DIB Salary Advance: What Does it Mean?

In everyday life, some unforeseen events can always happen that require you to need extra money. The most practical solution that exists is to ask for a DIB salary advance. It is important that you know that this is a benefit that is given to the clients of the Dubai Islamic Bank; in addition, they must be people who receive their salary in that bank.

In this article, you will see everything you need to know about the DIB salary advance. The first thing we are going to teach you is the definition of the advance salary DIB. The second thing will be that you see how you can get this loan at the Dubai Islamic Bank. In addition, we will show you what you need to be able to opt for this advance and when they will send it to you.

  1. What is a DIB salary advance?
  2. How does a DIB salary advance work?
  3. Who is eligible for the salary advance in DIB?
  4. How can you apply for a loan?
  5. How can they resolve claims if problems arise?
  6. Contact EOR Middle East for advice on the DIB salary advance

1. What is a DIB salary advance?

The DIB, which is known as the Islamic Bank of Dubai, is a banking entity in the country that offers very striking services. The service that we will refer to will be the Dubai Islamic Bank salary advance. This was created to help resolve emergencies that may arise for workers. This service is for those customers who have their salary accredited by the bank.

The loans presented by this bank are common in different regions such as Europe, America, and Africa. Now you can enjoy the DIB salary advance in the UAE. In addition, the process for the salary advance request is very easy. You will only have to accept the terms and conditions that the bank has established for this procedure.

With this measure, workers will be able to request a Salary in advance of their monthly salary. This may be done for up to 90% of the worker’s salary. However, you will need to pay DIB salary advance charges that will total AED 525. This is a great benefit when the worker needs to use part of his salary for an emergency.

The 90% payment is from the worker’s net salary, taking into account the mandatory deductions from this payment. In addition, whoever receives this payment must make the payment of the advance amount. This must be done before the last day of the month in which you received this advance salary. However, it must not exceed the first day of the next month or you will have to pay DIB salary advance late payment charges.

2. How does a DIB salary advance work?

The DIB salary advance is made up of 90% of the net salary received by the worker in the requested month. You can also withdraw this amount respectively at a DIB Dubai ATM. Similarly, you can withdraw this amount by check at one of the bank branches.

You can request your DIB advance salary as long as you return the payment at the end of the month. On the other hand, you must accept the terms and conditions to receive this benefit.

2.1 The terms and conditions of this service

Below are the terms and conditions that you should know about the Dubai Islamic bank advance salary:

2.1.1 The prevalence of these terms and conditions

Apart from the terms and conditions that the bank manages in general, your salary advance will be governed by these. Therefore, if there is a discrepancy or conflict, these will be the terms that will prevail.

2.1.2 Eligibility

The DIB salary advance is for those clients whose salary is transferred to a said banking institution. In addition, only the bank will be able to define who is accepted to be a beneficiary of this service. In this way, it will be the bank that establishes the definitive selection criteria for the applicants for the salary advance.

2.1.3 The obligations of the client

The client must commit to making the salary transfer only with Dubai Islamic Bank. In other words, you will not be able to transfer the payment to another institution without the bank’s consent. Also, the client irrevocably accepts that he will obtain the benefit of the DIB salary advance. This is for your work with whomever your local employer is.

The client has to inform the bank if they change jobs or employers while this service is in force. In the same way, the bank may demand from its clients the documents that are necessary for this purpose. The bank can receive from the previous employee the amount that is pending and has been obtained through this benefit.

2.1.4 You must return the DIB salary advance to the bank

This recovery of the anticipated salary from the client’s DIB will be effective upon receipt of the salary. In addition, it must not exceed the last day of the month of the advance or the first day of the next month.

2.1.5 The charges for the advance of DIB salary

The DIB will charge the client a single fee for the service. This will be independent of the amount that the client withdraws. In addition, in the terms and conditions, the client authorizes the bank to debit the amount that remains pending. In the same way, you should be aware that these charges will be debited from the savings or current account you have at the bank.

This applies regardless of whether the account is in another currency. Additionally, the bank does not have the obligation to send said collection for the client to approve it.

2.1.6 The use of DIB salary in advance

The customer may opt for this service only once during the month. In this way, if you want to continue applying at other times, you must do it separately each time. You can also enjoy this benefit for an amount that exceeds your net salary. In this way, you can request your corresponding salary after deductions from obligations.

