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Employer of record setting up an entity is not the only solution for entering new markets in the United Arab Emirates.

Using a global employer of record services can be the perfect option for ensuring a seamless expansion in any country, anywhere in the world, including the UAE. 

The UAE is one of the world’s fastest growing and most vibrant commercial and financial hubs. Businesses worldwide are seeking local branches and outlets to take advantage of this lucrative market, but sending their own in-house professionals to open up business is time-consuming and expensive. 

If you’re trying to expand your business or services into the UAE, using EOR UAE services is the easiest and safest way to secure a foothold and do business with local consumers. Businesses often flock to Dubai – UAE’s richest city – and EOR Dubai services will allow you to understand local customs and traditions surrounding business, commerce, and professional partnerships. 

Employer of Record Services

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An employer of record UAE service is the easiest way to find quality professionals from the comfort of your own nation. Employer of record services scour their region to find experts from any industry or with any skill set. They ensure that when your business wants to expand to that region, you have an enthusiastic and prepared professional workforce ready to make your business a success. You can have a staff that understands Dubai customs, business practices, and professional channels without having to learn them yourself. All you need to do is hire an employer of record Dubai service, and your new Dubai branch will be up and running in no time.

Enter new markets with ease

We offer employment solution & Employer of Record Services to businesses that want to enter new markets in the Dubai

Hire top talent

Get top talent for your workforce anywhere in the United Arab Emirates while you save time and reduce costs.

Wide range of services

Whether you want to hire employees, get assistance with HR tasks, receive help with payments, understand local laws or any other administrative task, you can trust in an EOR to support you.

No need to incorporate an entity

You don’t have to deal with the hassles of incorporating a foreign legal entity since the EOR will become the employer of your employees anywhere in the Dubai

Ongoing support

Get ongoing support and a single point of contact for your HR and administrative tasks.

Ensure compliance

Get legal assistance with local regulations and employment law to ensure compliance in any country of the Arab Emirates


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Visa & Work Permit sponsorships

We can sponsor your new hires and get the legal documents for them to start working right away.


Local labour Law compliance

Avoid non-compliance risks with your employment contracts by offering benefits and compensations in accordance with the law.


Provision of local legal entity

No need to establish a legal entity since we will become your legal employers in the Dubai.

Employer of Record Solutions

Employee benefit management

Get an outstanding management of your employee benefits and improve your employee retention.


Relocation services

Relocate your current employees anywhere in the UAE while we handle everything for you.


Recruitment process Outsourcing

Our recruiters can assist you obtain high-quality employees and they will handle each stage of the process.


Simple & Clean Work Process



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We will take care of your tasks such as compliance, risk management, benefits, payroll and more.



You remain the day-to-day control of your employees while we handle their requirements.

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