UAE companies help the rebuilding of employee performance

In situations of economic recession, companies constantly seek new strategies to remain competitive. This ranges from reducing part of the workforce to radical restructuring. But, they often meet with a strong obstacle. Quite simply, most companies do not know how to prepare their employees to handle this new situation of change with the aim of the rebuilding of employee performance.

In this article, we are going to explain how UAE businesses support the rebuilding of employee performance.

  1. What actions do UAE companies take to improve their performance?
  2. Other ways to keep rebuilding employee performance
  3. How can we help your business support the rebuilding of employee performance? ­­­

1. What actions do UAE companies take to improve their performance?

Many UAE companies understand the connection between preparing their people to embrace change and effectively implementing new initiatives. With this, they are guaranteed to see their efforts rewarded and to achieve the desired objectives.

But above all, you must know how to measure the performance and labor productivity of employees. If companies do not do this, it will be very difficult for them to improve the efficiency of the organization.

In this sense, at the level of results, performance at work can be measured:

  • For the volume of work completed.
  • For the final results that fall on the good or service.

In both cases, it will be opportune to relate the final results to the number of working hours. Good use of time is preferable to achieving results through overtime and endless working hours.

An employee’s contribution can go far beyond the realm of quantitative results. Factors as important as the work environment, relationships between colleagues, or the level of satisfaction of your customers can depend on their attitude. Although, indirectly these factors will end up influencing the labor productivity of your company.

These are some of the actions that many UAE companies take to improve their performance through the rebuilding employee performance and growth:

1.1 Tidy up the workplace

It is basic but it is one of the keys for the rest of the work to flow. It is vital to have a project organization system that saves you time when looking for information. The most important point to increasing labor productivity is to have good organizational guidelines.

Therefore, this is not simply limited to having an orderly environment where it is easy to find each working tool. It also includes knowing how to manage time and effort with the sole purpose of optimizing resources, and therefore increasing productivity.

1.2 Task classification

Companies have a list of tasks and order the execution times based on their importance. Normally, many companies in the UAE make the following classification:

  • Important and urgent

This classification varies according to how much this specific activity influences the development of the company. And in turn, it is urgent since it must be executed in a very short time frame.

For example, something important and at the same time urgent is to prepare certain types of information to reach an agreement for contracting with an extremely important client, which, if not carried out, could result in significant losses for the company. And in turn, it would not allow him to transcend the company to the next level.

  • Unimportant and urgent

Some types of activity may be unimportant but urgent. Little important since this activity does not influence the substantial development of the company. But for some specific reason, it must be done in a short time frame.

An example may be that the owner of the company requests some type of report that must be delivered in a short time, but that the preparation of this activity has no relevance for the improvement of the business.

  • Important but not urgent

These tasks are essential for the development of the company, but their execution takes a long time. An example of this is the search for high-value customers for the company. The company must gain prestige over time in order to attract the trust of important customers.

  • Little important and little urgent

Practically with these types of tasks, it can be said that they are those that are part of the daily routine of any company and that is not of great importance to it.

1.3 Employee motivation

There is nothing more important than the happiness of the workers. An employee who feels that he is an important part of a group and knows that his performance is fundamental undoubtedly becomes a much more productive worker. Even if they are remote workers. But to achieve that state of satisfaction it is important to use motivation.

It is always vital to consider the environment. A workplace that is inspiring and allows team members to experiment with their creativity. Another way many UAE employers motivate and inspire their workers is by caring about their concerns and needs. When a person is valued, it is easier for him to feel motivated. And therefore this helps the rebuilding of employee performance.

1.4 Continuous training

Society advances and the way of working too. A few years ago it was almost impossible to believe that technology was going to be something so important for many companies. What would have happened if the workers of that time had not been trained to follow the advances in technology?

If this had happened, there would have been a large number of workers unable to work with digital technology. Which would have made inevitable the reduction in labor productivity due to not knowing how to use the new work tools. This is undoubtedly a point that helps the rebuilding of employee performance.

This problem keeps happening. New applications, programs, or changes appear when carrying out a task, and not everyone knows how to use these new technological tools. Therefore, it is vital that employees are constantly learning and renewing knowledge in order to always be at the forefront. Contractors and employees want to feel like they are learning new skills and improving throughout their careers.

Not only from a technological point of view but also from the focus of their specific work. And this acquires more importance if this work is part of the main activities that generate greater productivity and profitability in the business.

Most workers want to be able to move up and advance professionally. This is one of the main reasons why workers leave their jobs for other companies where they are given the opportunity to move up to positions of greater importance to the company, which gives them a sense of professional growth.

2. Other ways to keep rebuilding employee performance

2.1 Constant communication

When there is not a good work environment, it is normal for communication with other colleagues to be scarce or even non-existent. This lack of constant communication can be a huge determinant of the company’s overall output. Sometimes, not talking to your colleague, especially when doing a group project, can lead to misunderstandings that delay work, thus causing productivity to drop considerably.

Having a good relationship where there is healthy communication and without a problem is important to know what work each person should do within the workgroup. And consequently, this generates an excellent organization of tasks.

In many UAE companies, great importance is attached to the functions that the HR department must fulfill. One of these functions is to ensure that there is a good working environment in the company. Since a good or bad work environment significantly affects the profitability of the company.

A good work environment generates greater enthusiasm in the worker to attend their workplace, which has a positive impact on the company’s economic numbers. Now, a worker who does not like to go to work because of the bad work environment, will not work with the same enthusiasm as the worker who goes to work with the desire to generate well-being for the company.

Many companies in the UAE tend to create a perfect communication dynamic, not only for the well-being of their workers, which is very important but also to successfully achieve the final common goals.

2.2 Change the work mentality

A worker is not better for spending more hours in his job. You have to get away from that work culture. Since going to the job without performing the functions of the job, it is as if you were not at the job. Companies must give greater importance to the results and the fulfillment of the goals than to the hours that a worker is physically present in the company.

Each worker must have goals to meet and must be evaluated for them. It is, therefore, an exercise of trust, where the company empowers the employee and leaves in their hands the management of two factors that have been immobile until now the work schedule and the place of work.

For its part, prioritize key tasks based on objectives, empower employees so that they have autonomy when working, align teams so that they work in a coordinated manner, and, finally, trust in the internal knowledge that workers have. to make better decisions and anticipate what they need to do based on their goals.

2.3 The value of time

A worker must have an agenda and go step by step, addressing and completing each task. Time in all areas of life is very important and work is no exception. If managers and workers are not aware of the value of time and the need to manage it correctly, it will be difficult to achieve success. Co-responsibility between the company and its workers is necessary.

For this, many companies in the UAE apply the following:

  • Create to-do lists

When a worker has many tasks, it is likely that they forget to do some, especially the simplest tasks. This will not happen if you make a list of all pending activities. Above all, following order in terms of the importance and urgency of the activities.

  • Plan ahead

It is important that workers dedicate one day a week to planning each day of the week. This is in order to decide when it will do each task and to better organize itself to optimize its performance. For example, if the worker has to carry out an activity that requires a lot of concentration, he can plan it at the time he considers to have the best performance in his work.

  • Be realistic with deadlines

When you are going to define a delivery time, you should think not only about the pending tasks that you have to do but also about the possible unforeseen events. Therefore, the worker must set longer deadlines to avoid future complications.

If you apply these strategies to the maximum, without a doubt, your company will improve considerably in its productivity. And in turn, you will have workers who are more committed and loyal to your company. Since they enjoy every day that they go to work.

3. How can we help your business support the rebuilding of employee performance and growth?

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