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If you want to migrate to Qatar, you should know that they offer you a lot of different visas. For instance, the family visit visa and the family residence visa. These visas allow a resident to have their family close by for a long period. Or in the case of the family residence visa Qatar, have them permanent. It is important to note that to travel and stay in Qatar, all members must have their permits.

In this article, we will show you all the relevant information about the Qatar family residence visa. The first thing will be to say what exactly is a residence visa in Qatar. Then, you will see the requirements to be able to opt for this permit. In addition, you will see a detailed step-by-step guide of everything you need to do to be successful in this process. Specifically, we will discuss

  1. What is exactly a family residence visa in Qatar?
  2. What are the Qatar family residence visa requirements for 2022?
  3. How to obtain a family residence permit in Qatar?
  4. What to do if they deny me the family visit visa in Qatar?
  5. Some FAQs
  6. Enter EORMidleast and see all the services we can offer you on a residence visa in Qatar

1. What is exactly a family residence visa in Qatar?

The residence visa in Qatar allows a foreign worker to sponsor his family. It should be noted that the members you can sponsor are your immediate family, that is, your spouse and children. This visa allows the family to live in Qatar for a long time with the worker as a sponsor.

For the stay of all family members, including babies, they need an individual residence visa. This is essential to be able to stay in Qatar. For the worker to be able to sponsor his family, he must first meet certain requirements. Among them we can find the profession, the salary you have and your ability to provide accommodation for your family.

Not only must they comply with the aforementioned, but there are other requirements for this visa. The applicant must present a series of documents, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, among others. Carrying out this entire process is essential for the applicant to obtain the family residence visa in Qatar.

It is important to note that this visa is very beneficial for foreigners who want to live with their families in Qatar. It is for this reason that the UAE grants these visas since this way can be more attractive to foreigners. Making this nation very attractive to those who want to get a good job and live with their families abroad.

2. What are the Qatar family residence visa requirements for 2022?

It may seem repetitive, but this is the first requirement that the visa applicant must have. The residence permit must be valid to avoid problems. You must have the residence card before applying for this family visa, otherwise, the application will be rejected.

2.1 The sponsor’s profession

The profession is essential when applying for this visa and that is why the sponsor must take it into account. The sponsor must have a technical Qatar ID or, failing that, a specialized (non-work) ID. If the sponsor does not have this, they may not be eligible for the family visa. This happens regardless of the sponsor’s salary.

Among the job categories where the request can be denied are the following:

  • Drivers.
  • Dealers.
  • Cleaners.

2.2 The sponsor’s salary

For April 5, 2022, the Minimum salary for a family visa in Qatar is located at QR 15,000. Previously people with a minimum salary of QR 10,000 could be eligible for the visa. However, there is still no official announcement about this salary change. It is important that the sponsor takes this into account and obtains more information about it.

Previously, those with a minimum salary of 7,000 + free family accommodation could also be eligible. These minimum wage requirements are established to ensure that the sponsor can cover the expenses of his family. Among these requirements are the accommodation and food necessary to survive.

2.3 Accommodation that may be offered by the sponsor

For this case, two cases must be taken into account for the request. In the first case if the sponsor has rented a house or apartment by himself. In this case, the sponsor must have a lease that is certified by the Municipality. If you do not have this you will not be eligible for the visa

The other case occurs if the family’s accommodation is to be provided by the employer. If this is the case, the employment contract must be presented and certain details must be specified. It must be specifically mentioned that the applicant will be granted family accommodation in addition to the corresponding salary.

3. How to obtain a family residence permit in Qatar?

The first thing you should know about this process is that you have to talk to your employer to see if they will support you in the process. Some companies, if can process and even pay for the Qatar family visa, but they are not required. Now that you know this, you will see a detailed guide on how the process is.

3.1 Step 1

Essentially, the first step is to submit all the family visa requirements in Qatar. In principle, they will be granted a one-month visa for each family member to enter the country. On the other hand, it must be kept in mind that once the family arrived in Qatar, other documents must be delivered. For instance, some medical checkups and fingerprints.

