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ICA Smart Services in UAE For Visa Status Check Best Guide Currently, all people who wish to carry out visa procedures, application tracking, or any other procedure related to the entry and exit of businessmen to Dubai;

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One of the most important legal identities for any company doing business in the UAE is the TRN (Tax Registration Number). You should know that the government in this country is quite effective in taking action against

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What is IFZA Dubai? Here you will see all the important information Currently, many people dream of establishing their company in Dubai and they do not know how to do it. The reason is very simple because

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Currently, thanks to the arrival of COVID-19, electronic commerce has become a profitable business for entrepreneurs. Especially in the United Arab Emirates, because the inhabitants prefer to make their purchases online, instead of the traditional way. If

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How to get a medical fitness certificate?  In case you need a medical certificate in UAE or sick leave; both documents must be duly certified by the entity in charge of supervising these matters. This procedure is

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Everything you need to know about establishment card UAE If you are interested in investing in a company abroad; It is important that you know everything you must do following the regulations of the country in which

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In the UAE there are two types of contracts, limited and unlimited. Limited contracts have an expiration date and workers generally know it. When this date is close, the companies grant the possibility of renewing it and

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When you decide to migrate to another country, it is important that you take into account the current regulations of the nation you are going to. For instance, when you want to go to work in an

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Something important that you should know is that if you are a foreigner and you are working in a company with a work permit; At the moment you want to change jobs you must cancel that visa

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On some occasions, it usually happens that the payroll takes a while to process and the workers need that verification. The most common solution given to this problem was to allow applying for employee salary certificate. This