Overstay Fine in UAE

When you want to go to know a country, such as the UAE; the regular process is that you get a visa of any kind and then enter. You should know that all visas have an expiration date that must be respected. Once you exceed that date, you will be committing an overstaying. This will bring certain consequences, such as an overstay fine in UAE; that you should know and thus avoid them.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need about overstaying fines in UAE. The first thing will be to define what this term refers to. The second thing will be to tell you how much the fine you must pay in case you commit this act. In addition, we will show you how you can cancel the penalty. Specifically, we will discuss.

  1. What an is overstay fine in UAE?
  2. What is the cost of fines for overstaying?
  3. How to check the overstay fine in UAE?
  4. How to pay an overstay fine in UAE?
  5. Where to pay the overstay fine in Dubai?
  6. How can you avoid the payment of this fee?
  7. Contact EORMiddleast for professional advice on this matter

1. What an is overstay fine in UAE?

All UAE visas have an expiration date regardless of whether it is for a visit, work, or any other type. Because of this, the holder must keep this expiration date in mind. It is possible to extend the expiration date of these visas. For this, you must request an extension of your visa or, failing that, renew it before it expires.

When the visa expires, you cannot stay in the territory of the UAE because you would be inside the country illegally. In the UAE there are many foreigners, therefore it is common to see people who are in the territory without a valid visa. Even if the person has had a visit or residence visa, they should be aware that they will have to pay a fine.

Even if the person wishes to leave the country or renew their UAE visa, they or will not be able to do so. This is because the person is obliged to pay the fines before carrying out any of these procedures. This article will talk about everything related to a stay that exceeds the expiration of the visa. In addition, of all the costs that the fines have for this inconvenience.

2. What is the cost of fines for overstaying?

It is important that before knowing the cost of the fine, you know that you can opt for a grace period of 10 days. In these 10 days of grace, the person may extend their stay or leave the country without having to pay a fine. After the end of this period, you will be fined for staying illegally within the country. Next, it will be seen how this fine is calculated.

  • On the first day of your stay you will have to pay 200 AED.
  • AED 100 will be added for each consecutive day.
  • The total fine will be equal to AED 200 for the first day + AED 100 multiplied by the number of consecutive days of illegal stay + AED 100 service fee.

2.1 Fine for exceeding the stay with a resident visa

There is a 30-day grace period for those with resident status. All of these will be defined as holders of long-term visas that are in force. You will not be required to pay any penalties for overstaying within the UAE. All of this will only be possible during the 30-day grace period.

Having exceeded this grace period, the person must pay a fine for their excessive stay in the country. Next, you will see what is the amount that people who exceed their stay time must pay:

  • On the first day, you will have to pay 125 AED.
  • You will have to pay AED 25 per day in the first 6 months from the first day.
  • You will need to pay AED 50 for each day after 6 months, up to 12 months.
  • Additionally, you will have to pay AED 100 for each day after the 12 months have passed.
  • The total fine will be AED 125 for the first day + AED 25 multiplied by the days of the 6 months + AED 50 for the days from 6 months to a year + AED 100 multiplied by the days after that exceed the year.

2.2 How can the cost of fines be reduced?

  • When entering the country, it is advisable to use the file validity verification methods provided by immigration. In this way, you can validate the last day of your stay.
  • Ask your company for images showing the immigration system confirming your date of departure from the UAE.
  • Avoid making your return trip the same day your grace period ends. This is because any inconvenience with the flight can extend your stay and generate a fine. Look to travel at least 3-4 days before the grace period ends.

3. How to check the overstay fine in UAE?

Before thinking about the payment of the overstay fine in the UAE, it is important to know about the grace period. The government of this country establishes a grace period that can vary depending on the permissions you have in the country. For instance, a visit visa or residence visa. This is a time that takes effect right after the time of stay expires.

The grace period lasts 10 days, for all people who enter the UAE with a visitor visa. But, if you have a residence visa, this time is much longer. In this case, you can stay in the country for an extra month to resolve your situation.

