When establishing in any new jurisdiction, there are many administrative tasks to be solved. And the UAE is no difference. In addition to requesting business licenses, ID cards, and visas, entrepreneurs can also request a No Objection Certificate (NOC) or NOC letter to get started.

 In this article, we will discuss NOC integrated in more detail:

  1. UAE No Objection Certificate – Meaning
  2. Why do you need a certificate of no objection?
  3. When is a NOC letter required in the UAE?
  4. Do you need a NOC to work in the UAE?
  5. Do you need a NOC in the UAE to lift your employment ban?
  6. Is it necessary a NOC to start trading since you are working?
  7. What are the properties of a NOC letter in Dubai?
  8. Do you need a NOC to apply for a UAE visa?
  9. Do you need a NOC to get a work visa?
  10. Is it necessary a NOC to do business in the UAE?
  11. Is it necessary a NOC in UAE to lift the work ban?
  12. How not to get banned?
  13. How is a work ban lifted?
  14. What are other common NOC questions?
  15. How can we help you with UAE immigration?

1. UAE No Objection Certificate – What is a NOC letter?

The No Objection Certificate, or NOC letter, is a legal document issued in the UAE. It may be issued by an agency, organization, or other organization.

As the name implies, the NOC in UAE letter informs the shares that the issuer has no objection to the holder taking a certain action. NOCs are usually issued by employers or sponsors who tell government agencies that the holder is independent of activities that could harm the issuer.

2. Why do you need a certificate of no objection?

As we said, NOCs are still forced to engage in certain activities. It is not a complex or verbose file. This simply makes it clear that the issuer, whether it be your employer or sponsor, has no objection to you doing one or more of the actions described below.

3. When is a NOC required in the UAE?

You can get a NOC format if you want to practice any of the following professions:

  • Creating an organization in the UAE
  • Securing self-sufficiency in the UAE
  • Launch of a parallel concert in the United Arab Emirates Together
  • Renewing your business license
  • Add or remove business activities from your UAE business license.
  • Adding a companion to your UAE industry
  • Opening a branch of your company on the UAE mainland
  • Open a bank account
  • Open a new online account
  • Obtaining a driving license in the UAE
  • Buy a new car
  • Remove union ban
  • Access to immigration services

4. Do you need a NOC to work in Dubai?

Not always. As a foreign worker, you can get a format of NOC letter in Dubai after you take on certain functions, go to a new employer or start your own trade while you work. NOCs may also be required when applying for a visa for other territories if you have a residence visa in the UAE.

With so many potential reasons for requesting a NOC letter in Dubai, your best bet is to contact EOR Middle East. We will take the time to understand your background situation in order to advise you on the best course of action.

5. Do you need a NOC in the UAE to lift your employment ban?

Yes. If you want to return to work after a union ban, you will need a NOC in UAE from your employer.

A ban on employment is possible for individuals who violate UAE trade union law or the terms of their employment contract. According to the official UAE government portal, employers have the option to apply to the Ministry of Manpower and Emiratization to request a union ban if an employee:

  • Have illegally terminated an employment contract or failed to comply with the provisions of the UAE Guilds Act. For example, failure to comply with the notice period specified in an open-ended contract, or terminating an abbreviated contract before it expires.
  • Any person has committed any of the offenses listed in Article 120 of the UAE Guilds Act.
  • You worked for another company without obtaining a work permit from the Ministry of Health.
  • Predominated in the United Arab Emirates after the termination of the employment contract for any reason for more than 2 months without legal grounds.

6. Do you need a NOC to start trading since you are working?

If you are planning to start a new trading activity in the UAE mainland since you are employed, you will first need a NOC from your current employer.

However, there are currently many free regions in the UAE that do not require entrepreneurs to provide NOC letter in Dubai data to start their trade. Again, your best bet is to contact EOR Middle East. After a short consultation, we will recommend the most suitable business organization in Dubai according to your needs.

7. What are the properties of a NOC in the UAE?

An Employer’s No Objection Certificate has the following properties:

  • Must be issued by your employer or sponsor.
  • It must be written in English and Arabic.

A NOC is an entirely discretionary record and must be freely given by the employer

8. Do you need a NOC to apply for a UAE visa?

Once we talk about obtaining the documents to apply for the visa for the United Arab Emirates, it can be confusing to be clear on what you need.

