How to get a medical fitness certificate?

In case you need a medical certificate in UAE or sick leave; both documents must be duly certified by the entity in charge of supervising these matters. This procedure is a fundamental requirement when claiming health insurance or obtaining an extension, if necessary, to sick leave.

In this article, you will see all the information you need about the UAE medical certificate and physical fitness tests. The first thing will be to define the medical fitness certificate. Secondly, you will see how you can acquire this important document. Finally, we will show you the entire process to be able to certify your medical certificate, both online and by going to the medical centers.

  1. What is the medical fitness certificate in UAE?
  2. Learn how you can take the physical fitness test
  3. How is the process able to certify the medical certificate in UAE?

1. What is the medical fitness certificate in UAE?

For a person to proceed with their Dubai visa application, they will need to submit medical proof of their physical fitness. This must be done for any of the visas you want to apply for, for instance, a remote work visa or an employment visa. In addition, you must provide all documentation from your health insurance stating that you are eligible. This medical examination consists of taking a chest X-ray and also a blood test.

Thanks to these tests, several diseases can be detected. Among these diseases are hepatitis B, syphilis, HIV or AIDS, and tuberculosis. In addition, it is important to remember that all those resident foreigners must take a tuberculosis test when they renew their visas.

1.1 How much does a physical fitness test cost?

The standard physical fitness medical exam costs AED 320 in Dubai. It is important to remember that it may be a while before these tests are published. This entails that its price changes according to the speed with which it is necessary to obtain the results of the test. If it is necessary to pay a little more to meet the application deadline, it is advisable to do so. It is important to not fail this medical test, otherwise there will be consequences.

The cost of Dubai Health Authority Medical Aptitude Tests can be seen below:

  • The regular one: this has a cost of AED 320 and the results of the tests will arrive in 5 business days.
  • For an urgent case it will cost AED 430 and the results will be delivered within 48 hours.
  • If you need one more urgently, for a cost of AED 530 you can get the results within 24 hours.
  • The VIP, who for a cost of AED 700 can get the results in 4 hours.

When the results of this test are available, they will be sent to you as soon as possible by email and SMS. It is important that you know that when you fail the medical tests, you must carry out certain additional processes.

2. Learn how you can take the physical fitness test

The first thing you need to know is where you should go to take the physical fitness test. If you need to take the test, you should go to any medical fitness center. However, due to the restrictions due to COVID-19, some of these centers are temporarily closed; but, some are partially open. It is important that if you must carry out these tests, you investigate the working hours of these establishments. Also, if you are working alongside an immigration service provider, they can help you with this.

The health organizations that exist in the UAE are listed below. In the emirate that you are granted the visa is where you must take the tests.

2.1 Abu Dhabi

If your visa was issued in Abu Dhabi, you must do your medical report in Abu Dhabi; the Company’s Disease Detection and Prevention of Prevention and Screening Center or better known as SEHA. In addition, in this same establishment, you collect your SEHA medical results.

2.2 Dubai

For people who obtained their permit in Dubai, they must take their physical aptitude test or DHA medical report in; the Health and Medical Fitness Centers Authority (DHA).

2.3 Other emirates

Finally, if you got your visa in Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, or Ras Al Khaimah; The Medical Center you should go to is the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).

You must take the physical aptitude test once you apply for the visa at an immigration customer satisfaction center. That is the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICP) for all emirates except Dubai. In Dubai, you must go to the AMER service centers.

Since you already know where you should go to be able to take the physical fitness tests; you have to know the steps to follow to start the process of obtaining them. All these steps are explained in detail below.

2.4 Necessary documents

If you are going to take a physical attitude test, you must go to one of the centers with the following documentation.

  • Photocopy of the entry permit or residence visa. This is for those who wish to apply for a visa change or renewal. It is important that you know that currently, the residence visa is being replaced by the Emirates ID.
  • Original and valid passport.
  • Clear passport-size photo.
  • You must provide a valid phone number and email.

Depending on the emirate in which you are, the obtaining process for the physical aptitude test will change. Next, you will see a step-by-step tutorial of what you should do taking your location into account.

2.5 Physical fitness test in Abu Dhabi

To take a physical fitness test, you must request an appointment at any of the Illness Prevention and Testing Centers. In total, there are 12 of these centers distributed around the whole of Abu Dhabi. Earlier this year, SEHA released the SEHA Visa Screening application to make it easier for applicants to get an appointment. To make your appointment using the application, you must follow the following steps.