Currently, there was a change for all these people who have visitor visas and who are residents. That is, they can check through the internet everything related to their excess stay. That is the number of additional days after the expiration date. In addition, you can check all the fines associated with this infraction.

You can do the entire process on how to check visa fines in UAE online by entering the ICA website. You can do this regardless of the permission you have. On this website, you can also apply for a new visitor visa or your residence visa.

4. How to pay an overstay fine in UAE?

After you have done the UAE overstay fine check, you can start the process of paying the penalty. It is important to clarify that, depending on the type of visa you have, there may be certain changes. Next, you will see a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your fines according to the type of permit you have.

4.1 Pay an overstay fine in the UAE for a visit visa in 2022

There are several options to deal with these fees. The first and easiest is when leaving the country at the airport in question. You can also do it through a typing center or immigration offices. Additionally, you are offered the opportunity to do so online.

To pay for your fine UAE visa online, you must do so from the ICA website. You will be provided with a form to be able to pay your fine. The process can be a bit long, the most you will last is three hours. Once you do, you will be given payment verification documentation.

After having made the payment, you can opt for a new visit visa. It is important to have key documents on hand, for instance, payment verification. In addition, you can choose to acquire the status of the charge through this page. If you start the process and are approved for this status, you are given the chance to live legally and permanently in the UAE.

4.2 Pay an overstay fine in the UAE for a residence visa in 2022

As with the overstay fine for a visit visa, payment can be made in person before the trip. This must be done at the airport where you are going to travel, at ports or land borders. It is also valid to do this by Amer centers or immigration offices.

If you want to carry out the process online, it is very similar to when you do it for the visit visa. You must enter the ICA website and fill out the form they provide you. The questions will vary because it is another visa. However, the duration time is still approximately three hours. You can also choose to extend your residence visa.

5. Where to pay the overstay fine in Dubai?

There are various options offered to you in the UAE so that you can pay the fine. The first thing you should do is perform an overstay fine check. Once you have this information and know what the cost of the fine is, you must go and pay it. Next, you will see the sites that you can attend to cancel this penalty.

5.1 Leaving the UAE (borders, ports, and airports)

Of all the options, this is the most common when they have to pay a fine for overstaying in the UAE. When you are going to leave the country, either through the airport, land border, or port, you will find a team that offers you the service of paying this penalty. For instance, immigration officers and automated teams specialized in the payment of these fines. Thus, you can leave the country without going through a cumbersome process.

5.2 Type Centers, migration offices, and Amer offices

The second option presented to you is to pay the fine before attempting to leave the country. For this, you only have to go to a typing center or AMER offices. You can also go to any immigration office in any of the Emirates. While there, they will tell you all the steps to follow so that you can pay the penalty.

5.3 Tourism companies

Another option offered to those people who are exceeding the stay limits is to extend the time of the visa. It is important to clarify that not all people apply for this. Among them, are individuals who have a visa for a duration of one month or three months. If you want to opt for this option, you just have to go to a tour company and they will advise you. You have to pay a fine, but it will be better than in the other two cases.

6. How can you avoid the payment of this fee?

In this section, you are going to see some advice so that you do not have to pay an overstay fine in the UAE.

6.1 Plan the trip

It is important that when you want to take a trip, you have a plan from the beginning to the end. You must take into account all the days of the duration of the visa that is granted to you. Thus, you avoid exceeding this time and save yourself problems. Plus, since you do not have to pay any fines, you make your trip less expensive.

6.2 Know information about the visa

To enter the UAE, you need a visa. If you want to avoid paying a fine, it is important that you have all the information about the permissions you are granted. In particular, you must know the date of entry, date of departure, and duration of the visa.

7. Contact EOR Middle East for professional advice on this matter

If you need to carry out any visa procedures, it is important to have good advice. And not only that, it is much more relevant to have information about what happens if you exceed the allowed stay time. Previously, part of the consequences of committing this act was explained. That is why, if you need advice that prevents you from paying an overstay fine, you should contact EOR Middle East.

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