Unified Number in UAE 2024 All You Need To Know

All foreigners to enter and stay in the country must have a visa. It is important that you know about all the data that is there. For instance, the unified number UAE. This number is one of the most important for your identification in this nation. All persons visiting or residing in the UAE have a characterization number related to government affairs.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need about the unified number UAE. The first thing will be to show you all the important numbers that are on your visa. The second thing is to explain in detail what the UAE unified number is. Also, we will show you where this ID is and how to find it online. Specifically, we will discuss.

  1. What are the most important data on a visa?
  2. What is the unified number in a UAE visa?
  3. Where to find the unified number UAE?
  4. How to find a unified number UAE for a visit visa online?
  5. Hidden information on your UAE visa number
  6. Some FAQs
  7. Enter EOR Middle East for more information on all types of visas

1. What are the most important data on a visa?

When you are granted a visit visa or tourist visa, it is important that you have information about the numbers that appear there. In this section, we will show you which are the most important data that come out there.

  • Unified number UAE or UID number UAE (9-digit number at the top of the visa). Another name with which they will mention it to you would be the UDB number.
  • UAE file number (below the unified ID)
  • Visa number (at the end of the file number)
  • Personal information. Name, passport number, sponsor name, and job are included. In addition, the date of issuance and expiration of the visa (last three rows of the residence permit).

Reading this surely raises many questions like, what is the unified number in UAE? What is the UDB number in GDRFA? In the course of the article, all these possible doubts will be answered, and so you will know your residence permit better.

2. What is the unified number in a UAE visa?

This number is very important due to what it implies within the visa of people in the UAE. The UDB is a number that is comprised of 9 digits generated automatically. This number is given together with the issuance of the person’s residence visa. With this number the person is identified as the visa holder and is unique to the visa holder.

When these numbers are assigned, they are issued by the General Directorate of Residence and Immigration or by its acronym (GDRFA). The Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority or by its acronym (ICA) are also involved in this process. These governing bodies are those that participate in the issuance and management of residence permits. Also, Emirate ID requests.

The governing bodies are equally involved with other identification documents that are related to the stay in the UAE. For this reason, the UID number is a number that has great importance and despite being chosen automatically it is important. Foreigners must know this number if they have a resident visa.

All people have this unified number. However, this is different for all cases, that is, there cannot be a unified number equal to another. They are all unique and stay with people regardless of visa status. This number cannot be transferred to another person. In addition, this number will be with the person throughout their stay in the country.

3. Where to find the unified number UAE?

To visit the United Arab Emirates, you need a visitor’s visa. These are only applicable if you do not want to stay for long periods in the UAE. If you only want to know about the landscapes that this country gives you, do not hesitate to ask for a tourist permit. In addition, it allows you to learn about a new culture.

When you already have your visa it is important that you know about the data that is present there. Specifically, the UDB number or UAE unified number. This number is very common to be asked because it is a type of identification that you have in the country. That is why you have to know how to locate it on your tourist visa.

Having your visit permit in hand, you will notice that there are a variety of numbers, codes, and information about you. Finding it is very simple, it will be the nine-digit number that is at the top right of the visa. Once you have located the unified UAE ID number, you will not have identification problems within the country.

4. How to find a unified number UAE for a visit visa online?

Although this number is in plain sight on our visa, it can be found by other means. If you want to get your unified number quickly and online, it is important that you follow these steps:

  • You must enter the official website of the General Directorate of Residence and Immigration.
  • Being on the page you should look for where the information regarding the unified number inquiry service appears.
  • You must then follow the prompts and enter your personal information. This must include your passport number, your nationality, your date of birth, and what is your gender.
  • Before continuing you must solve a mathematical question for security reasons.
  • To finish, you must click on send to find out what your unified number in the UAE is.

5. Hidden information on your UAE visa number

In addition, of all the numbers and data that are part of the visa, there are also some codes. You will see these codes at the beginning of the visa number. Essentially, there are two of them and each one represents something different. Next, you will see what they symbolize.

  • If it is code two, it is considered that you have a visa for work reasons. That is, an employment or work visa in any of the emirates that make up the UAE.
  • There is also code 3. This represents that you have a residence permit that is sponsored by a relative or by your spouse.

Finally, at the bottom of the visa, you will find the signature of the director of the GDRFA. This is what verifies the information and that your permit was legally certified.

6. Some FAQs

It is very common for people to ask questions when they do not know about a subject. For this reason, below you will see the most frequently asked questions regarding the unified number of the UAE:

6.1 What does the UID number means?

When you refer to the UID or the UAE unified ID meaning, you are talking about an identification number that is unique and personalized. This number is assigned to everyone who enters the UAE.

6.2 What benefits does the unified number (UID) provide?

The UID is a number that identifies you and is very important since it has different benefits that will help you. This number has various applications and is used to do the following:

  • You can apply for a residence visa.
  • You will be able to apply for your UAE identification.
  • Serves to support your identity within the UAE immigration system.

6.3 Which are the government entities that can issue a UAE unified number?

There is only one entity with the authority to issue this unified UAE number. This is the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA). They are in charge of issuing a UID number for all people who decide to move to the UAE.

6.4 Is it possible to have more than one unified number per person?

This should not be possible as a unique UID is issued to each person who decides to enter, travel to, or is a resident of the UAE. However, errors can be generated in the system and there may be people who are assigned more than one UID. If this problem occurs, it is recommended that the person visit the GDRFA to collect these numbers.

6.5 If you have more than one unified number, how can I merge them?

If you have more than one UID you should try to solve this problem as quickly as possible. This is caused because having more than one UID can cause issues with your residency. However, this is not the only one as it can also lead to problems with the Emirates ID application.

To fix this problem you can visit the GDRFA immigration authority to fix everything faster. It is important to note that you must bring your passport and, a copy of your entry visa if applicable. Also, you must bring all relevant documents, such as employment information.

If you have expired or canceled visas these can serve as extra supporting documents. Therefore, it is advisable to take them with you during this process as they can help you expedite the process.

6.6 Do you need to include my UID in my Emirates ID application?

You must do so as the first 9 digits are required to complete your application. This indicates the importance of this number if you want to get an Emirates ID card.

6.7 What is the unified number Abu Dhabi?

If you have a unified number, it is important that you take into account the following tips. If you carefully read the first three digits of this number, you will be able to learn some important facts. The first three digits are related to the name of the emirates issuing the visa and it is important to take this into account.

If it starts with 101, the visa was issued by Abu Dhabi. Similarly, if it starts with 201 you refer to Dubai. The number 301 belongs to Sharjah and the number 401 refers to Ajman. In this way, you can more easily identify where the different unified numbers are issued.

6.8 How can you acquire a UID number?

If you do not have access to the unified number Dubai number or simply after looking for it so much, you cannot find it online; You must enter the official website of the GDRFA and request a personal and direct consultation. You can contact them by the phone number that you can also find online. They have two different numbers. One is for calls within the country and the other is for international calls.

Another option that they offer you if you are in the territory of the United Arab Emirates; is to go personally to the General Directorate of Residence and Immigration (GDRFA). The main headquarters can be found in Al Jaffliya, Dubai. You can find the exact address by researching on the internet.

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