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Human resources management: All you need to know We can agree that human resources play a crucial role in a business’ success, especially when it comes to competition. Human resource management (HRM) has the objective to select

UAE Emirates ID to replace Residency Visas Recently, the country's government has stated that, soon, ex-pats will not need Residency Visas to be stamped on their passports. This is because the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs

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How to generate a good international recruitment strategy?The job market is in a state of constant change. The conditions for a successful job search are also changing. Especially in international companies, international recruitment plays an increasingly important

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Why it is important to have the best immigration consultant? The Middle East is a popular destination for ex-pats due to its thriving countries. The area has relatively simple requirements compared to other business destinations. However, we

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Recommendations for recruitment and selection An efficient recruitment and selection process is essential to any business. Getting the right people for your business leads to higher achievement and profit margins. That is to say, doing it wrong

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International payroll outsourcing: A guide for multinationals Sufficing payroll is a complex and time-consuming task. As a result, international payroll outsourcing is the most sought out service by most companies. Even when having your international payroll run

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How HR managers can overcome common challenges Having to manage a workforce is not an easy assignment. It is a challenging responsibility and if HR managers in the UAE are not well-equipped to do their job, they

What Is a PEO? Everything you need to know In this era, acquiring the services of a PEO can play a critical role. A PEO in the UAE can support your business in several ways. Thus, if

What is a Pay Stub? Usually, when independent contractors and employees are paid, they only receive a check with their salary. With this check, employers compensate them for the time they worked for the company. A lot

22 Countries that offer remote work visas in 2022 Working remotely is now more popular than ever. People have been enjoying the perquisites of working from home. However, as time passes more individuals are getting disenchanted with