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Employer of Record EOR

With our EOR services you can establish your presence in Lebanon without having to set up a legal entity. We will assume all of your employer’s responsibilities and tasks, so you can get outstanding employees for your business.

Immigration Services

Our Immigration services are aimed to help you deal with the hassles of obtaining the legal documents for your employees to live and work in Lebanon. With our support, you can reach success and grow your business.

Relocation services

With our relocation and destination services you can trust that your employees are going to have a smooth transition to Lebanon. We will assist them on every need as well as provide valuable insight regarding the country’s customs and culture.

HR management

Get support for your business in Lebanon with our HR management solutions. We can assist you by assuming all of your HR tasks and to ensure total compliance, efficiency, and an outstanding administration of your workforce.

Professional Employer Organization PEO

Hire excellent talent for your business with our assistance. With our PEO services we can handle your administrative tasks so you can meet the local regulations and ensure total compliance with your business in Lebanon.

Payroll Outsourcing

We can provide support with payroll guidance to ensure you meet compliance with local regulations. Whether you have a small or large workforce, we can carry out calculations and process payments timely and with complete accuracy. .

Contractor Hire

Find the best contractors for your business and feel safe knowing that we will handle all the tasks related to hiring and payments. With our Contractor Hire Service you can enrich your team and make it flexible.

Remote Workers Hire

With our remote employment solution we can help you find and hire the best remote workers for your business. You can gain access to our vast talent pool so you can get high-level employees that can assist you remotely.

Employer of Record Solutions

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Compliant workforce

- Ensure a compliant workforce according to local labor law

Relocation & assignments

- Make relocation a simple process with our service


- We can sponsor visas and work permits for your employees

Trusted EOR Provider

Payroll administration

- We can handle all of your payroll-related tasks

HR experts

- Get access to HR specialists to ensure compliance

Fast market entry

- Enter the Lebanon market with ease and quickly


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