Employee Salary Certificate: Everything You Need to Know

On some occasions, it usually happens that the payroll takes a while to process and the workers need that verification. The most common solution given to this problem was to allow applying for employee salary certificate. This document can be very helpful and attracts many benefits for people who need to carry out banking procedures.

In this article, you will see all the necessary information about the employee salary certificate. The first thing will be to explain its definition and why it is so important. The second thing will be to clarify a fairly common confusion that exists between the employee salary certificate and the letter salary certificate. In addition, you will see how this document can be made before delivering it to a bank.

  1. What is a salary certificate?
  2. What are the differences between a salary certificate company and a letter salary certificate?
  3. Differences between a certificate of employment for salary and a salary slip
  4. Why is this document important?
  5. How to write an employee salary certificate? (colocar como H3 los documentos que te piden)
  6. Contact EOR Middle East if you want advice on financial issues

1. What is a salary certificate?

It is important to know the meaning of this certificate as it contains relevant information about you. The salary certificate is the documented proof of your employment. In addition, it also documents the right to the salary that is provided by your employer. This certificate is issued by the employer only when the employee requests it.

This certificate is a document that generally contains information about your employment in the company that you are at that time. It is usually printed on the company’s letterhead with the signature and corresponding seal of the authorized personnel. It is used for different reasons and does not target any specific organization.

Having a salary certificate in the UAE is important to obtain certain benefits. Among them we can find that to apply for a credit card it is mandatory to have a salary certificate. In addition, this certificate is also needed when you need to apply for a personal loan in the UAE.

The salary certificate is proof of the salary and employment that you have at the moment. It should be noted that it must be confirmed that the certificate is printed on the official letterhead of the company or organization. In addition, it must be signed by the authorized signatory and must have the rubber stamp of the company or organization to which it belongs.

2. What are the differences between a salary certificate company and a letter salary certificate?

These definitions appear to be similar or may even sound like their meaning is the same. However, this is not the case and they have differences that are important to know when you need to request any of these documents. As mentioned above, the salary certificate is proof of the income you earn, as well as the right you have to your salary.

The salary certificate is issued by the employer you have at the time you apply. In addition, this document is not issued to any specific organization and does not serve a specified purpose in it. In short, this means that you will be able to use this certificate for different purposes and also between different providers.

On the other hand, when referring to the salary certificate letter, you note that it has a very different purpose than the salary certificate. In this case, you can notice that it has a specific organization, something that the certificate does not need. In addition, the worker’s purpose for requesting this salary certificate letter must be specified.

What this tells us is that this letter cannot be used through different institutions as the salary certificate does. In addition, it may not be used for purposes other than the one specified at the time of requesting the letter. From here we can note that the salary certificate letter is issued to carry out specific processes and cannot be used for purposes other than the one established in the first instance.

3. Differences between a certificate of employment for salary and a salary slip

It is very common for the salary certificate to be confused with a payroll or even a salary slip. To differentiate this and avoid confusion between the meanings of these documents, it will be defined what a salary slip is and thus be able to tell its difference more easily. The salary slip is that document where all the details of the amount of payment you receive are contained.

In addition, it is also reflected what is the amount of taxes or insurance deducted that the holder has. From this definition, we can notice that the salary certificate is a document that serves as proof of our employment. In addition, the right to the salary that is being provided by the employer that you have at the time of issuing this certificate is also reflected.

The salary certificate does not necessarily show the full detailed breakdown of the salary the employee receives. On the other hand, the salary slip does contain in detail all the income and deductions made from the employee’s monthly salary. In addition, the salary slip provides proof of employment and an idea of ​​the employee’s financial situation, which is not the case with the certificate, which only provides proof of employment.

Therefore, it can be said that the salary slip is not issued for a specific purpose. While the salary certificate is issued to be able to seek some type of credit in the UAE. For this reason, it is important that you are aware of these differences, to avoid any problems that may arise from not knowing the purpose of these documents. Also, something that is important for you to know is that you can find the pay slip letter format and salary certificate model online. With this, you can distinguish more differences.

4. Why is this document important?

The importance of the employee salary certificate lies when it comes to financial matters. For instance, a bank loan purpose or applying for credit cards. This is because all financial entities need to know what their capacity is to obtain credit of any kind. That is, to know if this person can take the responsibility of acquiring a loan.

Before being able to grant a loan, all banks need to carry out a study of this person. The first thing they do is assess their ability to save. They do this by looking at all your account statements and monthly income. To carry out this analysis, they use the company salary certificate; because this document contains all the information on the income and expenses of the person in the company.

Therefore, if you want to obtain bank loans, it is important that you use a salary certificate format for a bank loan. In addition, people request for salary certificate letter because they use it to verify the position you hold in the company. The banks take this information to know information about the solvency that the individual has.

In summary, all workers who need or want to apply for a credit or loan at a financial institution; must have their employee salary certificate. This document is mandatory because banks need to know what the income, expenses, and bank history are. Thus, there can be a certainty that the individual has all the capacity to be able to assume this responsibility.

5. How to write an employee salary certificate?

The first thing you should know is that this is a document that must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sharjah or Dubai. It is important to clarify that this applies to foreigners working in the UAE. Next, you will see all the requirements that are requested if you want the mandatory certification that the banks request.

  • A photocopy and the original of the employee salary certificate in the UAE issued by the company.
  • The original valid passport of the applicant and some photocopies of the first and last page.
  • It is important that the applicant must be present during the entire certification process.
  • Payment of the corresponding fee. The cost will let you know once you are during the process.

Knowing all the documents you can now learn to write a salary certificate. A useful piece of information is that you can get different formats for salary certificates online so you can know what they are like. Something important for you to know is that each salary certificate is different depending on the loan you want. For instance, if you apply for a credit card, that salary certificate is different than if you want a loan for a car.

5.1 Personal information

Generally, all salary certificates or salary certificate letters, include the personal data of the applicant at the beginning. Among them, are the full name of the employee and current residence address. They are also asked to post a photograph of themselves. It must be passport size and preferably a white or dark blue background.

5.2 Information about the worker in the company

Subsequently, when placing the personal data, the information of the worker in the company must be included. Among them, are the date of entry into the company and the time of permanence that it takes to date. Gross salary and allowances are also included. At the end of the document, the employee must sign thus giving his approval of the above written.

5.3 Salary Certificate Form

This header shows all the amounts that the employee is entitled to receive by law. In addition, this document shows the worker’s gross salary. That is the total sum of all the figures that you are earning by contract. For instance, bonuses and everything you are earning that is required by the labor law in the UAE.

5.4 Deductions

In the salary certificate, not only the income of the employees is shown, but the deductions are also included. That is all the figures that are deducted from your salary per month, for mandatory expenses. These include income tax and other taxes that people are required to pay. In addition, of the loan or advance payments that this person has in his name. After placing all the individual amounts, the total sum of all expenses must be added.

5.5 Last header

As you can see throughout the document, there is a certain number of amounts, which are the income and expenses of the employee. Taking this into account, in the end, you must add all the figures, which are profit. That is the gross salary that the worker earns. In addition, the sum of the deductions must be subtracted from this gross salary and thus we have as a total the net salary that a worker earns for each month.

6. Contact EOR Middle East if you want advice on financial issues

As you can see, this document is of the utmost importance because banks or financial entities review them thoroughly. Therefore, any error may result in a denial of your loan application or credit card application. Although it is true, employees do not carry out this document, it is important that upon receipt it be reviewed in detail. If you do not know these issues, you can go to EOR Middle East and we will help you review the document.

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