Likewise, if there is a reduction or deduction from the salary that was credited, the bank may reduce this amount without prior notice or eliminate it. In addition, the client will only receive this salary in advance in the official currency of the UAE Dirham.

2.1.7 The rights of the bank

The bank may change the terms and conditions, including fees, at any time. In addition, these modifications will be published on the bank’s website and will be sufficient notice for customers. Therefore, any dispute that may occur, its solution will be established by the bank in the end.

In the same way, the bank can request the type of guarantee they want in addition to the transfer of the payroll to the bank. In this case, the client must present this guarantee at any time, even after receiving the benefit.

Even if the offer to the client is delayed, the bank may start a legal process against him if the loan money is not returned. In this case, the client will be the one who pays the expenses and legal fees that are incurred by the bank in this case.

2.1.8 Acceptance of these terms and conditions of service

By signing the service form and the terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted all of this. In addition, it indicates that you have understood all the conditions and their content. In the same way, it confirms that the bank will be able to make the changes they see necessary.

2.1.9 Some considerations

All terms and conditions of the DIB advance salary service are bound by the laws of the UAE. In addition, they will be governed by the regulations of the central bank of the UAE. This will only happen as long as the laws and regulations are not in conflict with Sharia law. In this case, the rules of the AAOIFIA and those of the ISCC will prevail.

The competent court of the UAE shall hear any dispute regarding the terms and conditions. Furthermore, if there are problems between the Arabic and English texts, the Arabic will be kept until the problem is resolved.

2.1.10 The client’s commitment to collect the debt

When the client signs the terms and conditions of the service, in terms of collection, he is authorizing the bank to:

  • The bank may assign any authorized collection agent both nationally and internationally. This will serve to monitor and recover the amounts owed, as the filing of legal actions.
  • The bank is authorized to provide agents with all necessary financial information.
  • Consent that the collection agents go to the work site or the customer’s home to do the necessary follow-up.

3. Who is eligible for the salary advance in DIB?

For you to receive the DIB Salary Advance, you must meet certain eligibility criteria established by the bank. The first of these is to receive his salary at the Dubai Islamic Bank. However, it should be noted that there are age criteria for you to receive this benefit.

The customer must be over 21 years of age. In addition, the maximum age to receive this benefit is 64 years and the maximum insured age is up to 65 years. The Dib salary advance not working for those people who do not comply with this. In this way, all people who meet these requirements will be able to request this service.

It should be noted that they can do it through a check DIB deposit machine. It is important to take this into account when requesting the service.

4. How can you apply for a loan?

For the client to request the DIB salary, the bank provides different methods to make this request. Below, you can see the corresponding channels to request this advance:

  • It can be done online by logging into the corresponding Al Islami web platform.
  • It can be done through the mobile application that the Dubai Islamic Bank has.
  • You can do it through Al Islami’s telephone banking
  • It can be done by sending an SMS including the word “SIA” to the number However, this method will be available only to those users who are registered with Al Islami SMS banking.
  • Through any DIB ATM Dubai in the UAE.
  • You can easily do this by going to any of the branches in the country of Dubai Islamic Bank.

4.1 When the advance is received

Apart from the application, when your salary advance is approved, you can receive it instantly. In this way, the funds for your request will be credited immediately. In addition, a free takaful will be received that will be in the same way as the advance that was requested.

5. How can they resolve claims if problems arise?

If some type of problem occurs after the start date and during the coverage period, it is referred to as:

Death from any of the causes is not excluded by the plan. You will also have a permanent disability of the total that is insured. In addition, in both cases, the plan establishes that the company must reimburse the insured for the DIB salary advance. This can be done up to a total of AED 13,500.

5.1 What are the events that cause service termination?

It is important to take into account what are the causes that cause the service to end. For this reason, the situations that will define the culmination of the DIB salary advance benefit are:

  • The company where the client works decide to close the payroll account affiliated with the DIB.
  • When an accident occurs due to the death or permanent disability of the worker.
  • When the insured exceeds the maximum age limit for which this plan is established.
  • This DIB salary advance may be canceled at any time by the terms established by the bank.
  • When the plan expires on the established date and the bank does not renew it for any reason.

6. Contact EOR Middle East for advice on the DIB salary advance

When making any request of this type, it is important to have the best advice to obtain the best results. There is no better way to obtain these results than to look for companies that provide you with the best advice during any process. So, if you want to request your DIB salary advance you must go to EOR Middle East.

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