Grace Period After Visa Cancellation in UAE

Currently, in the UAE they are making a lot of changes in the law. This attracts more prepared foreigners and thus makes the country grow in the economic field. Among the most obvious and important changes are related to the grace period after visa cancellation in UAE. Additionally, to create new types of visas that will grant more facilities to foreigners.

In this article, we will let you know all those changes in the entry and residence visa scheme. Additionally, we will show you in detail what you should know about the grace period after visa cancellation in the UAE. Also, we will show you all the benefits provided by these new reforms and to whom it may be advantageous. Specifically, we will discuss:

  1. What are the most significant reforms of the law in the UAE?
  2. Advantages of these new reforms
  3. What is the grace period after visa cancellation in UAE?
  4. Why is this increase in the grace period important?
  5. How can you get a visa cancellation?
  6. How can EOR Middle East help you with everything related to visa cancellation and grace period?

1. What are the most significant reforms of the law in the UAE?

Approximately in the middle of the year 2022 the government in the UAE, significantly restructured the entry and residence visa scheme. These changes come loaded with benefits for all those foreigners interested in living and working in the UAE. In addition, benefits are granted to their relatives. The most important changes are mentioned below.

1.1 Grace period extension

What has caused the most excitement among foreigners is the after visa cancellation in UAE new rules. In particular, there is talk of the extension of the grace period. This is for both residents and people who are in the country on a work visa. The UAE visa grace period for 2021 increased from 1 month to 6 months. Thus, in all this time these people have the opportunity to get a new job; and therefore a new visa. Thanks to this, you can overstay fine in UAE 2022.

1.2 If you are a holder of a Golden visa, you can spend more than 6 months outside the UAE

Previously, one of the most crucial conditions of the Golden visa, is that if you left the UAE for 6 months or more; automatically, you lost this highly requested visa. Currently, this condition is revoked. Therefore, the carriers can spend a long time away and solve all the pending issues.

1.3 Creation of the Green visa

Around the world, many people want to move to the UAE, but they do not have any legal documentation to reside. This new reform designed a new visa for these cases called the Green visa. This allows quality professionals, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs, to go to the UAE for 5 years.

1.4 Creation of new visas for tourists

The UAE has many landscapes that are worth visiting, which is why new visas have been created for tourists. Not only that, but they also relaxed the visa conditions that already exist. The main thing that is added to it is that they are issued both for one entry and several and have the availability of renewal. In addition, all of them are valid for at least 2 months from the day they are granted.

For those travelers who enter the country constantly, they no longer need a sponsor. In addition, they can enter the country and stay in it for a period of 3 months in a row. This may have the possibility of extending up to a maximum of 6 months in a year. In addition, a visit visa after residence visa cancellation can be requested.

1.5 Reforms in the family visa

In the United Arab Emirates; there is a family visa that allows people who are on an enmployment visa to legally bring their relatives. In this visa, the conditions were also relaxed. Currently, sponsors can sponsor their sons up to age 25 and daughters up to any age.

2. Advantages of these new reforms

These new visa rules in UAE 2022 have a single purpose and that is to attract highly qualified professionals from around the world. And not only that, but they also need all these talents to stay permanently in the country. The 180 days grace period in UAE, after visa cancellation in Abu Dhabi or any other emirate, is inspired by the desire for economic growth in the country.

One of the biggest advantages this gives to foreign workers who have lost their jobs; they will be able to stay in the country for quite a long time. As a result, these people have the opportunity to seek another job and therefore a new visa. In addition, it is very important to note that in the UAE they have a variety of job offers.

On the other hand, there is another great advantage to these new reforms. That is, work visa holders may be sponsoring their children for many years. Therefore, these freshers are allowed to contribute to the country and obtain employment. Thus, they have enough time to obtain their work visa.

Finally, the biggest advantage is that many opportunities have been created for anyone to enter the country. Especially for tourists. The UAE offers plenty of wonderful landscapes, offering thousands of activities worth enjoying. With all this, you can create unforgettable moments with your family.

3. What is the grace period after visa cancellation in UAE?

If you have suffered from the cancellation of your visa in the UAE, it is important to know about the grace period. This is the time a foreigner has to stay in the country after the cancellation of their visa. It is established that the person has to prepare for leaving the country after the expiration of his visa.

