an HR manager

The HR manager has a variety of functions within a company. Most of them have to do with hiring and helping companies remain compliant with the local laws. 

2.1 Hiring

The main function of HR managers in the UAE is hiring new employees. The HR team is in charge of recruiting, interviewing, and selecting new candidates. Human resources managers need to have extensive knowledge about the company’s culture so they can assure that the individuals they are interviewing match the company’s views. 

An HR managerial company actively seeks the type of workers a company needs. For example, if they want 1099 employees or freelancers to complete a particular project, they have to find the most adequate ones for the position. When working with a PEO agency, companies have the benefit of counting on professionals that have the tools to find the most experienced candidates for any role.

2.2 Employees and Compliance

Apart from being responsible for the whole hiring process, HR managers in the UAE are in charge of the career development of the employees. HR management teams must use their leadership aptitudes to direct staff members to success. Helping them remain productive and satisfied within their roles in the company. 

Additionally, they have to make sure that companies abide by employment laws and other local guidelines such as diversity requirements, sexual harassment policies, discrimination policies, federal, and state regulations. It is important to remember that HR managers have to ensure that the work environment is safe for every single staff member. 

2.3 Communication

The base of a great HR management team is communication. HR managers in Dubai have to know how to communicate information between the local workforce or remote team. They have to be capable of dealing with the technology available in the company to satisfy any necessity. 

Managers need to have efficient oral and written communication to lead employees to perform tasks in the right way. Also, they must make employees aware of their performance. Thus, leaving them reviews and feedback about their performance. Plus, they have to learn how to handle workforce problems by interceding in disputes and implementing disciplinary procedures. 

2.4 Economy

HR managers in the UAE that work for PEO agencies have a direct role in the economy of the company. These teams are involved in managing staff members’ benefits such as health insurance, retirement benefits, sick leaves, vacation time, and more. 

In addition, they have to deal with payroll outsourcing, managing time cards, distributing paychecks, and other duties. Moreover, they are in charge of filling pay stubs for employees and keeping a record of other important matters. 

3. Benefits of having an HR manager in the UAE

Human resources management can help achieve the goals of any company. As well as improve productivity within the workforce. HR management teams support companies with many managerial processes. Firstly, having great HR management can improve the business’ culture by tightening the organization’s vision, values, traditions, and beliefs. 

HR managers can help establish company procedures, guidelines, and standards. Consequently, allowing workers to learn and know acceptable practices and behaviors in the workplace. Also, they encourage freedom and flexibility for employees to have a better work-life balance. 

Secondly, an HR manager in the UAE can support companies to deal with sudden changes. Managers help companies by providing them with the necessary technological tools to streamline their processes. For example, a PEO agency can help companies by dealing with overseas workers’ payments

HR management is about building bridges between employers and staff members. Hence, they are constantly making plans to help the company develop and expand in many areas. Thirdly, managers can get involved with training employees. Fomenting them to work on their skills set and seeking new experiences to scale in their career path.  

Fourthly, HR managers in the UAE provide companies with the advantage of knowing how to remain compliant with the laws. They lead organizations to implement the necessary guidelines and regulations to make the workplace safe. Furthermore, managers help make the healthcare system in any company stronger by putting policies in place. 

Finally, another benefit of having an HR team by your side, is that they help you retain your workforce. When applying every single function in the right way, employees would not want to leave your company. HR managers in the UAE encourage workers to invest in their education, skills and award them with benefits and other compensations. 

4. What is an HR challenge?

It does not matter if your company is small or big, encountering managerial challenges along the way is a common thing. HR challenges typically appear by consequence of political climate, the economy, circumstances, and social context. 

In these recent years, HR managers in the UAE have had more challenges doing their job than ever. As the world is rapidly evolving. Companies have to focus more on keeping the safety of their workplace. As a result, HR teams are having newer and unfamiliar challenges to manage. 

Nonetheless, a great HR management team can resolve any challenges quickly. Taking care of how resolving will impact businesses in the present and the future. From finding remote workers to hire to deal with inside issues, there are no hard challenges for an efficient HR manager. 

5. Most common HR challenges for managers

Human resources can be a difficult job position. Especially if the individual does not have the necessary skills to deal with the challenges that the role can bring. The most common HR challenges for managers usually are:

5.1 Enticing top talent

The act of attracting top talent has always been a challenge for HR teams. Recently, it is one of the most important and overwhelming assignments of human resources. To attract the perfect candidates for a company, business owners must provide HR teams with the requirements and objectives of the job. 

Business owners must make sure that the HR management team understands their company completely. In this way, they will have a better understanding of what the business is looking for in an employee. Most HR teams use their technology to find professionals with different skills and experiences. So, it is up to the managers to provide them with the correct information to succeed in the recruitment process. 

HR managers in the UAE are experts in recruiting, screening and interviewing candidates. Ultimately, focusing on how well an individual will fit in the organization according to their skills and experiences. With their unique tools, managers can create workforces that are responsible and adaptable to any change. 

5.2 Embracing change

HR managers are always confronting change. Therefore, remaining aligned with organizational change is necessary. The change affects every part of the company, from customer interactions to the working environment. Thus, being flexible is the perfect way to overcome this common challenge. 

Transformation always brings discomfort amongst staff members. However, it is the HR manager’s responsibility to help workers go through these changes with no problem. Allowing the whole company to embrace change easier. 

Dealing with this issue can be particularly challenging. Consequently, an HR management team must be always prepared to help business owners communicate with their staff members. Providing notices and warnings of the upcoming changes and leading them to act in the right way to quickly overcome them. 

5.3 Managing diversity

Globalization is affecting organizations everywhere. Companies are in constant need of immigration services to expand operations into new areas. Nevertheless, with globalization comes diversity, and being a diverse organization is a must in 2022. HR management teams have the challenge of dealing with diverse employees in the workplace. Making their voices heard. 

Besides abiding by local laws and regulations, the HR team has to make sure that the working environment is comfortable and welcoming to everyone. HR managers in the UAE must implement different programs that showcase the importance of working in a diverse space. bringing attention to different ideas to innovate the company. 

5.4 Creating a quality employee experience

In summary, the best way to overcome any challenge is to curate a quality employee experience. It does not matter how good an HR team is, if companies are not capable of fixing their flaws they would not be able to retain their workforce.

When staff members are fully satisfied with their work, they will last, and seek opportunities to grow within the company. Employers and HR teams have to work closely to create the greatest environment they can provide. When this happens, the company will enhance its processes and develop. 

HR managers should encourage companies to offer enticing opportunities and benefits for their workers. Keep them constantly incentivized to perform better each time and enjoy their work atmosphere. The best way to keep workers satisfied is to create a culture that is not toxic and approachable for each individual. 

6. How can EOR Middle East help you?

If you are looking for the perfect HR management team, EOR Middle East is your best option. We provide the best HR management services in the region. Offering our expertise in places such as:

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EOR Middle East provides many services that will lift any burden from your shoulders. Leaving you time to focus on other areas of your company. With our top-of-the-notch relocation services, we will help you enter any market in the Middle Eastern region.

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