To start the family visa application in Qatar, there is another option that can be considered the easiest. This is, that each member of the family enters the country with a tourist visa. In this case, this visa can be transformed into a Qatar residence visa. All you have to do is submit the same documents that were mentioned before. In addition, you can change the permits without leaving your country of origin by paying 500QR.

3.2 Step 2

When the entry visas for the family are approved, they can already plan the trip to Qatar. It is important that you know that this permit only lasts for 1 month, from when you enter the country; therefore, they must ensure that they complete the following steps before this time expires. To fulfill the next steps the family has to be in Qatar.

3.3 Step 3

So that the sponsor can apply for a residence visa in Qatar; All members of the family must undergo some medical tests. The government requires to take care of its citizens from getting infected with foreign diseases and keep everyone healthy.

Some medical tests that are requested are, blood tests, and screening for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and more. When you go to carry out these check-ups, they should only be in the Department of the Medical Commission in Qatar. One important thing to know is that children are not required to have these tests.

Generally, before going to perform the medical exams, you must have the Qatar family visit visa requirements for 2022, which are

  • The original passport of all family members.
  • Two photocopies of the visa with which you entered.
  • A debit or credit card to be able to pay the fees.

3.4 Step 4

All adults after completing medical examinations, have to go to the Ministry of the Interior. This is to be able to register your fingerprints digitally. For this, they also require some documents, which are

  • A photocopy of the sponsor’s QID and passport.
  • A photocopy and the original passport of the applicant.
  • Two passport-size photos with a blue background.
  • Blood group report
  • The completed form to make this request.

3.5 Step 5

Finally, it is time to apply for a Qatar residence visa. For this, you must go to the Service Center of the Ministry of the Interior to request the Residence Permit Card of your relatives. The sponsor must bring their DNI, passport-size photos on a blue background of the relatives, and their passports. Additionally, you must pay the fees for this document.

4. What to do if they deny me the family visit visa to Qatar?

When these types of procedures are carried out, there is always the possibility that a refusal will arise. In the case of the family visit visa in 2022, everything can get complicated. Because you cannot start the procedure for the residence visa in Qatar.

However, it also has a solution. The first thing will be to visit the Gharafa Immigration Office and request an appointment with the permit approval committee. For this, you must bring a photocopy of the receipt that was given to you when you applied for the Qatar 2022 family visa. If everything is fine and there are no serious problems, they will grant you the appointment.

When the day of the appointment arrives, you will have a meeting with the committee. In this meeting, they will do a type of interrogation that will ask you several questions. For instance, things related to the academic and work environment. It is important that you bring all the documents, in addition to a certification of qualifications. If at the end of the meeting, there are no problems and everything is fine, your visa will be approved in two days.

5. Some FAQs

Generally, whenever visa processes of any kind are carried out, many doubts arise. For instance, a Qatar residence permit. Below, you will see some answers to questions that may arise if you are in the process of applying for a family visa in Qatar.

5.1 How much is the minimum salary that a sponsor needs to apply for a family visa in Qatar?

In the middle of 2022, the Qatar family visa requirements 2012 changed. One of those changes was the salary to apply for the Qatar residence visa. This salary is at least QR 15,000 so that you can bring your family to this nation.

5.2 What is the price of the Qatar family visa?

When this process begins, there are a variety of expenses that you must face, not just the fee. The fee for the family visit visa is QR 200. Some expenses are medical exams, green card fees, and more.

5.3 Is it possible to obtain a family residence visa in Qatar for family members who are spouses or children?

Generally, only the spouses and children of the sponsor can apply for this visa. But, there are some cases, in which the parents of the sponsor can request it.

5.4 How can I renew my family’s Qatar residence visa?

This process is very simple and you must do it online. It is important to mention that you have to pay a fee for this procedure. You must pay the fee online and you have to deliver it by QPost.

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