For a long time, this grace period had a maximum duration of 60 days to leave the country. However, this period has recently been extended, since before there was a 30 or 60-day term. The person must be aware of this period in case of expiration or cancellation of the visa.

Knowing the new UAE labor laws will significantly help the different steps to follow at specific times. This is reflected in the grace period after the cancellation of the visa for this year 2022 in the UAE. Giving peace of mind to those looking for a new job throughout the grace period process.

Being able to understand how the 6 months grace period in UAE works after visa cancellation helps in many ways. One of them is that you can avoid having to pay a fine for staying longer than the established time. It is very common for that foreigners cannot to find new sponsors and have to pay every day after the grace period.

4. Why is this increase in the grace period important?

Since you have to prepare to leave the country it is very helpful to have some extra time. Anyone appreciates having more time to prepare, as they can do everything as correctly as possible. Before, time could affect those who left, but now in 2022, it is one of the most beneficial policies.

Thanks to this new 180 days grace period after visa cancellation, those affected can count on more flexibility and time to do things. With the new 6-month grace period in UAE, people can better plan the moving process. This period allows people whose visas were canceled to stay for 6 months in the country without residence.

With this new law, the UAE seeks to create better competitiveness and flexibility in the labor market for foreigners. It allows industries to grow in a better way thanks to the benefits it offers to workers. This law promotes the development of different skills and provides more stability to the different workers.

It is important to note that you have to be aware of this grace period after the cancellation of a visa. This is caused by fines for staying longer than established within the country. In addition, there may be problems and different processes that are related to immigration. These problems may end in not being able to travel to the UAE again.

5. How can you get a visa cancellation?

Something important to mention is that; when you quit your job or get fired, your employer must process the cancellation of your visa. Currently, a problem that is appearing a lot is that company heads delay the cancellation of visas. This can lead to a lot of trouble and this is illegal, so if it happens to you, you have the right to report it. Next, you will see in detail the step by step to be able to obtain a visa cancellation.

5.1 Step 1

The first thing that has to happen is that you leave your job or, failing that, you get fired. Once this happens, you will be given a termination letter that you must sign. It is important to clarify that before signing you have the right to receive your settlement and other corresponding payments. Once they give you this payment you can sign the letter and your employer is obliged to start the cancellation of your visa.

5.2 Step 2

The second step is to go to a typing center. You must request that they give you the printed visa cancellation form. If you have doubts, you can previously investigate a model of this form via the internet.

5.3 Step 3

You must go as an employee to the Ministry of Labor with your employer to start the visa termination process. This is the time when you request the grace period. Thus, once your visa is canceled, the 180 days grace period in UAE takes effect.

5.4 Step 4

At this time, you must have prepared the UAE cancellation papers that are requested when talking about the cancellation of the visa. Among them, are termination letters, reasons for resignation, employment contracts, DNI in the UAE, and others. In addition, you must pay the visa cancellation charges. At this point, the 6 months grace in UAE begins.

5.5 Step 5

The next step is to go to the Ministry of Labor and deliver all the documents that you prepared in the previous step. On the other hand, you must send the GDRFA by email all the detailed information of your case. After this, your employer must go to the GDRFA to finish the process.

5.6 Step 6

Once the entire process has been completed, the employee must testify at the Ministry that all the corresponding payments have arrived. This also has to be done by the employer. At this point, the process will be complete. But, all payments corresponding to the tariffs must be made.

6. How can EOR Middle East help you with everything related to visa cancellation and grace period?

If you are one of those people who needs more information about everything related to the grace period and the cancellation of visas; you should contact EOR Middle East. We offer you all the advice you need. In addition, we accompany you throughout the process, taking you along the best path, thus avoiding any discord. Not only that, but we also offer you all the help you need to apply for any visa you want.

Our company can assist you if you are in one of the following regions:

To contact us you have two options and we put both of them to make them easy for you. The first is by phone. We offer you free advice by a call for 30 minutes. Also, if the use of computers makes you more comfortable, you can write us an email at [email protected]. Our advisors will be willing to assist you with great kindness.

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