9. Do you need a NOC to get a work visa?

The NOC letter in Dubai is not a requirement for obtaining a work visa. Your employer takes care of processing the visa for you, for which they are delegated to process it and obtain all the basic documentation.

10. Do you need a NOC to do business in the UAE?

As a foreign investor, you must grant a NOC to obtain a visa to do business in the UAE. However, this will depend on company makeup and jurisdiction, so be sure to check if this applies to you.

You can contact our company to help you deal with this case. Whether you are an employee or an employer, we have a wide range of resolutions for you to continue to thrive in the UAE and find out how to have universal union strength without dependency. Dependency free visa can also ease your story to work anywhere in Dubai.

11. Do you need a NOC in the UAE to lift the work ban?

A letter of no objection from the UAE is a decisive case when it comes to lifting a trade union ban. A union ban is a legal mechanism that immigration authorities have the ability to compel a subject for the following reasons:

  • Your union contract has expired and your employer today has taken no action regarding your work.
  • Termination of the employment contract of indefinite duration before the completion of one year of service.
  • Termination of the reduced employment contract before its expiration.

In this sense, an employee can benefit from a suspension of 6 months or one year depending on the type of contract, if there is consent to resign and other causes. However, to lift your ban or avoid it, you can use your employer’s NOC UAE and learn how to integrate the human relationship into your universal mobility tactic.

12. How not to get banned?

 There are 2 ways to bypass a guild ban. Here we have the following:

  • Your employer must extend your previous employment after the contract expires.
  • Transfer your sponsorship to another employer.

If you are transferring your sponsorship, you need an NOC letter in Dubai. Your current sponsor must produce a certificate of no objection in order for you to transfer your guild card. This way, you can do this after completing your union contract or in the middle of the sponsorship transfer process.

13. How is a work ban lifted?

While regulations in the UAE are constantly changing, the most recent update states that in order to lift a union ban, the employee must obtain the NOC UAE from the current employer.

In addition, the new employer must pay a minimum salary of AED 5,000 (high school diploma); AED 7,000 (graduates); AED 12,000 (licenses).

 Here are the steps to remove your guild’s ban:

  • Get your employer’s NOC in Arabic today.
  • Get your offer letter from your new employer.
  • Write a personal application letter and sign it.
  • Send your documents to the Ministry of Labor.
  • Wait for acceptance.

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14. What are other common NOC questions?

Since the CNP is a file that could be requested for certain procedures, it is logical that individuals have doubts about it. It is essential to clear up any doubts you may have about any legal file in the UAE, so that you can stay compliant.

 So if you have common questions like: What is NOC in UAE? or any other, read on:

Do you need a NOC to work part-time in the UAE?

Some years ago, for an employee to have a part-time job in addition to their full-time job, it was necessary to present a letter of no objection from the sponsor to work in the UAE.

However, with the MD 31 of 2018, the legal framework changed and since then the employee no longer needs a CNP to perform part-time work. Therefore, an employee can work for secondary employers without any problem.

However, it is essential to know that the CNP can be used on certain occasions if the secondary employer requests it, however this is a formality. By the way, an employer cannot prevent an employee from working elsewhere unless they have a court order and also contact a reliable recruitment agency in Dubai.

Do you need an NOC to admit a second job if you have a family visa?

Once we talk about people living in the UAE on a family visa, it is essential to point out that they need a NOC if they want to take a second job. If you have a job and want to work part-time, you must have the following:

  • Part-time work permit issued by MoHRE.
  • An NOC of your sponsor.

15. How can we help you with UAE immigration?

Here at EOR Middle East we aim to help you better understand all the legal issues related to jobs and working in the UAE. You may be wondering: What is a NOC letter in UAE? And if this is your case, our team of specialists is at your disposal to solve any of your questions.

Whether you need a residency visa, remote work visa, or free work visa, you are an employer who wants help with your business, we have an opportunity to help. We have been offering our services for the last 2 decades and we assure you that we have the ability to understand it. Our solutions include:

Our own legal experts constantly keep up to date with the latest regulations. So if you need a NOC letter format in word or other legal file, we are here to help. We provide our services in the following regions:

If you would like to contact us, you can do so via: [email protected]. In case of any doubts about our own services, our organization or any other requirements you may have, our staff will kindly advise you and resolve your every requirement efficiently.

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