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Manage your team in Egypt with our comprehensive
services. We will take care of payroll, taxes, benefits,
hiring, onboarding and more.

An employer of record (EOR), also known as an international PEO, allows you to hire and onboard employees in Egypt within a short time, generally in as little as two weeks, without incurring the expenses and risk of establishing a local entity.

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    Best Services For Your Core EOR Needs

    Payroll Management

    Our payroll experts can ensure an accurate payroll and on-time payments. 

    Immigration Procedures

    We can offer you sponsorship to get visas and work permits for your employees.

    Local Entity Support

    Get assistance from our local experts to employ staff on your behalf.

    Best Services For Your Core EOR Needs

    Hiring & Recruitment

    Find and hire high-skilled professionals and get them ready to work in Egypt. 

    Competitive Benefits Packages

    Offer outstanding benefits to your workforce to attract and retain top talent.

    Relocation & Assignments

    We give your employees the care they deserve to ensure a smooth transition.

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    What Our Clients Are Saying


    Hayden Peter

    The Fashion Outlook

    We were impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of eormiddleast services. They provided comprehensive employment solutions, handling payroll, benefits, and legal compliance seamlessly. Their team was responsive, proactive, and always went the extra mile to meet our specific needs.


    Hela Mike

    Sparkle Recruitment Solutions

    Choosing eormiddleast for recruitment in the UAE was one of the best decisions we made. Their team guided us through the entire process, providing expert advice and timely support. With their assistance, we successfully expanded our operations and experienced a smooth transition for our employees.


    Robin Peterson

    Digi Avenues

    Partnering with eormiddleast for hiring a top talent has been a game-changer for our global expansion. They seamlessly navigated the complexities of local employment regulations, ensuring compliance and allowing us to focus on our core business. Their expertise and support have been invaluable.

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    Hadrien Mazelier

    Maze Consulting 

    I had the pleasure of partnering with EOR Middle East for the incorporation of my new business, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with their exceptional services. From the beginning to the end, they delivered a seamless and efficient experience, making the incorporation process incredibly straightforward and stress-free.

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    Mike Rusu & Csilla 

    MCM Global Recruitment

    I am extremely pleased with the outstanding support they provided in assisting me with the company formation process in Dubai. Everything was impeccably coordinated and executed, ensuring a seamless experience. Upon arrival in Dubai, all the necessary appointments for obtaining our IDs were promptly scheduled, resulting in a swift acquisition of our IDs and visas.

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    Darren Higgs & Peter Smart 


    I am thoroughly pleased with the professionalism exhibited by the company, and I am highly satisfied with the promptness and clarity of their work. While the company has an excellent work system in place, it is ultimately the people who make up the company. In particular, I had the pleasure of working with Kate Williams, whose expertise and dedication exemplify the company's professionalism. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with her, you will quickly understand why their services are held in such high regard.

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    Top Benefits For Your Business With Our EOR Services

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    Diverse range of solutions

    Manage your team in Egypt with our comprehensive services. We will take care of payroll, taxes, benefits, hiring, onboarding and more.
    Fast expansion

    Enter the Egypt market quickly and compliantly with the help of our experts.
    Employ top talent

    Hire the best people for your business without setting up an entity on your own.
    People-focused approach

    We help you navigate each stage of your expansion and we provide 24/7 support.
    Reduced costs

    With our competitive rates you can receive a cost-effective solution for your expansion.
    Focus on your growth

    We will handle all of your HR tasks while you can focus on growing your business.


    Trusted EOR Provider In Middle East

    A global talent pool

    Swift onboarding procedure

    Fully integrated HR and Payroll management

    Fully compliant service

    Fast Market Entry & Options to Grow

    Dedicated Account Manager Assigned

    Trusted EOR Provider In Middle East


    HQ DIFC - Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road, United Arab Emirates

    Phone Number

    +971 00 0000 0000

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