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In the UAE, the government introduced a lot of new changes to the visa rules. If you are visiting the UAE, regardless of the purpose, you should learn about the UAE visas currently available. If you are

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Probation period in the UAE For a company to determine whether an employee meets the expectations, it puts them on a probation period. Although the company determines this time, it cannot exceed six months according to the

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Saudi Arabia work visas & permitsA Saudi Arabia work visa allows foreigners to work in the country without difficulties. However, this process is not necessarily easy. But, with the right help, you can obtain your visa faster

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How to relocate employees to the Middle EastThere are many reasons why you might be considering an employee’s relocation. To relocate an employee to the Middle East, you must complete certain processes, like obtaining visas and work

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PEO vs. HRO: What is the difference?A Professional Employer Organization agreement may seem riskier, but for many organizations, it is better than a standard HR outsourcing agreement. A qualified employer organization lowers your insurance plans through a

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How to plan for your manpower needs when expandingExpanding a business into new markets is a critical step for any organization. However, there are some components that entrepreneurs tend to overlook. Knowing how to increase the strength

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Performance management for the centennial workforceWith different generations currently active in the labor market, many companies have workers of all ages. And although it would be easier to manage the HR process in the same way for

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Top 4 considerations for hiring in the UAEQuality has never been more relevant than it is today. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Right now, recruiters have an important job to do when it comes to

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Types of payroll solutions for businesses in the UAE From simple do-it-yourself platforms to high-end systems and experienced professionals, the payroll industry has developed a wide range of creative payroll outsourcing solutions. With so many options, it

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Why do organizations need Human Resource management? People are essential to the achievement of the goals of any organization. HR professionals play a pivotal role in how successful an organization is. For this reason, good Human Resource