2.5.1 Step 1

You must download the SEHA Visa Screening application on your smartphone. Once you have it, you must register, using a phone number, the Emirates ID, and an email. In addition, you must choose a password and username.

2.5.2 Step 2

The second step consists of the verification of identity and data entered. For this, they will send you an SMS with a one-time password to your email and cell phone. In the indicated spaces you must enter the two passwords.

2.5.3 Step 3

Thirdly, you must scan your visa and passport page, so that you can attach them to the application. When you do this, you will be prompted to log in with the password and username you chose.

2.5.4 Step 4

When you enter the main page, you must select the button that says request a visa. They will ask you, if you reside in Abu Dhabi or Al Dhafra, to select the one of your preference. Once you do this, they will ask you to select the center that best suits you.

2.5.5 Step 5

After you have chosen the place to go for an appointment, you will be asked to enter your unified number. Subsequently, you must choose the time and date you want and can go to your appointment. Finally, they will send you an SMS with the details of the appointment, as a confirmation method.

2.6 Physical fitness test in Dubai

2.6.1 Step 1

To take a physical fitness test in Dubai, the first step is to go to a medical center that is approved by the DHA. There, you will be able to send your request. On the internet, if you enter the official DHA website, the authorized typing centers that are near you will appear. In addition, you can take advantage of requesting an appointment, by completing the form that appears on the screen; by selecting the physical fitness test option. Do not forget that this is necessary for your Dubai visa stamping process. You must personally take this form to a typing center with the documents requested.

2.6.2 Step 2

The second step consists of paying the corresponding fee. Once you apply, you must pay the cost of the test. On the other hand, they give you the possibility of subscribing to a Premium service, so you can get the exam results sooner.

The cost of the test for all people is 350 dirhams. But, if you are a domestic worker who works 24 hours a day, the cost decreases to 300 dirhams. In addition, if you decide to purchase the Premium service, you must pay an additional fee.

2.6.3 Step 3

After finishing the application process, you must choose a fitness testing institution close to your location. To make this choice, you must enter the DHA website. There you will see a list of all fitness centers, along with their address.

  • When you go to the establishment, you must do so with the following documents.
  • The application to be able to take the test.
  • You must carry the original and valid passport, together with the emirates ID.
  • You should also carry a photocopy of the emirates ID.
  • Your daily use phone number and a valid email.
  • A clear passport-size photo of yourself.
  • Finally, a change of status document is needed if you are making a visa change.

Generally, the results of the test are sent to you 24 hours after completion. If it takes more than five business days, the DHA recommends going back to the center where you took the physical fitness test.

3. How is the process able to certify the medical certificate in UAE?

Carrying out the certification of the medical certificate or the authentication of the sick leave is a fundamental procedure. This is because, with it, you can obtain the approval of the competent authorities when necessary. In addition, very often it is a prerequisite to be able to claim medical insurance. Something important that you should know is that the only license that does not need this is the emergency leave.

In addition, it allows obtaining an extension of the license in the respective city. In Dubai, you will find an easy and very effective process for you to obtain your medical certificate and have it certified by the UAE Ministry of Health. When government or private health facilities issue a certificate, validation from the certifying authority may be mandatory.

Together with the cooperation of the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, Dubai’s sick leave certification procedure is working well. Below you can see the procedure:

3.1 If you apply through the website

  • You will need to log in to the eServices portal and obtain the username and password. Additionally, you will then need to log into the electronic system.
  • You have to apply and pay the relevant fees.
  • Then you must attach the necessary documents.
  • You will finally receive the application after it is certified by MOHAP.

3.2 If you apply to private medical centers.

  • For Sharjah and the northern emirates, the sick leave must be certified electronically by the health center where the treatment was performed.
  • In both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, customers can certify sick leave issued by medical establishments by registering with e-services. Here you will create a username and password and log in. You will have to register the details of the license and medical report, having to attach the required form.
  • When the duration of the sick leave is from five to thirty days; the request for sick leave approval has to be submitted by the medical committee of the medical district. This will be transferred to the corresponding committee for inspection and decision. The customer will then receive license approval.

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