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Top HR Management Strategies for Employee Engagement and Retention Knowing how to increase employee satisfaction and retention would not just save time and resources. But it will also avoid you the agony of losing and having to

Unemployment Insurance in UAE: Scheme, How to Apply, News & Update The purpose of infrastructure and labor law in the UAE is to protect the rights of workers. As of the beginning of the year 2023, the

Qatar labor law: All you need to know about it Several expatriates have been eager to relocate to Qatar to start fresh in their professional and personal lives with their families. Recently, the government has made it

Ministry of labour UAE All Information You Need To Know In the UAE there is the Ministry of Labour (UAE MOL) which is the competent body to direct labor relations and their derivatives. In other words, among

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Ministry of Labour Oman Everything you need to know The Ministry of Labor in Oman and Manpower had its foundation by Royal Decree No. (108/2001), which was issued on 20/Sha'ban 1422 AH (6/11/2001). The Ministry of labor

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New UAE Visit Visa Rules 2023: Everything You Need to Know Being one of the world's most visited cities, foreign travelers from more than 70 countries may now visit Dubai without a visa. The UAE government provides

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Oman Visa for UAE Residents 2023: Cost, Requirement & Process Oman, a captivating country located in the Arabian Peninsula, attracts numerous visitors every year with its rich culture, stunning natural landscapes, and warm hospitality. For UAE residents

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Differences Between Limited and Unlimited Contract UAE Selecting the right contract at the start of any employment relationship is critical. You must ask yourself, do you understand the various contract kinds and their key differences? Employers can

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Iqama Status and Expiry Check Online 2023 Complete Guide An Iqama, also popular as a Muqeem card, is a residence permit for expatriates living and working in Saudi Arabia. It is essential that foreigners have a valid

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Minimum wage in UAE Everything you need to know When you have a company it is important that you know how to calculate the minimum wage in UAE. The first thing you should know is everything that